Easy Ways to Clean Your Engagement Ring

Cleaning your engagement ring will quickly become a favorite pastime when you’re newly engaged. With all eyes on your new rock, and near-constant demands to see the ring, you want to keep your beautiful new diamond ring in tip top shape for admiring. Luckily, it’s easy to clean your engagement ring at home. Cleaning your ring at home should suffice for the beginning of your engagement, considering you haven’t been wearing it all that long. And also considering you’re likely treating it with kid gloves, removing it to wash your hands, do chores, shower, apply lotion, etc. (all great ways to keep it clean!) Every few months or so you should take it by your local jeweler for a thorough cleaning, and you should take it in at least once a year for inspection. It’s easy to do this at your annual appraisal appointment, while your GG is filling out forms for your insurance, your jeweler can take a quick peek to make sure no stones are loose and the prongs are all in excellent shape. If you have a white gold engagement ring it’s also a great time to have it re-rhodium plated, to add the bright and lively shine back to your bands. But when you can’t make it in to your favorite jeweler, it’s easy to maintain your ring’s beauty at home. Household staples like baking soda, dish soap, and even toothpaste can get your diamond gleaming. Because many of these products are already designed to remove dirt and grease, they do a bang up job removing the oil and debris that dulls diamond jewelry. Just make sure to consult your jeweler before whipping up your own jewelry cleaning recipes, as some common household supplies – especially in random combinations – can be abrasive or damage certain stones. These easy to follow tips and tricks give you more ideas and easy ways to clean your engagement ring.

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