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Engagement Rings for Men – I Do or I Don't?

Engagement rings for men might not be something you’re totally familiar with, but they are a growing trend.

As the traditional meaning of marriage continues to evolve, couples are looking at different ways to express their love and new ways to take their relationship to the next level. Whether it’s for a bride proposing to her boyfriend, or same sex couples making a commitment to each other, the engagement ring for men – sometimes affectionately referred to as the mangagement ring – is on the rise!

While some guys opt to skip the engagement rings altogether and just shop for their wedding bands, others still want a way to make the big announcement. Either way, we love seeing our grooms take a more hands on approach to wedding and engagement band shopping. We’ve noticed an increase in all our grooms’ particularity – not just our same sex couples.

Today’s groom often wants to make a statement with his ring. If it’s something he’ll wear for the rest of his life, he wants it to be just as much as a fashion statement about his own style. So we’ve added to our traditional gold and platinum bands a handful of designer lines just for men, that specialize in modern wedding rings, alternative metal bands for men, and high fashion design.

Now, we see no reason why the gents shouldn’t get to have some bling of their own, but the point does have to be made that a guy wearing a ring on his left hand looks married. When a woman wears her diamond engagement ring on the left hand, sans band, it’s assumed she’s engaged. But where’s the in between for engaged guys?

We’ve heard stories of sweetly engraved messages on luxury watches as a way to propose to your dream guy, and think that’s an excellent idea too.

And Cartier Love bangles, already popular among jewelry loving guys, are turning into a hot commodity for declaring commitment. It’s pretty fitting, considering that’s exactly what Aldo Cipullo designed them as! Inspired by chastity belts, of all things, Cipullo wanted a design that was practically permanent once the wearer had it on. Hence the screws.

Ladies, would you propose to your guy with a mangagement ring? Gents, would you feel comfortable wearing a band on that special finger before you say “I Do”?


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