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Emerald cut engagement rings – what you need to know

Emerald cut engagement rings – what you need to know

emerald cut engagement ring with accent diamond band

A unique diamond cut shape emerald cut engagement ring is rarer than round or cushion cut engagement ring diamonds. For a solitaire, three diamond or halo feature ring an emerald cut diamond stone is possible. This geometric cut is evocative of both modern and vintage artistic aesthetics. Let us have a more in depth look at emerald cut engagement rings. 

There are so many different diamond cuts that are possible for an engagement ring. Particularly for a traditional simple solitaire engagement ring. The emerald cut diamond is one of the more unique of these diamond cuts and less well known overall. However in recent years it has begun to pick up traction with a lot of the modern brides as they steer both towards a more vintage inspired style and classic design. The emerald cut diamond is one that can be seen in many vintage or antique rings. But now there are top designers like A. Jaffe and Henri Daussi crafting unique emerald cut engagement rings from scratch. These can have a more modern touch or a slightly subtle tweak to vintage design favorites. Emerald cut diamonds can have many different features and with the Art Deco theme can take on many different aesthetic directions that incorporate modern and vintage.

So one way to look at emerald cut engagement rings to decide if that is the diamond cut that is the best fit for your preferences is to address the 4 C’s of diamonds. That is to say we need to have a look at what emerald cut diamonds (simply click the emerald cut button, and click search) offer us in terms of clarity, cut, and color grade as well as what carat weight is ideal for this diamond shape. All of these aspects of an engagement ring diamond are important as they set the parameters for what kind of setting is best fit for that shape. As well as the effect that these aspects have on the cost and therefore your budget. If you know for a fact that you want an emerald cut engagement ring but are open to different settings and have a price range then looking at existing options is a good way to go.

emerald cut engagement ring with accent diamond band

A. Jaffe ME1859Q 0.45ctw Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

A lovely and more traditional emerald cut engagement ring. this one features accent diamonds along the band setting. You can see it has an impeccable hall of mirrors style. Although not the largest engagement ring solitaire stone it is of the highest quality. This is clear from the diamond’s clarity but more on that below.

What is an emerald cut engagement ring? 

An emerald cut engagement ring features a diamond that has been cut in an emerald stone shape. The name of this diamond cut alludes to when the cut was first used to shape actual emeralds. We will go into more detail about this below in where the diamond cut comes from but the main thing to know is that it is the shape of the diamond. It has an elongated length. The emerald cut shape is also a very geometric almost rectangular shape. The facets of an emerald cut diamond are almost like steps. Meanwhile the flat surfaces of the stone give it a clear and see through if you will quality. That is unlike the round cut diamonds, one of the most popular diamond cuts. If you think about it you cannot see through a round cut diamond as all of the small cuts reflect light back into itself. 

Emerald cut diamonds are also known for having parallel receding lines that you can see within the diamond. The geometric nature of the cut is dramatic and distinctive. A major point of emerald cut diamonds is the mirrored effect that the parallel lines produce. Because these steps are cut into a rectangular and continuous shape that run parallel the concentric alignment sparkles. Much like the hall of mirrors in the famous Versailles Palace in France emerald cut diamond stones are prized for the continuity effect. As the reflections compound against themselves the stone takes on a vision of depth. Although they look so different to most other diamond cuts the emerald cut diamonds do in fact have a similar number of facets cut into them. It has around 57 or 58 facets. However rather than cut in close proximity they are cut into the steps that we have discussed above. 

Where do emerald cut engagement rings come from? 

As we have said the origin of the emerald cut is from when stone cutters used to cut emerald stones in this stepped shape. They did this from the 1500’s because emerald stones are very soft. Unlike diamonds they are prone to breaking and so require facets to give them stability. Like the steps on a temple the emerald cut stones have steps that are parallel and geometric. The cut evokes elegance and strength. It was a popular Art Deco solitaire diamond cut.

classic halo engagement rings

Tacori RoyalT HT2614 Emerald Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Setting

A truly stunning emerald cut engagement ring this setting features a diamond halo. This adds to the size of the ring. While the solitaire diamond itself is a large size as well. There are also accent diamonds on the band. Overall this large emerald cut engagement ring is a prime size for the clarity and cut. Below is an explanation for those diamond terms.

The diamond 4 C’s when it comes to emerald cut diamonds

When you are looking at a diamond there are four aspects that you look at to determine its quality. This is of course only one part of analysing a diamond. There are many other components that fit into this as well. Such as who and where you are sourcing the diamond from. As well as the ethics behind the diamond. However from a purely material perspective there are four components. 

When looking at a stone you should note the clarity, cut, color and carat weight of it. Here we are looking at the cut but there are things to address with the cut beyond it being an emerald shape. For example if you want to get an emerald cut engagement ring but are also looking for the largest size for money an emerald cut diamond may not be the best choice. Simply because emerald cut diamonds require a high clarity grade meaning you will not be able to get away with a lower clarity stone in exchange for size. 

Let us take a brief look at the 4 C’s of diamonds: 

  • The Clarity of a diamond: clarity is measured by the absence of blemishes or imperfections in the stone. Since natural diamonds are formed under an incredible amount of pressure and heat packing carbon tightly there can sometimes be imperfections. 
  • The Cut of a diamond: the most important thing to remember is that the cut of the diamond will dictate the diamond’s ability to interact with light.
  • The Color of a diamond: diamonds are graded on a scale from D to Z, D being the preferred colorless grade, or white in color. This distinction between diamonds can make  a huge difference in perceived quality and value of the stone. 
  • The Carat weight of a diamond: this is the standard for weighing diamonds. The carat weight of the precious stone is derived from splitting a carat into 100 “points”.

For emerald cut diamonds the most important is the clarity. As we have explained emerald cuts show off most of the diamond. It is a large open window or mirror style. That means that any small blemish will be visible. There is no way to hide it. That means that it shows off quality. It is an elegant and bold engagement ring cut. The size of it will significantly affect the price. As the shape requires a very high quality stone to be used. 

emerald cut engagement ring and other diamond cuts

On the top left hand corner we see an emerald cut engagement ring. The clarity of the stone is obvious when compared to other popular engagement ring diamond cuts beside it.

Emerald cut versus Asscher cut engagement rings

One of the most similar diamond cuts to an emerald cut is the Asscher diamond cut. While it is also not one of the most popular diamond cuts it is similar in that it is a geometric cut shape. Asscher cut diamonds are also a vintage style of diamond cutting. Further they are also cut in the step fashion similar to the emerald cut diamonds. However that is where the similarities end. The two diamond cuts are actually very different stones. First the Asscher diamond cut is not cut into an elongated rectangular type shape. Rather it is a square shape with a visible X pattern visible on the top facet. That is the large flat ‘top’ of the diamond if you will. Also the corners of an Asscher cut diamond are generally cropped. This square style of cut means that the facets of an Asscher diamond are more symmetrical. 

The symmetry means that the Asscher cuts have more brilliance as the light strikes the edges within the diamond. While the emerald cut diamonds have the elongated and longer facets that lose some of this brilliance it benefits them in different ways. They have less scintillation but also have more depth. Like the flat surface of a lake or other body of water the emerald cut diamonds allow you to see to the deeper parts of the diamond. Also the clarity of the emerald cut diamonds have to be higher. This is because of what we have discussed above about the difficulty in hiding any blemishes that the stone might have with this type of diamond cut. It is like comparing a tall mirror and a disco ball for example. While the disco ball will strike and reflect light for a beautiful pattern the mirror allows you to see better. 

emerald cut engagement ring three stone

Platinum 5.02ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

A three stone emerald cut diamond ring the hall of mirror effect here is tripled. All three of the diamond stones on this ring are emerald cut. Together they create a continuous geometric parallel pattern.

Wondering where to buy an emerald cut diamond engagement ring nearby? Diamonds by Raymond Lee in South Florida 

If you are looking to buy an emerald cut engagement ring for your soon to be fiance the best place to search is at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. Here at our conveniently located stores in South Florida you can speak to our diamond experts. With more than 30 years of experience and an abundance of knowledge they are available and ready to welcome you. Whether you are just starting to look for the ring of your dreams or you have a specific setting in mind. We have a very wide ranging curated collection of select engagement rings and loose diamonds. 

Our family owned company selects some of the world’s very best jewelry designers to keep in our collection. From Tacori and Henri Daussi to A. Jaffe and Gabriel & Co. we have items from the leaders in engagement ring and bridal jewelry creation. The master craftsmen that form these symbols of our love have incorporated and encapsulated all of the most crucial aspects of love. A true demonstration of how to imbue each and every piece of jewelry with the tradition, history and new creation that a wedding symbolizes these are the items that are leading the industry and design. 

If you are interested in an emerald cut diamond engagement ring reach out to us! We are happy to welcome you in at our stores. If you have questions you want answered feel free to reach out to us in the comments below, by email, phone or on social media. We also offer maintenance and repair services for all jewelry as well as bespoke modification services. So if you already have an emerald cut diamond that you would like to set or perhaps modify its current setting let us know. Our master jewelers are ready to create your engagement ring dreams.

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