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buying tips engagement ring

3 Insider Tips For Buying Engagement Rings & Eternity Rings

Many couples quickly learn that one of the largest expenses in their relationship are the diamond rings associated with their newly found love. Together, an engagement ring and eternity ring can cost as much as the wedding itself…or more. It can even be as much as a down payment on a house! For young couples…
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what eternity band to get 4 rings worn together

What diamond eternity band to get and when? Everything you need to know

The latest trend when it comes to bridal jewelry and diamond rings is of course the diamond band rings. These can either be diamond eternity band styles where the diamonds are set all the way around the ring. Or otherwise half bands. These have diamonds as you would imagine set into half of the eternity…
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gucci ring

Top designer jewelry items for sale at your local jewelry shop

You can find top designer jewelry in our collection of fine jewelry and luxury watches. Your local jewelry shop in Boca Raton we carry a wide ranging array of different jewellers. Like Tacori or Gucci rings for example. Our locations are the jewelry store nearby that you have been looking for. From any direction in…
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arm held up in front of jewelry store in boca raton wearing oyster steel rolex watch with diamond tennis bracelet and engagement ring

Jewelry store in Boca Raton – full service jewelry store and repair

If you are looking for a local jewelry store – whether that is a jewelry store in South Florida or a local jewelry store in Boca Raton look no further! At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we are a full service, state of the art, family owned and family run business. With the utmost quality as…
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Which sapphire ring to buy? Sapphire engagement ring and sapphire wedding rings

Sapphires, known for their deep dark blue color these precious gemstones actually come in a variety of different colors. These include pink and white sapphires. However we will get more into the story of this unique and colorful gemstone in just a moment. First we want to go over the general jewelry trends that come…
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gemstone jewelry

Where to buy gemstone jewelry: diamond & gemstone rings & bracelets

When it comes to fine jewelry that makes a splash colorful gemstone pieces are the way to go. Lovely sapphire rings with their dark blue stones. Otherwise bright green emerald rings are a  stunner too! Gemstone jewelry is a way to add some old world glamour to your look. Who buys gemstone jewelry? Ladies looking…
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pre owned Rolex Boca Raton

Mens watches on sale: all Diamond Audemars Piguet with Cartier bracelets

A luxury lifestyle look is one that is always not only a perfect pairing but also timeless. The world’s most renowned brands like Cartier and Audemars Piguet watch are excellent examples of luxury lifestyle accessories that transcend the ages and styles. Fads and trends will come and go. However a true luxury lifestyle stays far…
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Best jewelry of 2019

The big, the bold and the chunky looks took the cake this year when it came to jewelry! From Cuban link chains and diamond studded hardware it was all about the chain necklace. The abstract pieces and lots and lots of diamonds have been very popular this past year as well. At our state of…
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used rolex

Jewelry stores – the best place to shop

Shopping for fine jewelry is not like shopping for anything else. A true lifestyle purchase generally to mark special occasions or for collectors. It is meant to be an exquisite experience. At our jewelry stores we have pieces from the top brands in the world like Cartier, Rolex and others. These are items that deserve…
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woman wearing diamond jewelry pairing

Diamonds: a girl’s best friend

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Whether they come in dazzling dangle earrings, tennis diamond bracelet or necklace, perhaps in a ring or fine luxury watch it is the stone of choice. After all a lady’s watch can only get better with glamorous glimmer from diamonds. So where do you go for all of your…
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couple jewelry and diamond shopping

Jewelry and diamond engagement rings at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Where do you go to buy diamond jewelry? When searching for a showroom to look at diamond engagement rings your first visit should be to Diamonds by Raymond Lee. In convenient locations in Boca Raton we are proud to serve the South Florida community. Bringing all of the very best in diamonds, jewelry, fine watches…
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Bracelet and Rolex pairings–how to style your watch

When it comes to luxury watches you already know what the crowned King brand is –– Rolex. Now to style a Rolex can seem simple, just slide that gorgeous piece of horlogerie right on to your wrist and you are good to go right? Well actually, we would like to suggest a bracelet and Rolex…
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eternity diamond band review

What eternity diamond band to get?

When looking at what eternity diamond band to get personal taste comes first. The range of diamond bands available is plentiful and in the end the decision will be all yours. Whether your budget, preference for a specific cut, or desire for an inspiring design drive your decision like much else it comes down to…
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Daytona Watch white & black ceramic dial Rolex

Daytona Watch Rolex Cosmograph White & Black Ceramic Review

A Daytona watch from Rolex is one of the most iconic men’s luxury wrist watches in the world. It is an inimitable racing inspired time piece. Packing speed, functionality and sleek design this cosmograph Rolex is a staple for any collection. The driver’s watch it features professional grade functionalities that the high performance sport of…
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Ring Emerald

How to wear emerald ring with diamonds

When it comes to styling an emerald ring with diamonds you want to prioritize the incredible emerald green of this precious gem. After all an emerald ring is the statement jewelry piece of your outfit and we would not want it to be overshadowed. So let us talk all about emeralds, accentuating a ring with…
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