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Daytona Watch Rolex Cosmograph White & Black Ceramic Review

Daytona Watch Rolex Cosmograph White & Black Ceramic Review

Daytona Watch white & black ceramic dial Rolex

A Daytona watch from Rolex is one of the most iconic men’s luxury wrist watches in the world. It is an inimitable racing inspired time piece. Packing speed, functionality and sleek design this cosmograph Rolex is a staple for any collection. The driver’s watch it features professional grade functionalities that the high performance sport of racing demands. A popular model there are infinite combinations when it comes to the bezel and dial. However, the white and black ceramic look is a classic. 

Daytona Watch white & black ceramic dial Rolex

When we look at Daytona watch features the first thing that comes to mind is the racing functions. A watch that is forever integrated with the history of racing and Rolex’s sponsorship of the Daytona 24 race, the Daytona watch is an icon. A speed racing masterpiece this watch is made for instant glances. It gives you every second measured with absolute accuracy without ever letting go of the wheel. A Rolex cosmograph it is in a class of its own. A sport chronograph that transcends time it is a design that is instantly recognizable. Since the 1960’s it has held its place amongst the Rolex favorites for gentlemen in the fast lane. Unique and striking it has a large face and resistant composition. As it has evolved over the years the Daytona watch has still continued to maintain its bold aesthetic. Let us take a look at the Daytona.

A Rolex 116500 Cosmograph the Daytona is an Oyster steel example of symmetry and balance. With a tachymeter scale, three counters, and three pushers it is designed to be the ultimate timing tool. No wonder it is the preferred tool of high speed and high performance drivers. While the tachymeter scale helps drivers read average speed over a given distance based on elapsed time. The pushers enable them to use the chronograph function. In this way the driver in a single glance has abundant information instantaneously. It is as fast as the drivers, and as reliable as their skills. With almost an entire generation under its belt the Daytona Rolex is a watch that we can expect to continue seeing more of. Equipped with a calibre 4130 it is a self winding mechanical watch. Few components and many features it is perfect for the race track. The minimal design also. 

Rolex Daytona history: the kings of speed

The Rolex Daytona watch did not get its name by coincidence. In fact the story of this watch and its development are very much linked to its name. The Daytona watch is named after the city right here in sunny South Florida known as Daytona. The hard packed sand beach is home to one of the world’s most renowned race tracks and high speed automobile racing histories. From 1903 to 1935 Daytona, Florida became known world wide as the perfect place to beat speed records. There more than 80 records were set. Also 14 of those 80 records were actually for the fastest speed in the world. It is no wonder that over a century later the city of Daytona is still known for its history of automobile racing. Known as the world capital of speed there was no better place for Rolex to get involved with their time keepers.

rolex daytona watch black and white on wrist

When you want to know how fast a circuit was there is no better tool than a Rolex. High grade and finely made robust Rolex watches are the tool of choice for high performance automobile drivers and aficionados. One British driver in particular, Malcolm Campbell, set the world land speed record in 1935. He went 276 m/ hr 445 km/ hr and only months later broke his own record. While he broke the record in the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah one thing was the same from his time in Daytona. That was his Rolex Oyster. The first Rolex Testimonee in motorsports was the king of speed’s choice when making history in Daytona. Since that time both the Rolex collection of speed racing watches and the city of Daytona have evolved. In 1959 the Daytona International Speedway opened and Rolex was right alongside becoming the circuit’s official time piece since.

Rolex 116500 Cosmograph Daytona Stainless Steel White & Black Dial Watch

The Daytona watch then evolved to become Rolex’s signature time piece for automobile racing. To emphasize the luxury brands connection to not only the city but also the iconic American race track Rolex created the Daytona watch. A new cosmograph model this one was meant to be. From there the relationship between man and machine, both on the track and off have only grown closer. On the track with the cars and the Rolex Daytona. 

Today one of the most famous races at the Daytona International Speedway, namely the Rolex 24 at Daytona, symbolizes this synergy between the two. A true test of man and machine the Rolex 24 race at Daytona is a 24 hour cycle endurance test. Colloquially it is known simply as the Rolex. That tells you just how close the two have become throughout the last few decades. It is not surprising that the race winner gets a Daytona Rolex watch. 

The Cosmograph Daytona is not the only link to high speed automobile racing that Rolex has either. Since then there is also Rolex’s entry into the world of Formula 1. In 2013 the brand became a global racing partner and official time piece for Formula 1 as well. 

daytona watch rolex black and white cerachrome

The classic Daytona watch though remains their most intimate link to the sport of automobile racing. This watch is a black and white beauty that keeps it clean and simple. Direct and easy to read instantly it is the perfect watch for speed racing. Robust and reliable it can handle the pressure and heat of a race. As well as endure the long standing test of full 24 hours of racing. The Rolex 24 for example is one test of the man and machine’s ability. For the accuracy and consistency that a driver needs let’s look within.

The calibre 4130 chronograph: made for the circuit

When it comes to the power packed inside of a Daytona watch we can see Rolex’s iconic engineering feats revealed. Always a leading watch making brand they have perfected the art of haute horlogerie. Constantly crafting and creating watches unlike any other luxury watch company their calibre’s are inimitable. For the Rolex Daytona – the speed racing watch – the minute details within need to be perfect. To cover that duty they brought the world the calibre 4130 chronograph. This unique self winding mechanical chronograph movement is developed and manufactured by Rolex. Also it has fewer components than your standard chronographs. That means that saves space. Which Rolex master craftsmen have used for a larger mainspring. This enhances the movement’s reliability as well as extending the power reserve. With the larger mainspring this chronograph went from a 50 hour power reserve to 72 hours. It is truly an incredible piece of machinery.

The particular performance of the calibre 4130 chronograph also comes from a special twist within the clutch. You see in order to activate the chronograph this calibre uses a clutch that is vertical rather than lateral. This means that the mechanism of two discs are one above the other. They use direct friction contact. Further this offers significant advantages. First the precision of the start and stop functions. As well as the smooth movement and running of the chronograph seconds hand immediately as the pusher is pressed. Finally the capacity of the chronograph to function for long periods of time. Like say for example during the Daytona 24 endurance driving race. This extended use causes no negative impact on the precision of the watch.

The monobloc cerachrom black ceramic bezel 

Now one of the truly unique features of this watch is the black monobloc cerachrom black bezel. What is cerachrom you might ask? Well cerachrom is a high tech ceramic that has a couple of significant advantages. These include the fact that it is corrosion resistant, virtually scratch proof and the color of the ceramic is unaffected by UV rays. All of these features mean the bezel is extremely durable and highly legible. Which is important considering the tachymeter scale is moulded into the ceramic and colored with a deposition of a thin layer of platinum or gold via a PVD or physical vapour deposition process. 

daytona watch rolex men's luxury watch
Daytona Watch Rolex 116500 Cosmograph Stainless Steel White & Black Dial Watch

The monobloc bezel is a single piece and it holds the scratch resistant Sapphire crystal securely in place on the middle case for water proofing.  With a patent system for screwing down the bezel, case back and winding crown against the middle case the Oyster steel case becomes impenetrable. A blend of form and function the Daytona watch is a fine example of the Rolex commitment to continue pushing boundaries. Further the diamond polished surface of the cerachrom monobloc ceramic bezel has an exceptional lustre and shine. An iconic and trademarked Rolex look it has a lasting beauty even when exposed to the most harsh of conditions. 

The white dial

Within the black cerachrom bezel we see the white background of the dial as well as the three sub dials. Each one of these sub dials has a black outer ring of its own for easy reading. Further the seconds are ticked on the edge of the dial and the hour markers are luminescent. So regardless of whether you are just going for a night drive or are in the latter half of a Rolex 24 Daytona race you can read clearly.

The Rolex fold over crown clasp

On the iconic three link Oyster steel bracelet this Daytona watch closes with a Rolex fold over clasp. This is a unique and instantly recognizable Rolex clasp. It is sturdy and yet easy to manipulate. So whether your drive is high speed or an endurance test or not you can be sure to be comfortable. The clasp is the classic fold over feature with two push driven connectors on each of the sides. Much like the rest of this gorgeous Daytona Rolex Cosmograph white and black watch minimalism in aesthetics comes first. It is a robust watch when it comes to features and functionalities. However it is straight forward and sleek when it comes to the design. 

Rolex Oyster steel fold over clasp

Where to buy a Daytona Watch Rolex Cosmograph White and Black Ceramic men’s watch? Diamonds by Raymond Lee in South Florida

When it comes to buying a luxury watch that you know will be the quality and condition that you expect from a world class leading brand going to a jeweller you trust is important. That trust means you can rely on the craftsmen and experts to test and inspect each and every part of the watch. Furthermore that trust is in knowing that no matter what throughout the life time of your purchase you know who to go to for maintenance, repairs and any custom modifications. We have been in the business of taking care of our refined clientele and their fine watches for the last three decades here in South Florida. A family business the expertise and passion for horlogerie has been passed down from one generation to the next. We take pride in our services and particularly in our luxury brand items like our customer’s Rolex time pieces.

It is our privilege and goal to continue serving our South Florida community for the next three decades to come too. We love engaging with other passionate people and most of all bringing everyone together. It is why we host events like our Diamonds and Donuts event. While we do not race down a track we do get together some incredible people and their rad rides. Also if you really want to get a taste of the watches for yourself come visit us! We would love to meet you in person at one of our conveniently located and expertly designed showrooms to show you some of our collection. Also we have a wide curated collection of unique time pieces. So if the white and black Daytona watch is not your favorite there are also different versions of the Rolex Daytona that you can check out. Including an 18k yellow gold. 

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