Watch Repair Boca Raton

Watch Repair Boca Raton

Looking for the best watch repair Boca Raton has to offer? Have a seat, let us pour you a beer. Welcome to Diamonds by Raymond Lee.

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When we opened our beautiful jewelry showroom last year, our focus was on diamonds – hence the name. We’re proud to offer the finest selection of high quality loose diamonds, plus every single major name in designer bridal engagement rings. Our diamonds are our passion, and we’re thrilled to be the only place in South Florida where brides and grooms can go to shop just for engagement rings.

But recently, our roots have started to show – we got the itch. Or should we say the tick? Our family heritage claims Raymond Lee Jewelers, South Florida’s best designer estate jeweler and pre-owned luxury watch buyer and seller. We grew up surrounded by marvelous timepieces from Audemars to Zenith. And we never pass up the opportunity to check out a great watch.

The privilege of having sunny, gorgeous Boca Raton as our location means that we come into contact with our favorite luxury watches on a daily basis. Thanks to our grooms and soon-to-be grooms who rock luxury watches, we’re never too far from horology. And those clientele expressed interest (and need) in another high quality, expert watch workshop…a little further east.

You know what’s coming right? We added in a state of the art watch workshop, of course. How could we not?! We kept a viewing window that was so popular at our flagship RLJ store, so clientele can watch our experts operate on their watch. You know we’re all about transparency!

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Puns aside, we believe that the happiest clients are the most informed. So our watch intake process, from our basic $159 Rolex overhauls to our complicated antique pocket watch restorations start with a client consultation. We’ll pour you a craft beer from our in-store tap and chat with you about your watch. We find out what you want for your watch, what you think it needs, and what your budget is. Only then do we give you an (honest and fair) estimate for time and investment.

After more than thirty years in the trade, we know that with more complicated procedures, occasionally a diagnosis can change mid-service. A part is suddenly needed that we didn’t spot before, or attempts to restore a certain gasket would really be better off with a replacement. If that happens, our watchmakers freeze all work until we get the go-ahead from you. Even if the price for your repair remains the same, we refuse to do any work on your watch that you don’t explicitly authorize. It’s your watch, it’s just our job to take care of it.

This passionate advocacy stems from our own love of watches. No one messes with our collection, so we understand the pride and ownership that comes with a luxury watch. We’re watch lovers too, and we built our watch workshop to reflect that.

Our tools include the Witschi Proofmaster M machine for water resistance testing , the Witschi Chronoscope M1 timing machine, the Greiner Vibrograf ACS 900 cleaning machine for cleaning watch movements, and the Bergeon No 6928-vr winding and testing machine.

We built our watch workshop with one thing in mind: to better serve our discerning clientele. We do everything from watch repair to designing your dream engagement ring to make the happiest clients in the world. Let us make you and your watch happy too.

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