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Supercar & Luxury Watch Feature: Ford GT Carbon Edition + Rolex Smurf

Supercar & Luxury Watch Feature: Ford GT Carbon Edition + Rolex Smurf

Rolex Smurf

In this article, we are presenting a strikingly stunning combination of a liquid blue supercar and luxury watch, the Ford GT Carbon Edition and the Rolex Smurf Submariner (ref 116619LB). 

Rolex smurf review

Blue is a color that represents, depth, trust, loyalty, confidence, intelligence and wisdom. These are also the perfect words to describe our good friend Larry Coe, the man who owns both the Carbon Edition Ford GT and now the Rolex Smurf.

Before we get into reviewing both of his next level investments, let us tell you a little about Larry.

Larry Coe

Our good friend Larry Coe is an awesome guy who is retired and a resident of our wonderful city Boca Raton. 

He is from Cleveland Heights Ohio and he went to Kent State University. 

Larry is a car and watch enthusiasts, and we must say, one with incredible taste. 

He is a great member of our community here in Boca, joining local events such as our very own monthly Diamonds and Donuts Car Show, the popular Cars & Coffee in Palm Beach, and the nationally recognized Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance. 

On behalf of Diamonds by Raymond Lee, it is an honor to be his friend.

Larry Coe Boca Raton

Now, let’s talk about his new Rolex and his Ford. 

Rolex Smurf (Ref 116619LB)

The Rolex Submariner 116619LB, known as the Rolex Smurf, is a distinct luxurious version of a well-established Submariner model. 

It was released in 2008, and was one of three all-gold Submariner watches that debuted that year. The Rolex Smurf has always been somewhat “under the radar” comparing to other Submariner models. It’s one that you won’t see often, which makes it very special and desirable to Rolex collectors and enthusiasts.

The Rolex Smurf has an 18K white gold case and bracelet combined with a blue dial and bezel. The color combination is unique, plus it is versatile and simply stunning.

Because it is made from white gold, it is a premium among the Submariner line. The Rolex Smurf boasts its own set for remarkable features which sets it apart from other Rolex watches, and we are about to get into that now…

White Gold

The Rolex Submariner “Smurf” ref 116619LB is crafted completely out of 18 karat white golf. Because it is made from gold, this Submariner has more weight to it than stainless steel versions, so it feels very substantial on the wrist. 

It weighs in at around 200grams in total. It is well balanced and amazingly wearable and comfortable despite it’s heavier weight. 

The weight and feel of the Smurf is one of the unmistakable differences that really sets it apart. It makes the quality and value apparent the moment you put it on your wrist. 

For those in the market for a discrete white gold Rolex sports watch, you really can’t do better than a Submariner Smurf. 

Rolex uses their own white gold alloy, which of course is of the highest quality, and many refer to it as Grey Gold. It’s incredible in that it won’t need to be re-plated (the outer rhodium that all white gold uses) after years of wear. 

The finishing is exquisite and impressive, as are all Rolex watches…but when it’s white gold, there is just something even more special about the polished look. 

luxury cars and watches

Blue on Blue

The blue dial and bezel gives off a crisp coolness that is staggeringly charming when combined with the white gold.

This color blue is unique to the Rolex Smurf, and as far as the Submariner goes, it’s wonderfully exclusive.

Now, let’s talk about the blue Cerachrom bezel then the matching blue dial

Cerachrom Bezel

Cerachrom is Rolex’s patented ceramic bezel creation. It was first introduced in 2008, which is the same year that the Rolex Smurf was released. 

This is the only all-blue Cerachrom bezel in all of Rolex’s lineup, so it is very unique. The Cerachrom bezel is extremely durable and is virtually corrosion and scratch resistant. In fact, it is essentially as durable as the sapphire crystal that covers the dial. It can handle a lifetime of wear, and countless years of saltwater exposure for those who utilize this dive watch as it was originally made to be. 

The bezel has 60 minute graduations made of white gold, which match beautifully with the case and bracelet. Moreover, the bezel has strong ridges for easy grip underwater and is uni-directional so it won’t ever get a measurement of time wrong. Ever detail of the Rolex Submariner is calculated for aesthetics and functionality. 

Maxi Dial

The matching blue dial is beautifully lacquered and features large luminous markers and wide hands. This style of dial is known as Rolex’s Maxi Dial.

It has all the same features as Rolex Submariners of the same generation. A clean dial,  a large date window with the cyclops eye, the Mercedes hour hand, and the use of white gold for the powerful indexes and hands. 

As for the lume, it’s simply fantastic because it’s Rolex’s Chromalight rather than less durable Luminova. One of our favorite innovations of the past 20 years from Rolex. The legibility both day and night are unrivaled. 

Oyster Case 

The Rolex Smurf uses a traditional 40mm Oyster case, with a lug to lug measurement of 48mm. What’s new here though is that this is a Rolex “Super Case”, which all new Submariners use. Not to mention it’s crafted purely from white gold. 

The Super Case is essentially a modern and more bold take on the classic Oyster case. 

Oyster Bracelet

The Rolex Submariner Smurf utilizes a white gold oyster bracelet. It has solid end-links and broad lugs. This adds to the impressive stature of the Rolex Smurf on the wrist. 

What’s more, the bracelet is flawlessly polished with a dual-tone finishing. The outer links of the bracelet are satin finished and the center links are high polish. All in all, this gives off a marvelously luxurious appearance. 

Lastly, the bracelet is equipped with a newer Glidelock clasp that was debuted with the Smurf. The new Glidelock, which is another Rolex creation, of course, is extremely durable, secure and it allows for a 5mm adjustment in fit without the use of any tool. It’s super simple to use and the micro-adjustments make it so you can get the watch fitting impeccably in seconds, as sometimes depending on the temperature, your wrist can expand or contract by similar micro-measurements. 

Rolex Smurf

Rolex Smurf On the Wrist

The Rolex Submariner Smurf fits great for larger wrist and smaller wrists alike. It is definitely the perfect size to fit with contemporary desires in size. It wears large but not too large. In our opinion, and all the Rolex enthusiasts we’ve talked to, it is the quintessential size.

As for looks, the Rolex Smurf works very well with suits and casual wear. It can be worn to the office or the beach without missing a beat. The white gold and blue combination is understated yet lavish at the same time. It’s rich in flavor, noticeable, but never in your face…

It’s one of our favorites from the Submariner Collection. 

It is one of Larry Coe’s favorite Submariners too, so he bought it on the spot. 

Larry Coe has a fondness for blue. After all, his Rolex Smurf complements and coordinates with his badass blue Ford GT Carbon Edition.

So, with that as a segue, let’s jump into Larry’s jaw dropping Ford GT Carbon Edition…

Ford GT Carbon Edition 

Larry Coe is the proud owner of a liquid blue with orange accent 2019 Carbon Edition Ford GT. 

He unveiled his beast of a car back in April at our Diamonds and Donuts Car Show. His Ford GT attracted a lot of attention, and rightfully so. 

Let’s break this one down a bit…

Ford GT Carbon Fiber Series


First, let’s talk about “carbon”. The 2019 Ford GT Carbon Edition is the lightest GT in history. 

Of course, “carbon” refers to carbon fiber, which is the material visibly used throughout the car and the reason this Ford GT is so light. Carbon fiber has been used in previous models, but this one uses much more than any other GT. 

We are talking a carbon body as a base, carbon pillars, carbon stripes (highlighted by an orange accent color, which also appears on the door mirror and brake calipers), carbon side skirts and even carbon wheels. 

On the interior, Ford stripped out the interior cup holders, driver side storage bin and equipped it with carbon door sills, air register pods and center console. They also fitted new seat trim, clear anodized aluminum shift paddles, which was a replacement for the typical black items used in standard GTs. 

All in all, this special edition Ford GT weighs 40 pounds less than the already special GT, thus dethroning the Competition Series as the lightest Ford GT out.


Honestly, the use of carbon isn’t just about lightweight, it’s also about looks and simply being “avant-garde”. This is the type of innovation you see in spacecrafts.

There is more to the lightweight innovation than just carbon-fiber, too. You have titanium exhausts and lug nuts along with polycarbonate engine covers and rear hatch. 

Track only car? Of course, not. 

Although it looks like a track car, it’s not only intended for the track. This car is more than just high speeds and incredible control, it’s also about comfort. It’s definitely an enjoyable everyday commuter, even when in cruise mode. 


That said, this car has balls. 

The Ford GT Carbon Edition is pure power thanks to its twin-turbo 3.5 liter V6 engine. It unloads at 647 horsepower and 550 pound-feet as it scares to a 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. As for top speeds, you are looking at 216mph, which is right on par with most modern supercars. 


In terms of production, they’ve extended it through to 2022, up 2 years from their original plan of 2020. There producing around 1,350 of these, so it’s a rare find.


If you are lucky enough to gain access to the Carbon Edition club, you are looking at a half a million dollar price tag, approximately.

Larry, baller much?

So, to wrap this up, let’s just say, this is a supercar that stands out among the crowd, even supercar crowds, as that’s the kind of cars the Ford GT Carbon Series rolls with. 

The striking carbon-fiber rich and luxurious design is athletic on the track and cool and comfortable in the streets. 

Let us know what you think about this Ford GT and Rolex Smurf blue on blue combo in the comments below. Stay tuned for more cars and watches post like this.

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