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What eternity diamond band to get?

What eternity diamond band to get?

eternity diamond band review

When looking at what eternity diamond band to get personal taste comes first. The range of diamond bands available is plentiful and in the end the decision will be all yours. Whether your budget, preference for a specific cut, or desire for an inspiring design drive your decision like much else it comes down to what you love. A symbol of eternity and commitment its easy to see why eternity diamond bands are so popular.

Diamond bands are an amazing selection for having an incredible piece of unique jewelry for your wedding band. They are gorgeous and glimmering. They bring with them a strong sense of symbolism and also monetary value. For a ring that is sure to be unique and continue stunning throughout your lifetimes a wedding eternity diamond band. They come in different shapes and colors.

Beyond just the diamonds themselves. There are different designs that the eternity bands come in. Not all are simply a row of diamond stones sitting together wrapping around a ring. There are the halo feature eternity bands, the ones with cutouts and unique shapes. As well as the ones that take an intricate approach to the selected diamond cut. These can be orchestrated into lovely arrangements. Depending on your personal preferences and style you are going for it is easy to find the perfect eternity band for you.

The style

Radiant and stunning this style of ring has become particularly popular over the last few years among modern brides. For their shine and old school glamour as well as their versatility. The diamond eternity band is a symbol that can easily accompany your engagement ring and style. Whether you preferred a solitaire diamond engagement ring. Or rather went for a more modern take on an engagement ring these all pair well with an eternity band. It is slowly becoming the new classic wedding band as more and more brides opt for the eternity diamond band option. Mainly the rings with these stones set alongside one another are in the higher price range but depending on the type of fine metal material and diamond cut you are looking at the range is quite accommodating. Here we have show cased some of the finest diamond eternity bands from our curated ring collection.

3 white eternity diamond band rings held up with image of Budapest in the background

Eternity bands

The eternity band is an intricate arrangement of diamonds or other precious stones next to one another set in a ring. They cover the entire surface of the band wrapping around your finger. There are eternity bands in a series of different shapes, styles and colors including stylized ones that mix and match. Eternity diamond bands tend to feature large carat diamonds or small stones. The smaller stone eternity bands, as well as the large ones on occasion, are stacked together one on top of the other. Adding a touch of texture and change colors or different diamond cuts are worn together. 

These engagement ring or wedding band stacks as they are called are becoming ever more popular as brides and brides to be plan their arrangements and assortments according to their preferences and tastes. There are designs for everyone including more classic or traditional designs. These use popular classic diamond cuts like round cut white diamonds. Meanwhile modern styles are also available like fancy yellow diamonds some even with unique features such as diamond halos along each of the stones. These are then set next to one another for the eternity ring look.

There are also repeating pattern eternity bands that combine design and cutouts in the fine metal band with accent diamonds as well as precious colorful stones. For wedding bands in general we tend to see a preference for yellow and traditional brilliant white diamonds though. A bit more delicate than your traditional polished gold wedding bands an eternity diamond band is more susceptible to scratching or even losing stones in high impact situations. These are not your daily activity type of impacts but rather in the case of sports or working with your hands often. So it really depends on your lifestyle and when you wear.

eternity diamond band

Emerald cut eternity band

Platinum 9.78ctw Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band

First is an incredible platinum eternity diamond band with 9.78 carats of emerald shape diamonds. Like the Versailles hall of mirrors this ring promises to reflect and radiate. With the smooth cut tops of the diamonds the ring fits comfortably on your finger. No matter which way it may spin around on your finger the revolving mirror like stones are always in place. Elegant and traditional the emerald cut diamond eternity band is not your usual ring. While the emerald cut diamond style is coming back into fashion it is still not one of the most common diamond cuts. This is because the emerald cut diamonds must have a very high clarity level.

This is because the way the cut is the transparency of the stone is featured broadly. Therefore there is no room or place to hide any blemishes or naturally occurring marks inside of the diamond. This gorgeous platinum emerald cut diamond eternity band features nineteen stunning stones. They are H-I in color and VS1/VS2 in clarity. This particular ring was designed exclusively for the Diamonds by Raymond Lee bridal collection.

Round cut diamond eternity band 

Platinum 6.76ctw Diamond Eternity Band

Next is another platinum diamond eternity band. This time it has round cut diamonds – the most popular diamond cut by far. The ring features approximately 6.76 carats of round cut brilliant white diamonds. The impressive and classic style ring was also created as part of the exclusive Diamonds by Raymond Lee bridal collection. The diamonds here are also H-I in color and VS1/VS2 in clarity. Fourteen gorgeous diamonds dazzle on this band. Deeply set there is no platinum between each of the stones. However it sits perfectly comfortably against your finger. 

It is a classic and timeless design. Further for solitaire engagement rings it pairs perfectly too. Whether your engagement ring has a halo feature or not. As you can see below the combination of larger diamonds on an eternity band and smaller accent diamonds on the engagement ring sparkle together perfectly. Just like you and your partner.

round cut eternity diamond band and chanel purse

Princess cut eternity diamond band

14k White Gold 2.05ctw Princess Cut Diamond Eternity Band

For a princess cut diamond eternity ring let us take a look at this 14 carat white gold eternity band. With the iconic four prong setting for each one of these 2.05 carats of princess cut diamonds this band has more metal visible than the style of eternity band above. It features diamonds that are G/H in color and VS in clarity. Radiant and squared off these princess cut diamonds are more prone to snagging on clothes than their round cut diamond counter parts. However the comfort and feel are alike. 

Colorful diamond eternity band 

18k Yellow Gold 5.33ctw Radiant Cut Fancy Yellow Diamond Band

Now not all of the eternity diamond bands are the same. While a majority of the diamond eternity bands feature brilliant white diamonds there are also colorful diamond bands. Including fancy yellow diamonds. This ring has 18 carat yellow gold with 5.33 carats of radiant cut fancy yellow diamonds. The yellow gold is a perfect under layer and setting for the yellow diamonds as it bolsters their unique color. The diamonds are VS in clarity and sparkle beautifully. 

The term colored or fancy diamonds applies exclusively to diamonds that are a color more or other than yellow or brown. The fancy yellow diamonds are a deeper color that glows. This unique and gorgeous combination is absolutely stunning. Rare and not as common as white diamonds the fancy yellow diamonds are an excellent choice for a singular eternity diamond band.

eternity diamond band

Fancy yellow diamond eternity bands with halo

18k White Gold 6.17ctw Fancy Yellow And White Diamond GIA Certified Band

Now for a stunning finale is this 18 carat white gold fancy yellow and white diamond GIA certified eternity band. This incredible ring has approximately 6.17 carats of diamonds. Approximately 1.53 carats are of round brilliant white diamonds. These are G/H in color and VS in clarity. They surround the 4.64 carats of GIA certified cushion cut fancy yellow diamonds. The fancy yellow diamonds are are VVS2-SI in clarity. Each of the individual fancy yellow diamonds has a halo of white round cut accent diamonds radiating and adding to its incredible sparkle and shine.

Halo designs

These designs are more robust and add a blooming feature to the diamond in the center. When you then pair all of these halo-ed diamonds together into an eternity band you get a stunning and unique piece of jewelry. It has a robust and textured feel. Much more intricate and layered the ring also has different heights. While the central stone is generally raised the halo lies slightly below it. This creates a platform for the center stone.

Certain rings can add the halo feature on later on. However when it comes to an eternity band this becomes very difficult. That is because the sizing of the ring will be affected. As the craftsman will need to make space between the stones in order to add the halo. Hence if you are looking for this unique style of ring it is recommended you choose one before rather than try to adapt one later on. Further the fit between all of the stones is a delicate process that requires delicate attention to detail. Each of the diamonds are connected on the setting and placed around the centre stone. One thing to note particularly with these settings is that if worn with solitaire engagement rings. Then the height of the solitaire stone is considered. This is done so they fit snugly together.

eternity diamond band stack

Wondering what eternity diamond band to get? Chat to a diamond expert at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Speaking to an expert before making a final decision on a big purchase is always important. Particularly when it is a milestone luxury item like fine jewelry. And of course most of all when it is your wedding jewelry. Let us say no more then that when it comes to choosing your wedding band you will want to chat to someone about it. Most likely. Here at Diamonds by Raymond Lee our diamond and jewelry experts have been consulting with couples and brides for the last three decades. They know the ins and outs of selecting the perfect diamonds. 

Also they have the passion and the heart needed for this work. Each band sold is not just fine jewelry. It is a promise and a symbol. A commitment. And our commitment to you is to be here. Throughout the years for modifications, maintenance, repairs or any bespoke additions. We are here to welcome you and help you find the perfect piece for you and your bride. Whether you are searching for an eternity diamond band with intricate styling or a traditional round cut diamond eternity band. 

We have a wide curated collection of fine rings that include large carat size eternity diamond bands. All of them are unique in their own way but we have some from fine brands like Tiffany & Co., Tacori and Henri Daussi. As well as private label bands as well. Come visit one of our expertly designed showrooms. See for yourself the sparkle and glamour. We can walk you through all of the different styles and designs. Tell us what type of eternity band you are interested in or looking for. We will find some options for you to choose from. There is no better way to experience a significant piece of jewelry than in person.

Contact details

Check out our full range for more styles, carat weights and combinations of fine metals and diamonds. We also create custom jewelry for anyone interested in sourcing or using their own diamond stones. Let us know what you are looking for in the comments below or get in touch with us. 

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