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what eternity band to get 4 rings worn together

What diamond eternity band to get and when? Everything you need to know

The latest trend when it comes to bridal jewelry and diamond rings is of course the diamond band rings. These can either be diamond eternity band styles where the diamonds are set all the way around the ring. Or otherwise half bands. These have diamonds as you would imagine set into half of the eternity…
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couple jewelry and diamond shopping

Jewelry and diamond engagement rings at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Where do you go to buy diamond jewelry? When searching for a showroom to look at diamond engagement rings your first visit should be to Diamonds by Raymond Lee. In convenient locations in Boca Raton we are proud to serve the South Florida community. Bringing all of the very best in diamonds, jewelry, fine watches…
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diamond henri daussi bands for her

Henri Daussi bands for her for sale at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

For the greatest celebration of our lives we commemorate it with the most memorable jewel in world, the diamond. At the moment when we become engaged and get married what happens? During that pivotal occasion we give one another rings. A diamond ring to symbolize the eternal and unfaltering love we have for one another.…
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What halo ring to get with your wedding band?

There are so many options when it comes to diamond halo ring engagement rings that it can be difficult to choose. It is important of course to consider your wedding band particularly if you have already chosen or know which one you will get. The diamond halo on your engagement ring is an addition that…
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eternity diamond band review

What eternity diamond band to get?

When looking at what eternity diamond band to get personal taste comes first. The range of diamond bands available is plentiful and in the end the decision will be all yours. Whether your budget, preference for a specific cut, or desire for an inspiring design drive your decision like much else it comes down to…
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How to Design Your Own Wedding Band

Here at Raymond Lee Jewelers, we spend our days assisting our customers in designing the perfect wedding bands to help symbolize their unique love and personality. We custom design bands that capture each individual’s unique style. No matter what type of piece you’re looking for, whether it be nontraditional or traditional style, we have the…
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How to Shop for the Perfect Anniversary Band

Anniversary bands are a luxury. There really are no set rules for them. They are a modern jewelry trend that allows you to explore your own style while showing off your profound love for one another (again). If you’re thinking about one for yourself or for your partner to help you symbolize the continued love…
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