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Henri Daussi bands for her for sale at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Henri Daussi bands for her for sale at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

diamond henri daussi bands for her

For the greatest celebration of our lives we commemorate it with the most memorable jewel in world, the diamond. At the moment when we become engaged and get married what happens? During that pivotal occasion we give one another rings. A diamond ring to symbolize the eternal and unfaltering love we have for one another. When it comes to a truly stunning ring though we look to designer bridal jewellers. For years they have been crafting unmatched pieces. That is why this week we are taking a look at designer Henri Daussi bands for her now available at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

oval cut diamond

Henri Daussi is an iconic brand of bridal jewelry. When it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands they have a comprehensive collection of different designs. These are timeless and gorgeous pieces for all different personal tastes. As a company their ideals follow their path in the world of the celebration of love. The quality and inimitable craftsmanship of each one of their rings as well. It is no wonder that Henri Daussi bands are some of the most desired among brides and grooms to be. Today we are just having a look at the Henri Daussi bands for her. However, they do also have wonderful bands for gentlemen as well. 

Crafted to perfection these Henri Daussi bands feature some of the best diamonds in the world. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we know a thing or two about diamonds too. Our experts have been in the diamond business for over thirty years and can guarantee a deep level of knowledge and experience. Henri Daussi is one of the brands we as a team stand behind fully. As we do for all of the brands that we carry here at our finely designed showrooms in Boca Raton, Florida.

pairing two diamond henri daussi bands

Designer jeweller Henri Daussi 

Undoubtedly one of the most well known and recognized bridal jewelry designers Henri Daussi has some incredible designs. They are not always the ones that you would expect which brings an element of surprise and delight. Although a majority of their diamond bands feature classic or romantic themes –– not so surprising for a wedding jeweler right? Many of their styles are actually quite modern as well. They feature unique details and arrangements for timeless classics. Further the diamond shape cuts and carat weight sizes they offer make their ranges accessible for everyone. No matter what your budget is. 

Their history with diamonds is quite an extensive one. If you do not know Antwerp, Belgium is the world’s diamond capital. It is also where Henri Daussi got their humble beginnings. Starting off their jewelry design business over 60 years ago the Loots family had already been in the diamond business long before. The father and grandfather of Loots the founder were both diamond cutters who taught their sons the trade. Knowing diamonds intimately Henri Daussi bands take into account first and foremost the centre diamond stone. The design then comes from showcasing all of the very best features of that diamond and for that cut. 

two henri daussi bands

In the decades that followed the Loots brought their expertise and unique designs across the Atlantic and around the world. Today Henri Daussi is one of the most sought after bridal jewelry designers in the market. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we are proud to bring our refined clientele this fantastic designer bands and engagement rings. As a family company as well we identify strongly with their values, and commitment to excellence through and through. It is this spirit that shines through in each of their pieces. A celebration of love with a strong history. 

Diamonds halo engagement rings 

Engagement rings featuring diamond halos have become increasingly more popular throughout the years. It is a design style that more modern brides have gravitated to. There are quite a few different benefits of a halo engagement ring. First of all the additional accent diamonds surrounding the centre stone adds to the visual size of the ring. Also the contrasting sparkle as each one of these additional diamonds capture light and reflect it back create an incredible shine and glimmer. As angelic as it sounds these diamond halos really add a twist to these engagement rings. They are timeless and versatile so no matter what your style is these jewellery styles go in stride. 

If you are worried that the halo design might in some way affect the way your wedding band sits alongside the engagement ring, worry not. As you can see above the actual centre stone and halo surrounding it are slightly elevated. This means that they fit directly above the wedding band. Whether you choose a Henri Daussi band to go with your engagement ring or not these rings will fit perfectly with your band.

trying on two diamond henri daussi bands

Speaking of Henri Daussi engagement rings we have two stunning rings featured in this article. Just check them out below. We have a 0.71 carat GIA certified 18 carat white gold ring. It comes with 1.03 carats of accent diamonds on the band itself. These make the striking cushion cut diamond and halo stand out even more. We also have another 18 carat white gold engagement ring that has a cushion cut diamond as well. This one has a slightly different style and look to it than the other. Let’s check them. In the photos you can see one of our very own Diamonds by Raymond Lee customer trying them on.

Henri Daussi AV631O 18k White Gold Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Featured in the images here we have two diamond Henri Daussi bands and engagement ring. One of our customers is searching for her perfect ring and came to explore her options first hand. She tried on this gorgeous 0.71 carat GIA certified diamond engagement ring. It is a beautiful 18 carat white gold ring with a classic cushion cut central diamond. It is E in color and VS1 in clarity. This is surrounded by approximately 1.03 carats of pave set round brilliant diamonds. There are approximately 44 of them on this ring. It is a robust and prominent ring. The cushion cut radiates outwards toward the halo adding to it’s eye catching shine. 

This ring as well as the others featured in this piece are designer diamond band rings. Beyond the stunning look they have a comfortable fit for daily and well life long wear. While designer diamond bands with a halo feature are more adept for not snagging on clothing and the like these are still delicate aesthetic rings. The feminine style of these rings also make them timeless. No matter what your personal style is or if you decide to go with a more modern look these rings go in stride. There is nothing better than knowing your beloved diamond ring will always be in fashion and matching yours.

Henri Daussi AV672 0.71ct GIA Certified Diamond Engagement Ring

Now this other ring is a slightly different cushion cut diamond. It also features an 18 carat white gold band and a diamond halo. However this one has a strong four prong setting on the central stone that can be seen more prominently. A designer diamond band this engagement ring also features GIA certified diamonds. They are also E in color and VS1 in clarity.

Below you can also see an emerald cut designer diamond band with a halo. The diamond cut is slightly different from the cushion cut diamonds as it is a more elongated stone. As you can see it follows the length of her finger in a stunning elongated style. The diamond band wraps around on either side of the designer diamond band. Another Henri Daussi favorite the emerald cut diamond engagement ring is also known as the hall of mirrors look. Much like the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles these diamonds feature a lovely reflecting feature unlike any other diamond cut. Rather than a radiating sparkle capturing light these diamond cuts prioritise the clear through look and geometric shape.

diamond engagement henri daussi band

You can see that in an emerald cut diamond halo engagement ring you can get the very best of both worlds. With the central stone you get the clear see through feature and geometric shape. As well as the radiating light capture and shine or fire of the round cut accent diamonds. Joint together these features create a stunning arrangement that you can be sure will catch eyes anywhere you go.

Hands on with Henri Daussi bands at Diamonds by Raymond Lee 

Now we all know that the best way to figure out what you really like is to try it on for yourself. This is especially true when it comes to jewelry. Something as personal and incredibly important such as an engagement ring even more so than any other piece of fine jewellery. That’s why we invite our clients to come visit us at one of our expertly designed show rooms. Here one of our diamond experts can introduce you to some of our finest pieces. We have an extensive curated collection of gorgeous rings and bands. Further these rings are from world renowned designers like Henri Daussi. 

You can ask any questions you have and get a little help in the journey to finding your very own favorite ring. Whether you already know the diamond cut or style that you are looking for or are open to exploring different designs we can help.

There is nothing more satisfying than being able to see with your hands. After all it is all about the way that you experience a ring. How it feels on your finger. Is it perhaps a bit heavy? Do you hold your hand a certain way that a particular design might not be most appropriate for? You discover all of these things treating yourself to a day of trying on. Our clients visit our showroom to enjoy these experiences and engage with these fine jewelry pieces themselves.

 trying on henri daussi bands

You can see our glass showcases with an incredible variety of different engagement rings and diamond wedding bands. All in the very best of conditions. Tested and inspected by our diamond experts and master jewelry craftsmen. We can also resize a ring for you. If you find the perfect ring that we can adjust that for you right on site!

Our showroom spaces and convenient locations

We want to welcome you to see for yourself our showroom spaces. Ample, comfortable and designed with you in mind these are the places for you to find the jewels of your heart. Shopping for a piece of fine jewelry is one of the most unique shopping experiences in the world. It is not your average pop into the shops. Unless of course you already konw exactly what you are looking for. Even then though it is about feeling comfortable and taking your time to decide. That is why all of our showrooms are set up in a way that you can look through and get lost in the options.  While you’re here, you can even charge your electric vehicle for free.

tesla charging station at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

We have the finest jewelry items from master designers from around the world. So whether you are looking for Henri Daussi bands for sale, the engagement ring for you to pop the question or dazzling diamonds just because, we have got options for you. We are also pleased to offer bespoke jewelry services to craft unique itemas made to your specifications. 

With over thirty years in the business we know our top priority is our customers. With a forward thinking and refined clientele like we have it is important to us to provide you with more services and bring you the convenient features you look for. Recently we added a Tesla electric car charging station at our showrooms in Boca Raton. So now when you com check out the latest diamond designs and collections you can charge up your super car. If you know our team then you know we are fans of super cars and motor sports. It is why we host the Diamonds and Donuts car show and why we added the Tesla charging point. Nothing goes better with the luxury lifestyle than fine jewelry and fast cars. 

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