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Raymond Lee Diamonds: What Are They?

Raymond Lee Diamonds: What Are They?

Raymond Lee Diamonds

What exactly are Raymond Lee diamonds? If you’re reading this you already know what Raymond Lee Jewelers is, and likely all about Diamonds by Raymond Lee. If not, that’s our sister store, our exclusive bridal jewelry boutique that caters to the next generation of luxury jewelry lovers. But back to the diamonds.

Raymond Lee diamonds aren’t a proprietary cut. They aren’t a brand new marked-up certification. They aren’t cursed or locked up with the crown jewels. They’re many, many things – just not those. So then, how do we define the wide world of Raymond Lee diamonds? Let’s take a look at what that specific genre of gorgeous carbon includes.

Raymond Lee diamonds are…

Hand Selected

Raymond Lee Diamonds

A hand picked halo styled with love.

Every single diamond in either of our stores is chosen by our expert buyers. With more than thirty years in the family business, and a literal lifetime of learning, our ownership takes a hands-on role in buying diamonds. Whether it’s Jeff, our founder, working one on one with a client to buy an entire estate, or Erin, our VP conducting a private, high-profile acquisition, or Lee, our VP flying to Hong Kong to source the most sought after diamonds, Raymond Lee diamonds are chosen by experts.


Raymond Lee Diamonds

Not just purchased. Chosen.

Because every single one of our diamonds is chosen by our ownership, they need to make the cut. And because we serve such a wide variety of clients, our buyers are uniquely suited to know just what we need. They aren’t searching for just D-Flawless Type IIA diamonds, nor are they looking exclusively for G, VS1 round brilliants. They’re evaluating each diamond for its beauty and characteristics, but also how it will fit into our collection, and exactly who it will appeal to. Every diamond you see in our showcase was specifically chosen.

Sometimes Certified. Sometimes Not.

Raymond Lee Diamonds

A beautiful, GIA certified emerald cut.

When we do come across the aforementioned Flawless diamond, you’d better believe it’s GIA certified. We understand the value and place of a bonafide certificate. However, we don’t believe that a certified diamond is the only one that matters, and we know that a certificate doesn’t determine a diamond’s beauty. We choose our diamonds based on their own unique loveliness, and encourage our clientele to do the same – certified or not.


Raymond Lee Diamonds

An 8 carat cushion cut that’s not quite priceless.

We pride ourselves on buying some of the most prestigious diamonds in the world, providing discerning clientele with mouthwatering gemstones they’d typically only find in a Swiss auction house.

…And Budget Conscious

Raymond Lee Diamonds

The whole set, diamonds included, under $4,000.

But, of course, those aren’t the only diamonds we buy and sell. We love creating the perfect ring for our clients, no matter what budget they give us to work with. Some of our most loyal and cherished clientele began their love story with a stunning, but modest engagement ring from our showcase. And over the years (and generations) we’ve been honored to celebrate their families’ milestones with more beautiful pieces…and very often an upgrade bridal set for the blushing bride we met so long ago.


Raymond Lee Diamonds

This Old European gets a new love story.

At Raymond Lee Jewelers, our passion is luxury estate jewelry. That means we buy and sell signed diamond jewelry from the likes of Tiffany & Co., Bulgari, Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier and more. It also means we have an incredible selection of hard-to-find antique cut diamonds, just waiting for a new home and new life.

Sourced Just for You

Raymond Lee Diamonds

We’re aiming for perfection.

On the occasions we meet a client who can’t find exactly what they’re looking for in our selection, it’s our opportunity and pleasure to find the diamond they are looking for. This means tapping into our network of trusted diamond jewelers. It’s not a search algorithm, it’s not a bid to anyone who’s ever held a loupe. It’s a phone call to a circle of friends – the kind you can only build over the generations – to see who’s got exactly what we need. The diamonds are approved by jewelers we trust, then approved by us in person, before they’re presented to our client.

Raymond Lee diamonds are many things, but no matter what specific type of diamond they are, their most defining quality is who’s selling them. With our name, you get our promise, and the legacy of more than thirty years of happy clientele before you.


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