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$10000 Engagement Ring And Under Eye Candy

Ah, the $ 10000 engagement ring. $10,000 is an investment that will get you a gorgeous ring – trust us. It’s well over the national average spend for first time engagement ring buyers, and we have an enormous selection of engagement rings under $10,000. This budget is one we see time and again – people find us both online and in-store because they’ve fallen in love with one of our rings under this price point! And today we want to show you a few examples.

Today, we’re sticking to rings that are ready-to-wear. If you recall from this blog post about the different types of engagement rings: “RTW engagement rings, like their name implies, are fully loaded with a center diamond. These rings aren’t mutually exclusive to designer engagement rings – our Henri Daussi rings typically come with the perfect cushion cut diamond already set, because those settings are crafted around the center diamond. But this category also includes the rings we make in-house, like when Jeff, Lee, or Erin buys a stunning diamond that inspires them to run straight to our jeweler for the perfect setting. What you need to know: This category is a great way to save money if you aren’t focused on an intricate setting. If you prefer the look of a classic, three stone emerald cut set in platinum, buying ready-to-wear will save you thousands on the setting and give you more room in your budget toward bigger and higher quality diamonds.”

So ready-to-wear encompasses our estate engagement rings, vintage engagement rings, antique engagement rings, and yep, even our beautiful designer Henri Daussi rings. HOWEVER, if you fall in capital-L-LOVE with one of our other designer settings, it’s technically “ready to wear” if you leave in the cubic zirconia it comes with. If a 10000 engagement ring is the maximum budget for you, and you simply want no other ring than a $8,900 Tacori setting, we don’t think you should settle. We have clients all the time who buy the setting they love, and can afford, and keep the cubic zirconia in it until they can buy a center diamond they love just as much. Our awesome upgrade programs are a huge benefit in this case.

But, today we’re all about visuals. So we only included rings that are truly ready to wear, with “live” center diamonds (read more about what that means here) that are $10k or less. We tried to hew as close to the 10000 engagement ring mark as possible, so we didn’t include some of our beautiful rings that are way, way less – but trust us, we’ve got those too. Ok, on to today’s eye candy!

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This beautiful Ritani princess cut halo, with a .90ct center stone is  $6,035.

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This gorgeous Henri Daussi halo is just a hair over budget at $10,300, but you get TWO CARATS worth of stunning, high quality diamonds.

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We can’t get enough of this stunning platinum solitaire, with a 1.17 carat round brilliant center stone that anchors the $9,995 ring.

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You can’t go wrong with a classic three stone ring, and this 3.19ctw diamond ring is beautiful with three round brilliant diamonds and micropave all along the side of the band. It’s also got a beautiful price tag at $8,995.

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Here’s more Henri! This time, the cushion cut is a 1.02ct center stone, and the final price is $8,698.

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We can’t even believe this halo. The center stone is a GIA certified H color VS2 clarity 1.10ct princess cut, surrounded by another .96ctw of round brilliant diamonds. They’re all set in white gold and this ring is well under $10k – just $6,490.

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Looking for a splash of color? We’ve got you covered. This amazing antique inspired sapphire halo features a 1.23 carat center diamond surrounded by another 1.04ctw of beautiful sapphires all set in platinum. For $10,995 it’s just over budget, but it has massive presence on the hand. Possibly worth the splurge to September’s sapphire lovers!

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This incredible solitaire shines with a classic, four prong white gold setting and a 1.05 carat E color, VS1 round brilliant, for $9,685.

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Finally, we can’t resist this 1.06 Old European cut diamond on its antique style platinum band. It’s so unique, and at $9,595, it keeps you right under budget.

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