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Henri Daussi engagement ring feature

Henri Daussi engagement ring feature

henri daussi engagement ring

Henri Daussi engagement rings are spectacular rings that offer a variety of styles and features including halo, solitaire and three stone setting. The jewelry pieces you wear on your wedding day are arguably the most important pieces anyone will own over their lifetime. They are the unique items that mark the occasion. Celebrating your love and commitment with precious, masterfully crafted jewelry pieces starts with an engagement ring but goes much further. Henri Daussi takes this into account for every design. It is why they are one of the finest engagement and wedding ring designers in the world. 

From the expert classic beginnings to today’s sleek and modern styles Henri Daussi is a sure choice for any and all your wedding rings. They have expertise in diamonds and master jewelry designers. Take a look below for some of their very best designs and even stackable setting options. 

The Henri Daussi brand history and tradition

We love a brand that creates unique pieces for your most memorable life moments. For example the engagement ring and wedding jewelry designers we choose to carry have tradition and a history of creating unique pieces for the world. One of the reasons we choose to proudly carry the Henri Daussi brand is their extensive expertise when it comes to diamonds. Not only do they have a long tradition in diamonds but they also create incredible pieces. Each one of their designs is imbued with passion and love. Not just symbolic of the moment that their jewelry eternalizes but also of their commitment to quality.

In the world’s diamond capital, Antwerp, Belgium, the modest beginnings of an iconic wedding jewelry designer began. Over 60 years ago Henri Daussi was established taking the generational knowledge and appreciation of diamonds from the Loots family and created his namesake brand. He had learned diamond cutting from his father who had learned the trade from his father before him. Thus the finest jewelry pieces set with expertly cut brilliant diamonds became the Henri Daussi standard.

Over time the company grew. Also, as time went on the tradition of fine jewelry making was passed on. The Henri Daussi tradition and commitment to crafting singular ring pieces has been carried on by his grandsons. They continue to craft incredible pieces. For the most spectacular moments in life.

Now available across the United States and Canada the Belgian diamond expertise has made it across the Atlantic. We at Raymond Lee Jewelers curate and source only the finest designs and highest quality jewels. Hence why we offer Henri Daussi as one of our premiere designer jewelers. From the engagement rings to wedding bands this designer has a look and gem for every couple. They are the finest quality.

Henri Daussi refined and unique diamond halo feature engagement rings

henri daussi engagement rings

First on the path to a wedding is of course the engagement ring. This is the one piece that gets you from a dream to living your dream life together, ever after. Henri Daussi with their extensive expertise in diamonds and precious bridal jewelry create some of the finest and most beautiful engagement rings around. Generally these rings are featuring a large center stone. Engagement rings can also be designed with a bit more flair adding accents stones and diamonds. Henri Daussi does precisely this. Their range of engagement rings with incredible diamond halo feature and accent diamond band is stunning. Each and every single one of their rings has a splendor and sparkle unique for your own personal preference. No matter what type of diamond cut you prefer for your engagement ring center stone there is one just for you in the Henri Daussi collection. It is absolutely incredible.

Further, each one of the rings also has accent diamond bands. These bands come in a variety of different styles as well. As you can see above there are the traditional single band styles. Also, there are unique eternity design bands and even some double bands that give the engagement rings just that much more additional sparkle. The Henri Daussi engagement rings with unique diamond halo feature are also available in a range of center stone sizes and cuts. As you can see there are rings available in all of the most popular diamond cuts today. From the brilliant round cut diamond engagement ring to the uniquely modern emerald cut diamond engagement ring. As we said before Henri Daussi brand’s centennary expertise when it comes to diamonds is clearly evidenced in every part of what they do. Every single ring has only the finest quality and greatest possible cut available.

Cushion cut diamond halo feature engagement rings with stackable wedding ring bands

Another incredible offering from Henri Daussi are their stackable wedding ring bands. These come in a variety of different metals and designs. Some of them even feature unique colorful gem stones. However, more on the stackable diamond wedding bands below. For now let us take a look at one specific unique diamond halo feature cushion cut engagement ring. As you can see below this stunning ring is spectacular. It has got an ideal mix of colorful precious gold metal. Along with a romantic design. Further, the engagement ring itself has acccent round brilliant white diamonds all along the band. So there just in the engagement ring you have your large center cushion cut diamond stone. Then, the diamond halo feature. This gives the central stone additional shine. Finally you have the accent diamonds along the band. All of these together make a stunning and classic modern engagement ring combination overall.

henri daussi engagement ring

Then, next we take a look at the amazingly delicate wedding bands. These are flanking the engagement ring on either side. For this stackable wedding ring set we chose one of their most unique designs. The alternating metal shapes and diamond settings give it additonal style. It is not many wedding jewelry designers that can craft such a modern and romantic stackable wedding band. Further, when paired with this engagement ring it truly stuns. The most important part to note in this triple ring set is how it sits. All of the rings are flush against the finger and one another. This is because of Henri Daussi’s impeccable design. The engagement ring itself is the hero here. First the central stone is lifted just slightly. This is done so stackable bands will fit nicely beneath. Then it is the height of the wedding bands themselves. They make a perfect pair.

Unique stackable diamond wedding ring bands

A wedding band can take an infinite number of shapes. From the type of metal and which precious stones to include all the way to the unique shape and design of the ring. Finally of course how the ring will fit with others is an important question. Particularly with the stackable kinds of diamond wedding bands it is important that the engagement ring itself can accommodate the stackable rings.

For a majority of women the most important part is truly how the wedding band will complement their engagement ring. A unique part of the design of these Henri Daussi cushion cut diamond halo engagement rings is that they are raised. This creates an additional extra space between the featured central stone and your finger. Each one of their several unique diamond wedding bands are stackable. They fit perfectly beneath this additional space of the engagement ring’s central stone. This way the stackable wedding bands sit flush against your ring and your finger.

henri daussi engagement rings

From eternity to stylized stackable bands Henri Daussi has taken into account the multitude of design opportunities. In every type of gold and precious metal with all types of diamond cuts and colorful gems there is a  Henri Daussi designer wedding band for all preferences. Most of their bands come in all different metals.

These Henri Daussi diamond wedding bands can be paired and personalized as you wish. One of the options is to have two unique bands that complement your engagement ring on either side. Another is to have the engagement ring on one end and add the stackable bands above or below it depending on your preference. Finally you can get a set of matching bands, this works particularly well with textured or designed bands, and wear them in an alternating pattern with your engagement ring.

Three stone diamond halo feature engagement ring and triple band set

Another amazing set of Henri Daussi rings. This one is a modern classic that is very popular. As the newest Duchess wears one of these. The design has sky rocketed in popularity. It is the three stone diamond engagement ring. This particular one has a further added glam. First, the diamond halo feature. It surrounds not just the central stone but all three large diamond gems. Also, the unique sizing of these stones. It is unlike any other. There are so few emerald cut diamond three stone feature rings. This ring has it all. Further, the size of the three stones is incredible. It gives and additional flare and texture to the ring. Meanwhile the setting itself further accentuates the center emerald cut diamond stone. The band. It is an incredible band with further accent diamonds set all along the ring. Mainly, it adds to the features glimmer and shine.

henri daussi engagement ring

Overall the engagement ring itself is a stunning piece. It has so many unique features. Further the large size makes is a striking piece. However, when paired with these two singular diamond wedding bands is when the ring truly takes off. They both flank the ring on either side for a fantastic effect. These are not your traditional bands they have a unique minimal setting. This means even more glittering diamonds all along this ring. Further, the incredible Henri Daussi design means that these bands stack perfectly. They sit flush against your finger and against the engagement ring. Each one of the emerald cut diamonds on the engagement ring are raised just enough. Thus this makes enough space for the wedding band diamonds to sit neatly underneath the central stones. It is a perfect pairing. No matter every which way you look and turn it this ring will always shine.

Interested in one of these engagement rings? Visit us or view the complete Henri Daussi collection on our site.

Our family has been proudly serving the South Florida community for the past thirty years. Further we look ahead to the future of our family and hope to continue offering superior service for the next thirty to come as well. We meticulously select and curate our collection of fine jewelry for brides and every day with care and passion. Each one of the pieces that we choose and bring into our stores is checked by our master jeweler and diamond experts to ensure the finest quality. Our commitment is to you and to our community. That is why we carry the Henri Daussi brand.  An iconic brand based on tradition and history coming from the world’s diamond capital it is a truly special company. You can be sure that all of the stones have been masterfully cut and that only the highest quality and finest materials have been used.

Overall the designs created by Henri Daussi are both timelessly classic and innovatively modern. With each year and new collection they bring to life some of the most unique and masterfully crafted rings on the market. For each bride’s engagement ring and for couples wedding bands there is no doubt a Henri Daussi ring for each and every one.

We are proud to have Henri Daussi jewels as part of our collection of offerings for weddings. Furthermore we would love for you to see them in person by visiting one of our exquisite and conveniently located showrooms. Here for your pleasure.

From our family tradition of unparalleled service to the tradition of the brands we carry you can be sure you are in good hands. There is nothing like purchasing the symbols of your love and commitment with confidence and trust. We are here for you every step of the way.

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