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What diamond eternity band to get and when? Everything you need to know

What diamond eternity band to get and when? Everything you need to know

what eternity band to get 4 rings worn together

The latest trend when it comes to bridal jewelry and diamond rings is of course the diamond band rings. These can either be diamond eternity band styles where the diamonds are set all the way around the ring. Or otherwise half bands. These have diamonds as you would imagine set into half of the eternity ring. These diamond band rings are frequently worn as diamond anniversary rings. Although lately diamond wedding rings have also been diamond eternity band styles. Particularly with the coming and growing trend of wedding ring stacks the diamond band rings have really taken off. But now what eternity band do you get? Should they be diamond wedding rings or only anniversary rings? Which eternity band do you choose? Can you wear them just as diamond fashion rings? We will get into all of these crucial questions and more in this week’s diamond band rings special feature.

diamond band rings

Diamond band rings also known as an eternity ring

There are so many different kinds and styles of diamond band rings. These bands which are often also referred to as eternity rings feature lots and lots of diamond stones. As we know there are several different diamond cuts. Each with their own unique look. This is how you get so many different styles and designs of diamond band rings. These can feature a whole different assortment of a range of diamond cuts. All of them of course unique in their very own way. 


What diamond eternity band to get is a very personal choice. There are all of the different diamond cuts that you can get a ring with. This will of course dictate the look of the ring because of the design that the cut will inspire. Also the size of the diamonds is very important. If you want a very thin and small slim diamond band ring then you cannot really use certain cuts. The ones that require a larger surface area in order to work for example.

On the flip side if you are looking for a large and bold diamond band then what diamond eternity band to get becomes a question of a few specific diamond cuts that can accommodate the large carat size. You will want to use the diamond cuts that can be set well and will fit comfortably on your finger. There are so many options when it comes to diamond eternity rings that the sky really is the limit. You can even create a stack of them using different diamond cuts too. That creates a sort of texture and stylized look that you can change up any time that you want.


Now that you know what eternity band to get the question is when do you buy it? Is this one of those purchases that you make once in your life? Is it reserved for diamond wedding rings or anniversary rings? Well the answer is as always up to you and how you want to show off your own personal style and jewelry collection! While depending on what eternity band to get you will have a better idea of how you want to rock it there is absolutely nothing stopping you from wearing them all together. Whether it is a wedding ring or anniversary ring or just because you love diamonds ring. There are unlimited options for how you want to wear it. 

all diamond anniversary rings stacked together
A stack of different diamond cut eternity bands in a range of different sizes.
A stunning stack this is a growing trend in diamond jewelry.
As well as a great way to show off your jewelry collection.

How much

When it comes to the price that you should pay for a diamond band rings it really depends. There are quite a couple of different factors that will affect how much you pay. The first and most obvious is of course the precious metal that you choose. That maybe a certain carat of gold or other precious metal like platinum. Each of these come with their own price points. This is based on the rarity of the metals. Then of course there are the actual diamonds set in your diamond band ring. The price of your ring will be significantly swayed depending on the size and quality of the diamonds. Then of course there are the diamond 4 C’s. These are the be all end all for diamonds when it comes to their price. A quick refresher here on these different categories to look at when considering diamonds. 

Platinum 2.90 carat Baguette Cut Diamond Eternity Band


The Cut of the Diamond 

This will also affect the look of your diamond band ring as the cut will determine the general shape of the ring. There are three main aspects to look at when it comes to the cut. These are below and they are important because of the diamond cuts will fall into a different category for each one of these. 

Fire: this is the scattering of white light into all the colors of the rainbow 

Brightness: the internal and external reflection of white light from the diamond

Scintillation: the amount of sparkle a diamond produces, and the pattern of light and dark areas caused by reflections within the diamond

eternity ring

14 carat White Gold 2.25 carat Round Brilliant Diamond Eternity Band

$3, 995
The Color of the Diamond

In general the diamond band rings that are worn as diamond wedding rings or diamond anniversary rings are white diamond rings. Although this is also changing with ring stacks in particular. These tend to feature all kinds of precious metal colors and even some colorful pink, yellow or even black diamonds too. 

18 carat White Gold 3.55 carat Diamond Pave Eternity Band

$6, 930

The Clarity of the Diamond 

This is measured by the absence of blemishes or imperfections in the stone. It is a particularly important feature for emerald cut engagement rings for example. Since the cut does not allow any space to hide blemishes that may appear in the diamond. 

Platinum 7 carat Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band

$14, 995

what diamond eternity band to get

The Carat Weight of the Diamond

The carat is the standard for weighing diamonds and is further split into 100 “points”. Each one of the points weigh 2 milligrams and can be split further and further down.

Platinum 4.23 carat Carre Diamond Eternity Band

$20, 794

As you might have noticed the prices of the eternity band rings we are showcasing here can be radically different one from the other. This is particularly relevant because of the 4 c’s of each of the diamond bands. As well as of course the metal and the setting itself. Some stones and metal designs are more difficult and intricate than others. This is how you can have diamond band rings that range from around $3,000 all the way up to $59,000 and beyond. The larger the carat of the diamonds as well as the quality and other features the higher the price can go. 

Platinum 11.18 carat Cushion Cut GIA Certified Diamond Eternity Band

$59, 000

Diamond wedding rings 

So now that we have a better understanding and overview of these diamond band rings let us get to the question of when. As we have said it is not always diamond wedding rings that use diamond eternity bands. These rings have become much more popular lately now to be worn as such. However this was not always the norm. The diamond band rings were generally for diamond anniversary rings. Further these were not always eternity style rings either. A majority of these bands tended to be half bands. Featuring diamonds set along only half of the ring’s length. The diamond wedding rings we have show cased above are of course the eternity ring style where the diamonds are set all around the ring. This style is quite a difficult setting to create but gives a dazzling look like no other. 

All diamond anniversary rings 

diamond wedding rings

If you are looking for an all diamond band ring as your diamond anniversary ring then you are right in tradition. It is one of the more well known gifts to give during anniversaries to brides. The anniversary ring can be worn on top of or stacked with the wedding and engagement ring. Otherwise it can be worn on the other hand as well. Diamond anniversary rings have been popular for decades. It is one of the more traditional looks when it comes to diamond band rings.

When to buy an anniversary ring

The question of when to buy an anniversary ring is a funny one. Before it was quite cut and simple you get one as a present for a particularly auspicious anniversary. However we are seeing more and more diamond wedding ring sets that feature three rings. The engagement ring, a diamond wedding ring and then a third diamond band – the anniversary ring band. This one is meant to be worn on top of the engagement ring creating a stack around it. So it can be purchased all together or after your wedding. How long after? Well that really is up to you and when you want to add it on! It also does not have to be limited to one single ring either. This is the kind of gift that just keeps giving. The look these days is to stack the diamonds and to stack them high. 

Where to buy diamond wedding and anniversary rings? Diamonds by Raymond Lee 

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