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Bracelet and Rolex pairings–how to style your watch

Bracelet and Rolex pairings–how to style your watch

When it comes to luxury watches you already know what the crowned King brand is –– Rolex. Now to style a Rolex can seem simple, just slide that gorgeous piece of horlogerie right on to your wrist and you are good to go right? Well actually, we would like to suggest a bracelet and Rolex combo. As close to a piece of fine jewelry as a Rolex watch is nothing turns up the glamour of these timepieces like a diamond bracelet. We have a couple of examples here on how to style your Rolex. Whether that is with diamond bracelets or fine gemstones, Diamonds by Raymond Lee has got you covered. Let us take a look:

Styling a Rolex starts with taking a look at your time piece. Is it a watch with a unique dial face? Or perhaps it has a colorful bezel that you want to match. Maybe it is just a matter of wearing some glittering diamonds to accent your watch. We will break down how to find the perfect match for your Rolex. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we have deep knowledge of both these fine timepieces as well as diamond and precious gem jewelry. Bringing the two together into beautiful pairings is an easy way to go. It is important to consider what unique feature of your Rolex watch to accentuate. As well as looking at how to bring a unique twist to your watch as well. All of the fun in pairing Rolex and bracelet styles is to give a bit of flair that speaks to your own personal style. 

Depending on which collection of Rolex watch you are looking to style the general look may be either traditional or modern. The look can be either sportive or perhaps more formal as well. Once we have a look at these details then we can dive into pairing the watch with some lovely iced out bracelets. There is of course the classic diamond tennis bracelet and Rolex combo. However we can get creative with the colorful or unique dials like mother of pearl or green malachite. Further adding a splash of colorful we can turn to colorful diamonds like fancy yellow diamonds to really bring out your Rolex watch. There is also so much we can do in terms of selecting unique bracelets. Designer pairs are always a winner and perhaps adding a bit of Cartier love to your Rolex is a good idea. Let’s check out some of these pairings.

yellow gold emerald and diamond bracelet and rolex datejust green malachite dial on wrist

Yellow gold green malachite Rolex and emeralds

When it comes to pairing a yellow gold Rolex rather than just pop some more yellow gold with it we like to look at the details. Particularly with Rolex watches that have such iconic features that are instantly recognizable we want to get a good look at the particular watch and make it shine. For this yellow gold pairing we have taken a truly unique standard of Rolex watch. 

This Rolex Date Just is more than an 18 carat gold beauty. It features a stunning green malachite and diamond dial. The color of the malachite is the exact Rolex brand green that is instantly recognizable. Particularly with the yellow gold. So we went for some stunning emerald and diamond bracelets to pair with this piece. We chose asscher cut diamonds and emerald bracelets to accentuate Rolex’s green malachite dial. These precious stones are set in a matching 18 carat yellow gold bracelet to keep in line with the yellow gold and green look. 

It is a more refined and classic look that does not look to the contemporary but rather to tradition. Featuring the iconic colors of the Rolex brand with one of the most quintessentially Rolex collections this is a stunning pair. The matching emeralds and diamonds set in yellow gold give a combined aesthetic and beautiful stark contrast. 

emerald and diamond bracelet and rolex date just green malachite dial pair

18k Yellow Gold 1.5ct Asscher Cut Diamonds And Emerald Bracelet

The two bracelets you see above are 18 carat yellow gold. They feature 1.5 carats of asscher cut diamonds and emeralds at intervals. A gorgeous combination these bracelets have larger emerald gemstones and round cut accent diamonds.

Rolex 6917 Datejust 18k Yellow Gold Green Malachite Diamond Dial

A true favorite is the Rolex iconic green malachite dial. This unique and colorful dial features a deep emerald green dial of malachite stone. It is surrounded in 18 carat Rolesor prime yellow gold. From the case to the Presidential bracelet. This watch is an iconic example of the Rolex brand. Further the precious materials of this Rolex do not stop there, it also has an incredible yellow gold and diamond set bezel. At three o’clock we see the legendary cyclops augmentation lens over the date window. This is after all a Rolex Date Just. Finally the hour markers on this incredible watch are also diamonds. A clear green malachite stone dial really stands out with these amazing diamond details and full yellow gold look.

Diamonds and Date Just bracelet and Rolex pair

diamond tennis bracelet and rolex mother of pearl dial and diamond pairing

Now moving away from the colorful to some more modern styles we have diamonds and another date just watch. This Date Just watch is a more modern version in Rolex’s iconic stainless steel Oyster steel material. It also has a unique dial but this time to match. The silver dial accentuates the shine of the Oyster steel and gorgeous monochromatic look of this watch. That is why we went with the one stone that works perfectly in modern and classic looks, the diamond. Featuring a couple of our finest diamond tennis bracelets the looks below are easy and transition with ease from one outfit to the next. The diamond tennis bracelet is after all a jewelry box staple and can take a stainless steel monochromatic look up a notch. 

The glamour and glittering shine of these diamond bracelets bring out the stunning fluted bezel of the Rolex watch. A classic feature of the collection. As well as the silver details on the dial like the Roman numeral hour markers. 

Platinum 13.20ctw Emerald Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet

One of the many diamond tennis bracelet offerings that we have at Diamonds by Raymond Lee is platinum set bracelets. These can feature a range of different carat weight diamonds. However for a truly stunning look this 13.2 carat emerald cut diamond tennis bracelet is the way to go. Robust and angular with these emerald cut diamonds this bracelet is a match for the thickness and more sportive look of the stainless steel Rolex Date Just watch. 

3 diamond tennis bracelet and rolex datejust pair

14k White Gold 4.11ctw Diamond Thin Tennis Bracelet or 14k White Gold 5.10ctw Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet

To offset the bracelet above we suggest pairing it with a then thin tennis bracelet. This way there is texture and visual sizing to your pairing. The 14 carat white gold bracelet features 4.11 carats of diamonds or 5.10 carats and gives a more delicate touch to the combination. It depends on your preference or you can add both as well. Much like the silver dial these unique and less sportive touches are important to keep the look versatile. 

Rolex 116234 Datejust Stainless Steel Silver Dial Watch

Finally the watch itself. A gorgeous Rolex 116234 from our collection. This Rolex Date Just is a stainless steel beauty with the silver dial and Roman numeral hour markers as we have mentioned. It is a 36 millimeter watch with the classic Stainless Steel Oyster Bracelet. The clasp is a Rolex fold over closure. It has automatic movements and that iconic fluted bezel look that we want from a Date Just watch.

Yellow gold and blue Submariner – Rolex and Cartier Love bangle match

diamond Cartier love bangle bracelet and Rolex submariner blue dial watch

An absolute love match this yellow gold and blue bezel and dial Rolex Submariner and Cartier bracelet are refined and modern. The iconic Submariner and visible screw bangle are in their own right trending jewelry items. The time piece is a sportive men’s watch favorite with a unique and colorful twist. Meanwhile this particular Cartier love bangle that we have paired it with also has an iced out look different to the traditional. Together this iced out Cartier love bangle and blue bezel and dial Rolex Submariner make a classic sportive look come alive. Eye catching and glamorous it is definitely for the gentlemen who know their style intimately. 

Cartier 18k Yellow Gold 10 Diamond Size 18 Love Bangle

Encrusted with diamonds all around this Cartier Love Bangle is 18 carat yallow gold like the Rolex watch. However the diamonds on this piece of fine jewelry are not just accents, they take the show. A masculine look paired with the iconic love bracelet gives it a modern feel. For the men who love diamonds but prefer them off their Rolexes this bracelet is the perfect match for your combinations. 

Yellow gold Rolex 16613 Submariner Blue Dial and Bezel Watch

The Rolex 16613 is a standard breaking Submariner watch. In a gorgeous yellow gold the blue bezel and dial contrast beautifully. Much like the green malachite dial and yellow gold combination above this is a lovely traditional piece. However with the Submariner style it is sportive and modern. We love the contrast and regal combination. 

Fancy yellow diamond and mother of pearl dial combination

white rolex

Now for another colorful combo this fancy yellow diamond jewelry pair with a gorgeous mother of pearl dial Rolex Date Just. The watch is a classic icon like the other Date Just collection watches showcased here. However, this one has one of the most traditional gems of fine jewelry, the mother of pearl. A material not only reminiscent but rather emblematic of the seas the mother of pearl dial gives off a gorgeous sparkle. Like the sun rays hitting the ocean’s waves. It is a stunning piece in 18 yellow gold. 

To match this yellow gold and shine combo we have paired it with an 18 carat yellow gold diamond band. This is not just any diamond band though it features 5.33 carats of radiant cut fancy yellow stones. A beautifully streamlined look we then added an 18 carat white gold bangle. This contrasting piece adds some incredible shine and matching color with 16.51 carats of white and fancy yellow diamonds. This yellow diamond ring, bracelet and Rolex Date Just combination is offset by a unique detail on the watch. Just check it out below.

bracelet and rolex pair diamond

Rolex 116188 Datejust 18k Yellow Gold MOP Diamond Dial Watch

Here we have the Rolex 116188 Date Just watch in 18 carat yellow gold. As we spoke about above this piece has an incredible mother of pearl dial. However there are a couple of unique touches that truly take this watch into a modern look and feel. First is the bracelet. This watch has a lovely Rolex white leather bracelet with a gold Rolex fold over clasp. This dress bracelet for the watch gives is a more modern look with the smooth leather. On the dial face there are also diamond accents. 

18k White Gold 16.51ctw White And Fancy Yellow Diamond Bangle

The bangle we have paired it with features approximately 15.07 carats of cushion cut diamonds. The diamonds are G/H in color, and VS-SI in clarity. There are also approximately 1.44 carats of radiant cut fancy yellow diamonds. These diamonds are SI in clarity. 

18k Yellow Gold 5.33ctw Radiant Cut Fancy Yellow Diamond Band

The fancy yellow diamond band is 18 carat gold with 5.33 carats of radiant cut fancy yellow diamonds. They are VS in clarity and weigh approximately 8.9 grams.

Best place to buy Rolex watches? Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton

Now that we have had a look at a couple of different diamond bracelet and Rolex combinations we want to hear from you which one is your favorite! Are you keen on a unique color combination? Or would you rather go with a traditional iced out white diamond look? Would you go for the sportive look or keep it classical? Let us know your favorite in the comments below. Our diamond and Rolex experts are also at the ready to answer any questions that you might have. For all of your diamond, fine jewelry and luxury time piece needs Diamonds by Raymond Lee is the place to go. 

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