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Diamonds & Donuts teams up with Krispy Media to shoot some of the most exclusive vehicles in iconic locations throughout South Florida

Check out some of the cars that have entered for a chance to appear in our upcoming, exclusive car video production in South Florida and find out how you can apply for your car to be featured too.

Details about the video shoot below. 

We are under 2 months away from producing one of the biggest and hottest car video productions South Florida has ever seen. We’ve been taking submissions from people with fully built vehicles from all classes. 

So, let’s start this post off by revealing a few of the cars that have applied to be featured in our upcoming video shoot in collaboration with Krispy Media.

From there, we will run through the finer details of the video shoot. We have included a form for those with impressive cars who want to enter in for the opportunity to be invited to the video shoot.

Some of the cars that have applied to be featured in the video production

Camaro 5th Generation

@camzillajoe submitted his radical dark knight 5th Gen Camaro. His Camaro is fully built American power. It has a twin turbo kit which makes it sound like a “ fighter jet breaking the sound barrier on the outside”, quoted from @camzillajoe on IG.

His car is one of just a handful of LFX cars in the whole world with a Forged Motor, Meth Injection and a lot of other parts that only a couple LFXs worldwide currently have. It has MRR Wheels, airlift performance, Accu Air suspension to lower the cars gravity making it handle with precision. And on the inside, it is as fresh as a G6. 

There’s probably a lot more that went into this Camaro, you can learn all about it on his IG page @camzillajoe.

Ford Focus ST 450whp Race Car

Another submission that impressed us is this custom built Ford Focus ST Race Car.

The Focus ST was created with US racing specs in mind. It’s a dramatic example of Ford’s global approach to auto development. 

@1slowst_ takes it to another level with his customizations and build. It has an fswerks coolflo air intake, green filters open air filter, Hawk performance front and rear brake lines, Hawk performance HP plus front and rear brake pads, Velossatech brake cooking duct, AEM Methanol Injection, Mishimoto radiator, oil cooler, Steeda autosports street/comp intercooler, Boomba short shifter arm & plate, Diamond motorsports all 3 engine mounts, Garageline Accelerator pedal mount, and the list literally goes on and on…

This eye-catching yellow compact ST race car whips with fierceness at 450whp. It’s clear that it’s been souped up with pride and incredible deliberation. 

08 BMW 335i 900hp (The Panda) 

@boostedbilly presented us with The Panda. It’s the nickname for his green glowing black on white 2008 BMW 335i. 

The Panda has 900hp, so it drives balls to the wall. Definitely not what you’d expect from your average panda. 

One big advantage of having a vehicle that was produced 10 years ago is the flood of quality aftermarket performance products available. @boostedbilly clearly took advantage of this to the fullest extent. 

He custom built this car completely himself and the results are terrific. 

If you want to learn more about The Panda, you can follow him on IG. He is also the owner of @orton_speed_and_performance.

Mazda RX7 FD3S

@cr_rex407 put forward his Mazda RX7 FD3S. This is definitely one of the most legendary Mazda’s we’ve ever seen.

From injectors to the rotary engine, this sports car was customized to have it all. There is so much going on with this car and the owner that your best bet will be to check him out on Instagram if you like what you see. 

@cr_rex407 is also the owner of @fulldetailautomotive, a company that does full service builds and engine swaps. So, put simply, this man knows what he is doing and is on top of his game.

2003 Nissan Sentra SER Spec V at 15psi

@johnnmal introduced us to his 2003 Nissan Sentra SER Spec V.

The Nissan Sentra SER Spec V is the more performance-friendly sport compact model of the Nissan Sentra.

That’s wasn’t enough for John, though. He decided to take the performance up to 10. BOOSTED. He has a custom dyno tune with at least 280-310 to the wheel. 

It doesn’t stop there. Keep up with this build if you want by following him on IG @johnnmal.

BMW M2 Coupé (F87)

@kingf1lth’s BMW M2 is straight up sexy. This is the type of car where “stylish” meets “high performance”. 

After months of work, his well-built BMW M2 is ready to show off the world. His car was put to work at @wheelsboutique and @anrkywheels. The wheels are Retro Series RS2s and the car is wrapped in @toyotires proxes R888Rs!

You can see more desktop-screensaver-worthy pics of this BMW M2 coupe F87 on his IG – @kingf1lth.

Nissan S14 Kouki 240SX

This is what happens when you get a mechanical genius next to a classic vehicle. This self-built electric blue S14 Kouki 240SX is truly electrifying. 

@sfl240sx has owned this car for 20 years. We can only imagine all the customizations it has seen.

There really is so much going on behind the scenes @sfl240sx. Be sure to follow him to see the way he works his magic with hot rods.

Chevy Camaro Gen6 ZL1

The Chevy Camaro is certainly one way America is showing its muscles these days. 

The ZL1 can raise hell and kill tires as it turns the heat up to the nth degree.

The ZL1 is the mightiest Camaro out. It has a 650-hp supercharged V-8 behind its aggressive-looking front end. It’s the definition of formidable performance. 

@stockishzl1’s Camaro has all types of track and street performance modifications and aftermarket products. What’s more, he is sponsored by @thenofaultgroup@kongperform@bcforgedna, and @mickeythompsontires.

Ford Mustang

A young gentleman that goes by @tommymustang on Instagram entered in his blood red Ford Mustang.

This is the car that will turn you into a Pony Addict for sure. We understand, Tommy…

So, what’s on the car?

It has performance air suspension, aggressively-styled hood and body components by Cervini’s Auto Designs, high quality carbon fiber accessories by Trufiber, rotary forged Flow formed wheels by Forgestar, LED lights by Raxiom Lighting, and other work done by Toyo Tires, Magna Flow, APR Performance, CDC, and BMR Suspension.

If you want to know the finer details of this mean and clean mustang, head over to his IG page @tommymustang.

Infiniti G37S Coupe

@vqgabe contacted us with his Infiniti G37S Coupe. 

We have to say his car is extremely clean. The g37S is a good looking car, especially in white. The G37’s design is sharp and different, and its edgy Japanese detailing definitely shines through. Moreover, it has that muscle-car thuggery to it. It’s a fast car that’ll hit 60mph in seconds. 

As for the aftermarket products, @vqgabe did everything with pure sophistication and class. From the wheels to the LED lights to the pitch black tint, nobody can deny the beauty of his G37S. 

Nissan GT-R (R35)

@zero.30.30 impressed us with his Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R (R35). This quick-shifting, ready-for-action luxury sports car is definitely one of our favorites. There’s just so much going on…you can tell this man is a car fanatic. 

His aftermarket customizations go deep. He worked with companies like @ltmw@vossen, @toyotires, @libertywalkkato, @air_lift_performance,  @r1concepts, and @adamspolishes to make all this happen.

See more of this innovative GT-R @zero.30.30.

Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk

Just look at that front splitter. This car is bombastic. Liberty Walk makes the most popular body kits and wheels. The custom bumpers, rear diffuser, and rear wing go together nicely with the broad fenders.

It’s very well done and we personally love it. The result of this body kit is jagged cuts and razor-sharp lines that make it a lot meaner-looking than the stock Aventador. You might be thinking, how would Lamborghini feel? One can only wonder.

Although we have received a lot of incredible custom built cars, we are still accepting applications for those who want to be featured in our video. 

Here are the details of the video production:

Date/Time: Filming starts on October 17th, 2019 and runs around the clock until our Diamonds and Donuts Car Show on October 20th. This means we will be filming day and night to get the cars filmed in all their glory in both light and dark settings.  

Location: We will be filming at a half dozen different locations in South Florida and some of the video will be shot at our store Diamonds by Raymond Lee. The majority of the shoot will take place at hot spots in South Florida that everyone knows and loves. The goal is for the locations to be equally as awe-inspiring as the cars. 

About the video: 

The concept of the video is all about quality, fully-built cars and the car fanatics behind the scenes, and the wheel. We are going to film close-ups, the cars driving, interiors, exteriors, the sounds, the excitement, flame-spitting turbo exhausts, and all the elements that make each car special. There will be slow-mo shots, real speed sprints, and everything else you’d want to see when dealing with spectacularly souped-up vehicles. We plan on capturing everything and then editing the video to be a masterpiece. We have Krispy Media to make all the video stuff happen, and if you know Krispy Media, then you know this video is going to be fire. 

The Car Scene:

The cars we will feature will be of many different makes and models. 

There’s going to be imports, exotics, classics, and American-made cars. 

If you think your car is worthy, we suggest you submit your application below. This is going to be massive. 

Krispy Media:

We secured Krispy Media to handle the video production. The man behind Krispy Meida is extremely talented and he specializes in automotive cinematography. You can see many videos he’s produced on his Youtube Channel – Krispy Media.

Krispy Media knows videography and automotive culture, so we are more than confident we are going to capture all the best moments and aspects of the cars that are invited to join us. 

What we plan to do with the video:

As car enthusiasts, we want this video to be a massive hit. We want to show the world that South Florida is one of the best destinations for custom-built cars.

We are anticipating the video will get hundreds of thousands of views or more. This is because we are going to promote it hard.

So, why are we doing this you ask? 

Simply for the love of cars.


If you want the chance to appear in our video, fill out the below form in its entirety. We are going to sort through all the entries that we receive and choose the most fitting to be featured.

    About Us – Diamonds by Raymond Lee

    At our core, Diamonds by Raymond Lee is all about family. We are family owned and operated and have a long history in the luxury jewelry market. Over three decades in fact.

    We are South Florida’s premiere Estate Jewelry, Luxury Watch and Diamond Boutique. Our retail store sells wedding and engagement rings from top designers, luxury Swiss watches, and platinum, gold and other precious metal, diamond and gem jewelry.

    We buy, sell, trade, appraise and customize jewelry and watches.

    Diamonds by Raymond Lee takes old traditions that never fade and combines it with modern thinking and timeless trends. Therefore, we are able to meet the needs of people of all ages.

    And on top of all that, we are simply just a group of guys and gals who have a strong passion for jewelry, watches, and cars.

    If you have any questions about our upcoming video production on October 17-20, 2019, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Moreover, you are more than welcome to come in talk with us in person at our retail store in Boca Raton. So, just pop in and say hello!