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Ladies Rolex Presidential White Gold versus Platinum Presidential Watch Comparison

Ladies Rolex Presidential White Gold versus Platinum Presidential Watch Comparison

Ladies white gold president and platinum president

A ladies Rolex Presidential watch, white gold or platinum? We reviewed ladies Rolex President  watches in white gold and platinum to find out what the unique features of each one have. These Rolex Date just ladies watches have all of the unique and distinguishing President watch features. From the three piece links of semi circular bracelet details to the date just date window it’s a true refined Rolex iconic look. However, the unique and distinguishing features of each one make them stellar. For one with a diamond jeweled bezel and diamond hour markers. Further accentuated with a lovely mother of pearl dial with a guilloche border pattern feature the white gold version of the ladies Rolex Presidential watch is stunning. On the other hand the ultra resistant platinum version uses one of the world’s toughest and most durable and resistant metals available. Not only the case but also the dial.

Furthermore the Platinum version of the ladies Rolex date just presidential watch also has diamond features. Each one of the exquisite diamond gems are placed around the dial face. All of this to create a spectacular after market diamond hour marker dial. Refined and comfortable both of these watches feature the gorgeous President bracelet with semi circular triple links. These comfortably sit along your wrist for an exquisite jewelry touch bracelet. More than a watch it is truly a refined piece for those in power. As we have seen from the fine men and women who donned them these watches are exquisitely crafted with every detail thought through. For the influential a watch that carries with it all of the influence of a world renowned brand. First we will take a look at the style of these two watches. Then we will go into details about each one of them.

Ladies Rolex President Date Just Watches

Ladies white gold presidential and platinum presidential

The ultimate prestigious watch the Rolex President Date Just is one that takes several unique Rolex features. First the date just functionality. Rolex was the very first to bring this Date Just function to the world from Europe. It was debuted as the instantly recognizable waterproof and self winding chronometer wrist watch with a modern calendar. This calendar feature is displayed instantaneously on the dial as the numerals showed in a date window. Known for their exceptional level of precision, readability, legibility and presence make it one of the most prestigious and well worn watches in the world. It is the ultimate style and presence watch having been one of the very first to feature a date window. The bespoke date display that distinguishes this watch is sitting at the 3 o’clock hour marker. Further it has an augmented glass to improve readability. Aesthetics and function this watch transcends fashion.

Furthermore, the Presidential Rolex watch, brought to the world from Europe, gained its name President as Presidents such as Eisenhower, and LBJ, the first of the U.S. Presidents to sport the Rolex timepiece, donned them while in office. It became the iconic watch of powerful men and women around the globe. This is where true detailed feats of jewelry came into play. For example the bezels. These are available in fluted, smooth or gem set arrayed in precious stones like round brilliant white accent diamonds. Also distinct is the Rolesor a combination of fine gold and steel that make this Rolex an iconically durable watch. Known for its strength and durability it is a refined jewelry piece that can withstand time. Further enriching this watch’s history and stellar distinction is the Oyster Presidents bracelet. A durable and resistant band it also comes in a three piece semi circular links.

Ladies Rolex Oyster white gold and platinum Presidential Bands

Ladies white gold presidential and platinum presidential

A true magic touch on both of these watches. One that elevates them to true pieces of jewelry are the Presidential bands. These are watches that any bride regardless of how traditional or how modern her big day will be can complement her wedding gown with. They are powerful prestigious designs that influence and announce a presence. Not only carrying the iconic Rolex name and weight behind the craftsmanship of the brand. But also of the exquisite fine metals and jewels in use with it. Furthermore the diamonds and jewels on either one of these watches make them a bridal wear perfection. Undoubtedly a jewel that can span entire life times these Rolexes are inimitable and precious. Graceful and thinner with more added texture than the original Rolex Oyster steel bracelet band the Presidential bands are instantly recognizable. Furthermore the smaller links strike a more jewelry like sentiment as well.

First the white gold watch has a white gold bracelet that matches the case and bezel material. Second is the platinum Rolex presidential band that in turn matches the case material of that watch as well. There is only a slight 0.5” difference in length between both of these bands. While the white gold band will fit a 6.5” wrist the platinum bracelet is long enough for a 7”. Both of these lovely graceful bands have the inimitable crown clasp. This gorgeous Rolex clasp holds down the bracelet safely, securely and comfortably. It does not interrupt the jewelry look of the bracelet with a large or separate looking clasp. The crown clasp sits delicately and petite at the center of the bracelet. Finally, the three link bracelet has a smooth center style link while the two other links that flank it on either side are a brushed style.

After market intricate diamond dials

Ladies white gold presidential and platinum presidential

Another added touch that brings these watches to the height of a wedding present are the diamond dials. Unlike a more traditional and base range Rolex these have bespoke diamond dials. Each one has a single round brilliant white diamond at the hour markers of the dial pointing to the time. The fined quality of the gems and expert inlay are an added touch to an already stunning watch. Furthermore the white gold version further enhances the diamonds with an accent diamond studded bezel. All around the watch dial there are a series of diamonds one next to the other.  

Rolex 69166 Platinum Diamond Dial Presidential Ladies Watch

Ladies Rolex presidential platinum

Finally the watch itself. The platinum diamond dial presidential ladies watch. This Rolex 69166 is a fine jewelry piece worthy of any refined ladies wedding day. While watches are not the most commonly thought of piece of jewelry for that grand day, a true milestone in one persons life. Fine luxury time pieces are an incredible and impeccable addition for a gown. No matter how modern or timelessly classic the theme and style of the wedding or dress. This watch is one for a lifetime and the platinum case and gorgeous Presidential bracelet further accentuate this fact. Also the after market diamonds on the dial bring it further into the realm of jewelry pieces.

Ladies Rolex Presidential platinum

As you can see above the Presidential bracelet is a refined and lovely lady like look. It has the smaller triple links and the semi circular design sit perfectly next to one another. More than a refined wristwatch it is really a unique piece of jewelry. Intricate and patterned it shows incredible craftsmanship from the movements and machinations to the actual working of the platinum bracelet and fine watch case. It is nothing less than what you would expect from a leading brand like Rolex. They have been setting the standard for fine watches for far longer than many other luxury brands have been around.

Rolex 6917 18k White Gold Mother Of Pearl Presidential Ladies Watch

Ladies Rolex Presidential white gold

Another incredible piece of course is the white gold version that we have been discussing. It has a white gold presidential bracelet as well as amazing diamond features. These of course include both the after market diamond bezel that surrounds the dial. And the diamond hour markers on the dial itself. Similar to the watch above the diamonds mark each hour. However, this watch has a further unique feature which is the mother of pearl dial style. It has a lovely guilloche border which then visually leads into the diamond white gold bezel. More on the incredible jewelled bezel below but the guilloche is an incredible intricate pattern. The mother of pearl is a slight delicate touch that truly sets this watch apart. Beyond the marine feel and exquisite traditional look it enhances the shine and glimmer of this time piece. All while also offsetting the lovely white gold hour minute and seconds hands that reflect off the face of the dial. 

Ladies Rolex Presidential white gold

Finally the white gold version of the Presidential three link bracelet and Rolex crown clasp finalize this amazing watch’s look. It is enhanced by the gentle moving and sloping links. They have additional movement and slack in order to fit you perfectly and comfortably. There is nothing limiting their moveability and therefore adjustments to your wrist. The patterned intermittent brushed and smooth polishing of the links also gives them an additional jewelry style look. Overall this watch is an incredible piece that is inimitable. Beyond all of the features that we have showcased and discussed here there is also the incredible accent diamond white gold bezel. More on this lovely after market feature below. But this watch is truly one of our Diamonds by Raymond Lee favorite with its bespoke details.

Accent diamond white gold bezel

Another unique feature of this incredible white gold diamond Rolex presidential date just watch is the after market diamond bezel. Further accentuating the mother of pearl glinting and glimmering dial face is the bezel surrounding it. A still smooth bezel originally this one has been ramped up with the addition of more than just a few ultra high quality brilliant white round accent diamonds. These have been expertly set all around the watch and add a further jewelled shine to the watch. It pairs well with the after market diamond dial that the watch has. For each one of the diamonds at the hour markers are further accentuated with the diamond dial. It is unquestionably a gorgeous piece that goes further beyond a wrist watch or even luxury time piece. It truly is elevated to a fine jewelry piece. The watch style is also unique however its an exquisite Rolex.

White Gold Mother Of Pearl Presidential Ladies Watch

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