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Which sapphire ring to buy? Sapphire engagement ring and sapphire wedding rings

Which sapphire ring to buy? Sapphire engagement ring and sapphire wedding rings

Sapphires, known for their deep dark blue color these precious gemstones actually come in a variety of different colors. These include pink and white sapphires. However we will get more into the story of this unique and colorful gemstone in just a moment. First we want to go over the general jewelry trends that come with the sapphire stone. A majority of sapphire jewelry tends to be diamond and sapphire rings, earrings, bracelets and the likes. The combination of blue sapphires and diamonds makes for striking contrasts like the white caps of ocean waves and the deep blue sea. There are a series of different blue sapphire ring cuts which we will discuss. These are used for blue sapphire engagement rings, sapphire wedding rings, and general blue sapphire rings and jewelry. These are stunning pieces that can be both traditional and or modern depending on the style and pairing sets.

and the likes. The combination of blue sapphires and diamonds makes for striking contrasts like the white caps of ocean waves and the deep blue sea. There are a series of different blue sapphire ring cuts which we will discuss. These are used for blue sapphire engagement rings, sapphire wedding rings, and general blue sapphire rings and jewelry. These are stunning pieces that can be both traditional and or modern depending on the style and pairing sets.

blue sapphire rings worn in front of diamonds by raymond lee

So let us get down to it. To start us off what is a blue sapphire? Where do these unique stones come from and what can you expect to see when you find them in jewelry? In other words what is the low down on this stunning precious gemstone. 

Blue sapphire – the story of a stone

First off it is important to note that while blue sapphires are some of the most well known blue gem stones in the world they are not the only ones. These gems are incredibly hard and actually has a range of color. From the light sky blue that might make you think of aqua to the deep dark ocean blue that most of us are used to. These stones are rare and extremely durable due to their hard nature. The two factors that make it one of the most precious gems available and demanded on the market today. 

In general these stones tend to come from the Eastern hemisphere. Specifically one country in Asia produces a majority of the sapphire stones in the world. And that is Sri Lanka. Known for their high quality and color grading of sapphires. The color of the sapphire when it is close to thermal heat makes it that deep royal blue. This effect can also be achieved through heating or irradiating of the stone. Even though this is generally done in a lab it does not affect the quality of the stone. Although it absolutely does affect the price. That is because the naturally deep dark blue sapphires are rare. 

The color blue is also uniquely important to sapphire wedding rings. “Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe”. The symbolism of the blue sapphire is along the lines of bringing happiness and prosperity. They are thought to be good luck charms for the couple. It is all about the something blue standing for purity, love and fidelity for their married life. 

Also it is one of September’s birthstones.  Sapphires are exceptionally special for women born in that month since it can bring your something blue and birth stone.

which sapphire ring to buy

Blue sapphire ring – the different cuts and styles

When it comes to a blue sapphire ring there are oh so many options. Whether it is the unique cut of the stone in the ring. Or otherwise the mixes and combinations that are possible you can have a blue sapphire engagement ring or wedding ring in a variety of different styles. Firstly of course you have the most common of the diamond and precious gemstone cuts. These can be done for almost any of the traditional diamond and gemstone cuts. 

However for a truly stunning look you can have blue sapphire stones integrated into modern designs and looks. As well as some overly traditional cabochon cuts. We will go into more detail about these further on but it is important to note all of the different options that you have available to you with sapphire stones.

Cabochon cut 

This is one of the most classical gemstone cuts in the world. A vintage oval dome shape it highlights the hardness of the sapphire stone. The cabochon cut is the absolute oldest and most traditional gem stone cut of all of the different styles. It is a round and domed style of cut that emphasizes and highlights the stone’s dark blue color. Like a dome that sits atop your finger the cabochon cut is not like most gemstone cuts that highlight the clarity or sparkle of stones. Rather the cabochon is more about the ‘star’ sparkle that certain sapphires have. Further the unique shape is so vintage it is actually one of the first forms of gemstone cutting and polishing that there ever was. 

Platinum 39.08ct Star Sapphire And Diamonds Ring

The rounded cut of the stone has smooth edges and the nature of it gives this cut a very natural and organic smooth feel. Further, it emphasizes this specific sapphire stone’s vintage design style. Most of the rings or jewelry featuring cabochon cut stones have diamonds as well. Pairing a traditional cut with a gorgeous diamond halo adds sparkle and shine to a gemstone that might otherwise not stand out as much as say their white diamond counterpart. 

Modern styles

These are the innovative looks and styles that can be crafted with some modern looks using blue sapphire stones. Generally in more modern styles of ring these can take the for of fine jewelry for evening or every day wear. We have some that are large statement rings. These truly take the blue sapphire and elevate it as the central point of the jewelry piece. Otherwise there are also other ways to integrate blue sapphires into modern rings. These add color and design texture to modern ring stacks. Specially if you are wearing a set of rings across your fingers. A super modern look. The dark blue sapphire adds some needed color and fun to your sparkles. These can form shapes like the evil eye for protection. A motif we are seeing very prevalent in modern jewelry or otherwise in larger pieces as well. 

sapphire wedding ring

Halo feature diamond and sapphire 

Now the diamond and sapphire rings that are most well known in the world are of course from the British royal family. Princess Diana had her sapphire engagement ring with a dazzling dozen of white diamonds surrounding it. The halo feature is after all a trend that has been in the engagement ring and wedding ring tradition for a very long time. It is a lovely way to accentuate the deep dark blue color of the sapphire. As well as add to the size and visual effect of the stone itself too. 

There are also halo effect diamond and sapphire bands. These feature a couple of blue sapphire stones each with their own lovely halo of diamonds. All set together alongside one another the stunning band makes for a gorgeous traditional yet modern looking band. It can be used as a sapphire wedding ring. Beautiful paired with other sapphire rings it is a timeless choice.

Blue sapphire engagement and wedding rings

The blue sapphire engagement and wedding rings can be your something blue too. Whether you decide to pair it up with some earrings or bracelet. The blue of the sapphire is a stunning way to incorporate something blue and something new for your wedding. This age old tradition comes of course from the old British rhyme. While a majority of modern brides tend not to follow the last bit which is a six pence in your shoe. The blue touch is something that we see again and again in weddings. And why not do it with a gorgeous piece of jewelry? Something that you can keep and wear. Even pass it down to your family in the future with your jewelry collection. 

diamond and sapphire engagement and wedding ring

Princess Diana and now Kate Middleton’s diamond and sapphire ring

A well known and beloved diamond and sapphire ring is Princess Diana’s old sapphire engagement ring. The sapphire ring now Kate Middleton’s after Princess Diana’s son gave her the stone when asking her to marry him is still just as stunning. You can get the same diamond and sapphire ring look at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. We have striking sapphire engagement rings that look just like this one! A large dark blue sapphire ring surrounded by white diamonds in a blooming halo. It is a striking ring. A truly royally inspired ring it is one of the first royal engagement rings not to be custom made. However of course since it became ubiquitous in royal and famous circles. The ring is a stunning combination of beautiful diamond and sapphire stones.

Which sapphire ring to buy?

blue sapphire ring

When it comes down to which sapphire ring to buy it depends on your style. Personal style goes a long way with jewelry because it is in the end to each their own. Whether you prefer a more traditional and classic style. Or a modern take with unique shapes. Also if you are looking to buy a sapphire engagement ring or sapphire wedding ring it is also important to look at how it fits in with your style. For a very classic and traditional ring may not be the best choice for someone who has a very modern personal style. Since these rings are worn on the daily. However the opposite can also be true. For the more modern looking blue sapphire rings we have in our collection. It is always fun to break up the standard and usual. Nothing is better than pairing some modern jewelry with traditional looks. 

Where to buy sapphire engagement and wedding rings? At Diamonds by Raymond Lee in South Florida

For the very best top of the range sapphire rings including sapphire engagement rings and sapphire wedding rings come to Diamonds by Raymond Lee. With one of the most comprehensive curated collections in South Florida we have a wide range of sapphire stone jewelry. From the royally inspired diamond and sapphire ring, bands, bracelet and other jewelry. To the modern takes integrating sapphires in unique patterns for a lovely stackable look. Our state of the art full service jewelry stores offer more than a local jeweler. We are the premiere destination. With over thirty years in the business our master craftsmen and diamond and gemstone experts help our family bring you value. Family owned and run we pride ourselves in creating superior experiences for all of our customers. Whether you are looking for sapphire engagement rings or sapphire wedding rings or just a gift for someone special in the family.

Diamond and sapphire ring worn with diamond band

We offer all kinds of jewelry for men, women, kids and teens. Including the absolute classics that are found in every jewelry collection. To the unique pieces that you do not see often. You can have a look at our fully furnished collection online. Otherwise come into one of our two locations. Expertly designed for your comfort this is the shopping experience you look for. Enjoy an ice cold local craft beer or a glass of our best champagne with us as we show you around. From the leading designers in jewelry from around the world. To bespoke and custom pieces of your creation. We have all of the cutting edge technology and access to world class materials to create pieces for you. Just come and have a chat with one of our experts to discuss your options. Perhaps the blue sapphire piece that you are looking for is bespoke. 

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