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Diamond and Sapphire Ring in Platinum

A vintage diamond and sapphire ring in platinum like Kate Middleton’s is here in Boca Raton. The 39 carat Cabochon Star Sapphire ring has a uniquely vintage design. It features approximately 26 baguette cut diamonds in the halo. Also, it has two trillion white diamonds flanking the massive 39 carat star sapphire center stone. This domed blue gem is the star of this ring. Whether it is for a collection, a special gift or your engagement this ring is a unique and inimitable piece. Many people search for sapphires for weddings, and particularly for engagement rings. There are a few reasons as to why but tradition is the main one. A tradition that got its start from the old English rhyme that says, “Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe”. While most brides now a days do not actually put sixpence in their shoe a vast majority do wear something blue. Something like a sapphire gem jewelry piece. Further, the famed Princess Diana had a sapphire and diamond engagement ring. This was then passed on to Kate Middleton, the current Duchess of Cambridge. Although there are several unique similarities between this ring’s design and the famous British one they are both sapphire and diamond rings with a halo feature. The main difference is the cut of the stones. In this week’s Wedding Wednesday feature we go into this unique 39 carat star sapphire ring.

The 39 carat Cabochon Star Sapphire and diamond ring in platinum

For this Wedding Wednesday we are featuring a ring unlike any other. It is an incredible 39 carat cabochon star sapphire ring. This ring has a brilliant white baguette cut diamond halo surrounding it. Further, there are two trillion cut diamonds flanking the massive sapphire stone in the center. The entire ring is set in platinum, one of the world’s strongest and most durable metals. This gorgeous ring featuring a collectors grade star sapphire is everything from the something blue for your wedding to a prized collectors item. Also, its fantastic qualities make it one of those pieces of jewelry that is easily passed on from one generation to the next. It is one of the exquisite pieces in our collection. We are showcasing and reviewing the unique parts of this ring here. From the star sapphire to its cabochon cut we delve into each aspect of this vintage ring. There are so very many precious stones and unique blue gems. Each one has its own singular characteristics and provenance. Depending on its size there is an infinite number of ways it can be cut. Furthermore, the way each stone is in its raw form, how it is cut and how it is set will all affect the exact color of each stone. The rarest of all blue gems explained below is precious and unique. It has singular properties that make for stunning jewelry design. This spectacular 39 carat cabochon star sapphire and diamond ring in platinum is just that. A truly stunning piece of jewelry it takes an incredible stone and intricate diamond halo to form a vintage style design ring like no other. Also, it has a shape that accentuates the unique star feature of the sapphire stone. Further making this ring unique are similarities to Kate Middleton’s.

What is a Cabochon Star Sapphire stone?

Sapphires are some of the most well known blue gems in the world. It is an incredibly hard stone and its color can range from light sky blue to deep ocean dark blue. Their rarity, durability, and quality make it one of the most precious gems available today. These stones are prevalent in the East. They can be found particularly in the Asian country of Sri Lanka. As one of September’s birthstones Sapphires are exceptionally special for women born in that month. The color blue is also uniquely important to weddings. The Star Sapphire is a unique version of sapphire. It is still a naturally occurring gem stone. However, these rare and highly valued star gems have an extra special feature. While it may sound like fiction you can see below it is absolutely real. These special stones have as the name suggests as star along the stone. This phenomenon is known as asterism. It is why collectors work to find these stones and any jewelry pieces that include them. Further, the most notable and desired star stones are the star sapphire followed up by the star ruby. Another unique aspect of this cabochon star sapphire stone is the cut. The cabochon cut is the absolute oldest and most traditional gem stone cut. It is a round and domed style of cut that emphasizes and highlights the stone’s color. For this deep blue 39 carat star sapphire a cabochon cut accentuates the asterism. The smooth edges and rounded nature of this cut give it a very natural and organic feel. Also, it emphasizes this specific ring’s vintage design style. It pairs a traditional cut with a gorgeous geometric diamond halo.

The surrounding diamond halo

Another unique aspect of this ring is the incredibly modern and innovative halo design surrounding the center stone. While most halo features on rings particularly engagement rings are made with solitaire brilliant white round diamonds, this one is with baguette cut diamonds. These modern baguette cut diamonds lay around the center stone. They are set with impeccable precision. They form a radiant sun style design around the cabochon sapphire. Further, the diamond baguettes lay in an almost vertical pattern emphasizing the cabochon domed style. While they absolutely sparkle and shine their glimmer only adds to the center stone’s brilliance. The accent diamonds are just that, accents to the star sapphire. Bright and radiating at the very center of the central stone is the asterism. It is this jewelry piece’s star. Along with the accent diamonds of the halo there are also two trillion cut diamonds on either side of the sapphire. Also, the geometric shape that each one of the diamonds is cut into accentuates the vintage design of the ring. Along with the trillion cut diamonds these geometric and repeating forms are iconic of an age. The Art Nouveau movement to be specific. This is an era that was both romantic and innovative. It was a mix of modern and symmetric with organic and natural designs. Along with the halo’s diamonds the actual cabochon cut is also a vintage of this era. The shape and polish of the cabochon are unique to the vintage designs. The nature of the cabochon high polish and smooth surface gives the stone an added luster. Furthermore, star sapphires are almost always cabochon cut. This is because you would lose the majority of the asterism characteristic by faceting the stone. Cabochon cut accentuates the stone’s asterism and therefore is the preferred cut.

Vintage rings in platinum

Platinum. It is one of the world’s strongest and most durable metals. Harder than gold alloys and more resistant than steel. It is not easy to find. Further, it is so coveted because of it’s incredibly pleasing visual aspect. While it may be popular it is never the same. The bright color and almost immutable metal remain the same over generations. It is highly unreactive. The precious nature of this metal makes it a significantly more expensive than others. However, as stated above it is one that lasts through generations. A precious star sapphire is already a collectors gem. Here it is, the diamond halo. Together it shines like no other. Overall in the end all of it set in platinum. This is a ring that takes vintage platinum rings to the next level. It is made with the strongest material a ring can be made of. Each one of the stones is beautifully set in a delicate setting. Overall it is not just the material. Nor is it the stones and design. It is the strong pairing of all these elements. That is why this ring is such an incredible piece of jewelry. How is that for a representation of your love? Everlasting, stronger than all else. A platinum ring is a unique symbol of unity and commitment.

A unique engagement ring option

There are so many options for engagement rings. A majority are classic white diamonds. Then, there are colorful gemstones. These are generally cut in the same way. This ring is the ultimate engagement ring option. Not only is it the coveted star sapphire it is also a whopping 39 carats. For the unique woman that shines in your life. There is nothing more unique than a Royally similar star sapphire engagement ring. It is not one most women wear. Also, it is not very widely available.  Even more so, it is not even found easily. The star sapphire is rare. However, even rarer is a star sapphire ring prime for a proposal. However, this ring has a halo and is one of the most unique engagement ring options available. It is stunning and precious and can easily be a true symbol of your commitment and love. From the beginning to end.

The Royal touch, an uncanny similarity

It is no secret that Princess Diana was unlike any other to come before her. People revere her to this day as the people’s princess. That is how people referred to her as. Her unique engagement ring which is quite similar to her own mother’s engagement ring features a blue sapphire center stone. Brilliant white diamonds surround this sapphire. After Diana Kate Middleton, the newest Duchess of Cambridge, now has the ring. The unique and colorful engagement ring continues on its legacy. A Sri Lankan blue sapphire is not the usual engagement ring stone but with this Royal similarity it has become widely popular. This ring has similar features from the brilliant white diamond halo to its large size. However, the main difference really sets these two rings apart. That incredible change from one to the other is of course the cut. While the Royal ring is a more modern style with a faceted stone this vintage style design ring features a cabochon cut. This accentuates the star sapphire’s asterism as discussed above. Also the domed gem stone cut stone feature is the very oldest stone cut style. It has a smooth surface that shines and even glows. Accompanied by the diamond halo this ring actually has several uncanny similarities to the royal ring. However, it is its own feature with a collectible grade star sapphire.

Want to buy this Star Sapphire and Diamond ring in platinum?

If you would like to purchase this featured diamond and star sapphire ring or just come visit our store to have a look for yourself, you can schedule a time here or feel free to pop on by.  Our family has been welcoming the South Florida community and offering superior service along with excellent quality for the past thirty years. We at Raymond Lee Jewelers know a thing or two about how to curate a refined and unique collection of jewelry. As well as what our customers look for when it comes to the glamorous and singular accessories of a lifetime. Therefore we hope to continue serving all of our clients over the next 30 years.  Whether it is for your big day, a special gift for someone or a unique jewelry piece to add to your collection. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we are ready to make this your best purchase yet. We would love to meet you in person at one of our conveniently located and expertly designed showrooms to show you some of our collection. Also, for engagement and wedding jewelry our expansive collection of designers has something for everyone. There is nothing like purchasing the symbols of your love and commitment with confidence and trust. We are here for you every step of the way. Overall, from quality testing to sourcing stones. Our family looks to each piece and brand to ensure it is the very finest available. 

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