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September Sapphire Engagement Rings

HOW is it September? Yes, we obviously knew it was coming, but whew that first month of fall always takes us by surprise. Granted, Fall is a relative term here in Boca Raton. It’s more hurricane prep and welcoming the snowbirds here than pumpkin spice-ing and breaking out the riding boots. Just kidding, we’re always ready to pumpkin spice.

But September is about more than just Starbucks to Raymond Lee Jewelers, and that’s not even because we’re fueled by Brooklyn Water Bagel. It’s because September brings one of our FAVORITE birth stones – the beautiful sapphire.

Sapphires get their name from the Greek for “blue stone” – original right? And while sapphires are most famous for their rich blue hue, they actually come in a whole rainbow of colors, including pink and yellow. Today we’re focusing on the pretty blues, but don’t be caught of guard by a vibrant pink sapphire should one ever catch your eye.

Sapphires are the third hardest stone, a 9 on the Mohs scale, and they come only after diamonds and moissanite. They grow in granular, large crystals and the most common treatments are heat to intensify color. Ceylon sapphires are often the most precious sapphires, famed for their bright blue almost violet color, but even within the blue sapphires, there’s a huge range of acceptable blue shades (from deep cobalt to pale whiteish violet.)

It’s a tough call for us, which birth stone is our favorite. Top contenders are of course, April’s diamonds, May’s emerald and March’s aquamarines. But oh, how we adore a gorgeous sapphire. And with Diamonds by Raymond Lee getting closer and closer to its grand opening (5 months!) we’re focused on all things bridal. Luckily, sapphires are one of the most gorgeous additions to an engagement ring . Don’t believe us? Let’s take a look!

This beauty features a 1.23ct Round Brilliant Diamond, Diamond is H/I in color and SI2 in clarity, with approximately 0.04ctw of Princess Cut Diamonds, diamonds are G/H in color and VS2 in clarity. It also shows off approximately 1 ctw of Sapphires.

A Platinum 2.02ct Round Brilliant Diamond Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring with 0.12ctw of Round Brilliant Diamonds, diamonds are G/H in color and VS2 in clarity. The sapphire octagonal halo features approximately 0.85ctw of sapphires.

This 2.51ct Round Brilliant Diamond Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring features a center stone J/K in color and SI2 in clarity. The setting has approximately 0.24ctw of Princess Cut Diamonds on each shank, diamonds are G/H in color and VS2 in clarity. The cushion shaped halo features a whopping 1.05ctw of tapered baguette sapphires.

This unique sapphire halo is especially antique style. The 2.5 carat center stone is a round brilliant diamond with a K/L color grade and an SI3 clarity grade. The setting itself shows off about .38 ctw of G colored diamonds with a VS2 clarity grade, plus a bright halo of .56ctw in sapphires.

This final ring is a twist on the classic halo. The center stone is an Old European cut diamond with an L/M color grade and a VS clarity grade. The shanks are studded with .24ctw of diamond pave, and the halo is made up of .77 ctw of sapphires.

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