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The Difference Between Gold, Rose Gold & Other Jewelry Metals

The Difference Between Gold, Rose Gold & Other Jewelry Metals

When it comes to jewelry there are certain metals that are used more often than others. That being said, there is some rhyme and reason to why metals are used and knowing a bit about these reasons can help you better understand why certain jewelers use what they use. Here are four popular metals and a bit about why they are commonly used.

  • Gold (White, Rose and Yellow)- gold is by far the most popular metal used in jewelry making. Gold is by far the most popular because it is the most widely used. Gold is fairly plentiful in the Earth’s crust making it a great precious metal to make things from. Though it is less prevalent than something like iron or nickel, it is still prevalent enough that it can be used widely. That being said, gold is also a common sign of wealth through the ages making it a great metal to use daily. Still another type of gold that is popular is white gold. White gold is actually a gold alloy that has been made from gold and nickel. This makes the gold stronger. Rose gold on the other hand is a copper and gold alloy. While traditional yellow gold is soft and easy to work with, its alloys are a bit stronger and more durable and afford a different look.
  • Sterling Silver- silver is even more prevalent than golds and is therefore used as often as gold in most cases. This metal is beautiful, strong, and still somewhat easy to work with making it optimal for those that make jewelry at home. This is a great metal that is strong but still soft enough that it can be worked with on a regular basis. This is a metal that is somewhat hypoallergenic and that is perfect for those that want the look and feel of white gold without the price tag.
  • Copper- copper is another metal that is often used. This is a great metal that has healing properties in some circles and that is at once strong and beautiful. Copper is often used in alloy metals and is beautiful all together. This type of metal is a bit rarer than silver and as a result can often end up costing more than sterling silver. It is perfect for those that want a warmer look without a huge price tag.
  • Rare Metals- there are other metals that can be used in jewelry making like platinum, titanium, and rhodium. These are a bit harder to come by for the average at home jewelry maker and therefore may end up being more expensive and nearly impossible to get. With something like platinum, you may not be able to get this in a raw state for any at home use. Titanium is very strong and is often used to make for very strong pieces that cannot be cut by normal cutting tools. Rhodium is another metal that is lab created and therefore somewhat difficult to find.

All of these metals are unique to the person using them and reasons for using them may vary from maker to maker. In most cases, price, durability, and overall look are the deciding factor when it comes to using any precious metal.


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