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Ah the sapphire. One of the most precious gems, sapphires are the blue, pink, yellow and even green variants of the Corundum mineral (their cousins, rubies, are the red variety). Sapphires are prized for their hardness, vibrant colors and beauty. Some of our favorite Sapphire jewelry Boca Raton has to offer resides in our showcases. We make a habit of collecting vivid blue sapphires and setting them in diamond encrusted mountings. When the Duchess of Cambridge debuted Princess Diana’s heirloom sapphire engagement ring, we were over the moon. Sapphire engagement rings are one of the most popular gemstone engagement rings, whether they’re set with diamonds or shine on their own. The history behind a piece of jewelry can lend it more meaning, so our estate sapphires too hold a special place in our hearts (and showcases). Whether it’s in a trademark shade of blue, or it’s defying expectations in vibrant yellow or bright pink, sapphire is one of our favorite gemstones.
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