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Where to buy gemstone jewelry: diamond & gemstone rings & bracelets

Where to buy gemstone jewelry: diamond & gemstone rings & bracelets

gemstone jewelry

When it comes to fine jewelry that makes a splash colorful gemstone pieces are the way to go. Lovely sapphire rings with their dark blue stones. Otherwise bright green emerald rings are a  stunner too! Gemstone jewelry is a way to add some old world glamour to your look. Who buys gemstone jewelry? Ladies looking for a personal style that is infused with glamour and glow. A fairly popular trend in fine jewelry. Particularly in the past. These jewelry pieces are generally in shapes and cuts that were popular in those times as well. For example the oval, emerald and marquise cut diamond and gemstone shapes. However if you find yourself with some gemstone jewelry from an estate that you do not want to keep, worry not! Wondering where to sell gemstone jewelry? With us, your local jewelers. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we buy and we sell gemstone jewelry.

gemstone fine jewelry

For that gorgeous glamorous look of diamond and gemstone jewelry we have for you. A widely curated collection of fine jewelry at our stores means options. We have options ranging from the absolute classic look of gemstone and diamonds. Otherwise we also have modern takes and looks. These feature open sapphire rings with diamond and ruby details. The organic and natural shapes totally different from the more somber cuts. However if you pair all of the colorful gemstone jewelry together you can get one incredible look! It is all about how you pair them and what colors you go for. It is perfect to wear an all monochromatic green emerald ring combination. Or you could go for a string of classics with fine jewelry bracelets in rubies, sapphires, diamonds and emeralds. The ultimate classic look of regal renown. A combination of strong gem colors alongside bright white diamonds all together. 

Who buys gemstone jewelry?

If you are wondering who buys gemstone jewelry the answer is women with all kinds of styles! The glamorous look is a versatile one that can be turned up to a more modern look. Or otherwise worn in a classic glamorous style. It is all about what you pair it with and your own personal styles of clothes. These are timeless fine jewelry pieces that can always be worn day in or out. No matter whether you are setting up for a New Year Eve party jewelry set or a daytime arm party.

gemstone fine jewelry bracelets worn with sapphire ring and emerald rings

Ruby and sapphire rings

For a gorgeous look this ruby and sapphire ring pairs perfectly. A sapphire ring in a floral theme it is a modern look. It is not like the sapphire rings in the traditional cuts. However it is paired with a lovely white diamond at the centre of the flower. The sapphire stones are cut in pear shapes and arranged around the diamond. The ruby counterpart offers it a beautiful contrast. 

18k White Gold Multi-Stone Double Flower Ladies Ring

The natural flower motif in this ring is a multi stone set ruby and sapphire ring. While the ring features both of these colorful gemstones there is no doubt that they each stand on their own. While the top flower is a bit larger and has a white diamond at the centre of the sapphire ring. Below the ruby flower is a bit more understated. With a gorgeous open design at alternating heights this is a more modern ruby and sapphire ring design. It can be worn on your middle or pointer finger to also change up the style.

Emerald rings

Another stunning look is just pairing the same gemstone together. We did it with the bright green emerald rings. The top ring continues the nature motif of flowers. A lovely eight round cut emeralds surround a round cut diamond at the centre. From there a halo of smaller round cut diamonds add to the blooming effect of the flower. Then of course a whole set of pave diamonds along the band finalize the look. We paired this motif emerald ring with a very different and more classic emerald ring. It has oval cut emeralds and as per usual some gorgeous white diamonds.

emerald rings worn together in a fine jewelry set

A band really of oval cut emeralds with white diamond halo this particular emerald ring is more traditional. It is reminiscent of the princess aesthetic. With diamond halos around each stone this emerald ring is a shining example of classic design. Finally pairing these two emerald rings together on one finger makes for a striking look.

Other fine jewelry featuring diamonds and colorful gemstones

For a stunning look that is both classic and iconic of the glamour ages there is nothing quite like fine jewelry with colorful gemstones. For example take some of these fine jewelry gemstone bracelets. They feature unique gems in a range of colors. These include ruby reds, emerald greens and of course sapphire blue. Matching these up and putting halos of white diamonds is yet another way to elevate them. These fine jewelry pieces take the very best that these gemstones have to offer and elevate them even further. All of them have different designs and styles. Each pairing the diamonds up differently. However when you string them all together it makes for a stunning arm party. In a truly Elizabeth Taylor style look of old school Hollywood cinema glamour. These pairings are jewelry sets for any collection. Colorful gemstones and diamonds strewn across them all. 

Elegantly paired together the different color gemstones create a gorgeous set. With a bit of contrast but a seemingly perfect blend these three bracelets below are the perfect set. Stacked together in a glamorous arrangement the color combinations take hold. Sparkling and dazzling classics these coloful fine jewelry gemstone bracelets are ideal. Whether you are wearing them to a gala or just day to day. It is an arm party that is well underway. The Elizabeth Taylor colorful gemstone style is a notch above the usual diamond bracelet sets.

18k White Gold 3.29ctw Pear Shape Emerald And 2.18ctw Diamond Bracelet

First look at this 18 carat white gold set of emerald gemstones. This bracelet takes approximately 3.29 carats of pear shaped emeralds. An unusual cut for precious emerald gemstones indeed. These are adorned with white diamond halos and layered between clover designs. The natural organic look pairs beautifully with the pear cuts.

fine jewelry gemstone bracelets

18k White Gold 9.82ctw Ruby And 2.95ctw Diamond Bracelet

Next is another 18 carat white gold bracelet to keep with the trend. However this one features deep ruby red stones. With approximately 9.82 carats of rubies this bracelet is exquisite. Similarly to the one above it has almost 2.95 carats of diamonds interspersed as well. Both in halos surrounding the rubies. As well as in between each one of the ruby stones. Oval cut rubies with gorgeous round cut white diamonds in between.

18k White Gold 6.47ctw Oval Sapphire And 1.83ctw Diamond Bracelet

who buys gemstone jewelry feature three fine jewelry gemstone bracelets worn together emerald, sapphire, and ruby

Finally a tri for the trio is the last 18 carat white gold bracelet that we have paired together. It is a 6.47 carat oval cut sapphire bracelet. It features approximately 1.83 carats of diamonds as well. These are both surrounding the emerald cut sapphires in halos. As well as placed in clover shapes in between each of the sapphires and their diamond halos. 

Where to sell gemstone jewelry? At Diamonds by Raymond Lee!

Our acquisitions team works with you in a private and discreet manner to help you make an informed decision. Scheduling a meeting with one of our professionals is zero risk and zero commitment. We would love to have a chat about your fine jewelry piece and discuss the evaluation of it. Always with respect and keeping your best interests in mind. We will help you know the value of your fine jewelry as well as the demand for pieces of gemstone jewelry. Whether you know a lot about it or not so much we are here to offer you support and information. Never to pressure you or make you feel as if you have to make a sale! Come join us in a private room to enjoy a drink and have a non committal conversation. 

fine jewelry sapphire ring worn with emerald rings

At the end of the day whether you choose where to sell gemstone jewelry or not is up to you! We are here to support and assist you as you need. So do not worry if you are not totally sure we are happy to have a conversation with you. After all it’s better to know more than not to. You can also get an idea of comparable pieces of gemstone jewelry too. We will help you understand the gemstone jewelry piece that you have and make an informed and confident decision.

After all it is all about feeling secure in the interaction. You already know that you can trust us, your local jewelers. We have been serving the South Florida community for the last three decades after all. So it is really about continuing to build that relationship. Providing you with any and all information that you might need. We are always happy to welcome you in. Whether to discuss our jewelry or yours.

Our local jewelers family promise to you

For the last three decades our family owned and family operated jewelry stores have been open. We serve our refined South Florida community with the greatest pleasure bringing you the finest jewelry and luxury timepieces in the world. As the premiere destination for diamonds and jewelry in Boca Raton we pride ourselves in our service. Always working to provide superior quality and the very best experience. We are focused on making sure you have the best experience every time. Whether you are visiting our state of the art expertly designed showrooms to buy gemstone jewelry or sell estate jewelry you no longer want. Or if you are interested in seeing what time pieces we have to offer. We want you to feel welcome and enjoy yourself! Building our community is extremely important to us. That is why we host community events each month as well, just to bring everyone together.

gemstone fine jewelry worn together emerald rings next to flower ruby and sapphire ring

It is about building up a tradition of a place. A place where you go to celebrate. To find the perfect gift. Whether it is for yourself or your loved one. For a memorable milestone that has been reached or just because. All of our moves are to make sure that you can find exactly what it is that you are looking for at our stores. We offer a wide variety of services so that you can take advantage of our one stop shop. So that you can take on the very best of life with the glitz and glamour that you deserve. Our widely curated collection of fine jewelry has a piece for everyone in the family. Whether just starting out life or enjoying it to the fullest. We have jewelry pieces for every stage and every moment. Including some of the most important moments, those with your family. 

Where to sell gemstone jewelry 

If you have a set of fine jewelry that you no longer wish to keep we buy gemstone jewelry! Whether it is a set of colorful gemstone bracelets or necklaces. Or wonderful rings featuring precious gemstones. We are interested in all kinds of fine jewelry pieces. This is the place where to sell gemstone jewelry! Our acquisitions team will work with you in a discreet and private manner to discuss your piece or pieces. Whether they are estate jewelry or just pieces that you are no longer interested in having in your collection we are here. You can come by and have a zero risk chat with one of our experts. Our main goal is to assist you in having all of the knowledge that you need. In order to make a confident and informed sale. When and only if you are ready and choose to do so of course. 

Email: info@diamondsbyraymondlee.com

where to sell gemstone jewelry feature emerald rings worn alongside ruby and sapphire ring

Where to sell gemstone jewelry in East Boca Raton:

East Boca Local Jewelers: 2801 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33431

Hours: Monday – Friday  11 am – 7 pm | Saturday  10 am – 5 pm | Sunday 12 pm – 5 pm

Phone: (561) 623 – 8205

Where to sell gemstone jewelry in West Boca Raton:

West Boca Local Jewelers: 22191 Powerline Road #12b, Boca Raton, FL 33433

Hours: Monday – Friday  10am – 6pm | Saturday  10am – 5pm | Sunday Closed 

Phone: 561 – 990 – 4977


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