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Estate jewelry sets: pairing gemstone rings & diamond bracelets

Estate jewelry sets: pairing gemstone rings & diamond bracelets

It is almost the holidays. With the season of cheer and celebration one thing is certain – jewelry accessories are a must! Stacking rings, bracelets and necklaces are the best way to shine through. So this week we are showcasing rings for women and diamond jewellery to create awesome pairings. Gemstone rings and diamond bracelets are fun and colorful options that are sure to catch the eye. While we love well known and designer brands for jewelry we also do not stray too far from estate jewelry sets. Magnificent pieces that have been around bring a touch of unique from the past to the modern. So what better time to rock estate jewelry sets than end of the year. After all this particular year we say good bye to another decade. Letting go of this first part of the century. The looks are chunky, bold and colorful paired together in sets.

diamond jewellery estate jewelry set rings for women and diamond bracelets

From the organic shapes of nature to the abstract movements these pieces of estate jewelry vary. The wide variety of styles and designs make it easy for each of us to find that perfect piece to pair with our holiday outfits and looks. From your end of year party to the New Year celebrations and all the holidays you celebrate in between. There are the eye catching glittering diamond bracelet and rings for women. Then the gemstone rings of all colors. Which of course you can layer to your heart’s desire with diamonds and more diamond jewellery. Stacking, wrapping and most of all glamming it up. That is the luxury life style look that is winning. So do not hesitate check out these incredible jewelry pieces and all of the options that we have for you. If you are interested you can always drop by one of our Boca showrooms.

gemstone rings for women in purple stones matching bracelets

Gemstone rings for women

The holidays are a great time to venture out from the stock standard jewelry we wear. Whether you are someone with a bold personal style or prefer a more muted look we have pieces for you. It can be a great opportunity to infuse some color into your accessories. Particularly with gemstone rings. These are lovely little additions that can be stacked together. Otherwise they do look great together in combinations of the season’s colors too. Here we have a gorgeous stack of colorful gemstone jewelry. Including sapphire, ruby and emerald stones. 

gemstone rings and diamonds bracelet

18k White Gold Multi-Stone Double Flower Ladies Ring

First is such a lovely nature inspired organic design. This double flower gemstone rings for women is made out of 18 carat white gold. It features multi stones in sapphire and ruby gemstones. The slightly offset style of the ring gives it movement. The texture of the pear cut gemstones that make up the petals of the flowers is absolutely stunning. Finally, the French beading around each gemstone adds that delicate touch of detail.

18k White Gold 2.90ctw Ruby And 0.53ctw Diamond Halo Ring

Another 18 carat white gold ring is this 2.9 carat ruby and 0.53 carats diamond halo ring. Much like the emerald ring below and in the photo above it had stunning oval shaped cut colorful stones. These are accentuated with white diamonds surrounding each one of the stones. Matching it up and stacking it high is the way to go for holidays. The colors of the holidays are absolutely perfect with these stones.

Platinum 18k Gold 5.02ct Fancy Yellow Emerald Cut And 0.74ctw Diamond Halo Ring

Finally is a ring quite similar to the one above. With colorful gemstones surrounded by a halo of diamonds this fancy yellow diamond bracelet is set in platinum. In order to enhance the fancy yellow diamonds though there is 18 carat yellow gold. The whole ring itself features 5.02 carats of fancy yellow diamonds in an emerald cut. As well as 0.74 carats of white diamonds in the halo. A strong and stunning look it has a bold shape and stately presence. Perfect to pair with diamond bracelets. Whether they feature colorful stones or not that is of course entirely up to you.

Diamond bracelets with colorful stones

gemstone rings for women paired with bracelet

These fabulous colorful diamond bracelets feature diamond halos. This adds a bit of sparkle and pizzaz to these joyful pieces. Incredibly fun and perfect for those end of year events we love how they look layered together. Diamond bracelets are always a staple in any jewelry collection. However adding some color with gemstones is a great way to change it up. You can put all of the different gems together or go for a more traditional pairing. When it comes to estate jewelry sets many of these do feature rings for women that have matching bracelets. Even with colorful gemstones. That means that you can choose your outfit and luxury accessories around a palate that you prefer. Whether that is ruby red, sapphire blue or emerald green. Or of course as we did mention the greatest fun of all mixing them all up together! 

The end of the year and holiday events are the moment to change things up and have some fun while we are at it. It is not called the festive season for nothing. Make a splash and make it count with color combinations. 

18k White Gold 6.47ctw Oval Sapphire And 1.83ctw Diamond Bracelet

First, an 18 carat white gold diamond bracelet. This particular bracelet is a perfect estate jewelry set. It pairs oval cut sapphire stones along with 1.83 carats of diamonds. The bracelet in and of itself has 6.47 carats of oval cut sapphires. These blue beauties are set with halos of white diamonds. It can be stacked beautifully with other colorful gemstones. As well as white diamond bracelets.

It is a dark blue hue of gemstones that goes perfect for end of year and holiday parties. The combination with other bracelets and rings makes for a stunning combo. It is luxury accessories like we wish for the holidays. Always in style.

18k White Gold 10.09ctw Fancy Yellow And Fancy Pink Diamond Halo Bracelet

Then we have another 18 carat white gold bracelet. This one features fancy yellow as well as fancy pink diamonds. The diamond halo bracelet brings unique colors as well as white diamonds together. With 10.09 carats of fancy yellow and fancy pink diamonds it is a stunner.

Large carat size and a mix of whimsical colors it is a stunning bracelet on its own. However a great way to style it is with even more diamond bracelet and gemstone ring estate jewelry sets.

18k White Gold 9.82ctw Ruby And 2.95ctw Diamond Bracelet

Another stunning gemstone and diamond bracelet this one features rubies. Approximately 9.82 carats of rubies and 2.95 carats of white diamonds. The bright red rubies are perfect for the holiday season as well as exciting days beyond. Further the color and combination of textures. White the rubies are cut in a more traditional oval shape the diamond halos add a touch of modern. Additionally in between each one of the rubies with a diamond halo of white diamonds there are round diamonds with another diamond halo around them.

When stacked together with even more diamond and colorful gemstone bracelets the look is complete. It is an arm party fit for any end of year look. The marquise cut white diamonds and pear cut gemstones in the other diamond bracelets make for a lovely look. Paired all together they are a stunning and colourful pairing of luxury accessories.

gemstone rings and diamond bracelet estate jewelry set

18k White Gold 3.29ctw Pear Shape Emerald And 2.18ctw Diamond Bracelet

Finally an 18 carat white gold bracelet. This one feature 3.29 carats of pear shape emeralds. As well as 2.18 carats of diamonds. These are in the pear shape halos as well as in lovely clover patterns in between each one of the emeralds in this diamond bracelet. An incredible addition to any set of colorful gemstone rings and diamond bracelets. It bring the festive to festivities.

The unique cut of the emeralds in a pear shape is singular. It adds to the texture and special look of the set. When paired with a traditional diamond bracelet in the tennis style. Or even made up with other colorful gemstones like above it truly turns up the look. Luxury accessories like no other.

Strictly diamond jewellery 

If you are looking at estate jewelry sets in search of the perfect gift for a special someone then we have a go to. Let us say that you might not know exactly what that person is looking for in a new fine jewelry piece. Well strictly diamond jewellery is one way to never go wrong. These are the pieces that are staples in any collections. And the best part is that they match and go with absolutely everything. Diamonds are forever after all. 

Whether it is an infinity diamond ring or a tennis bracelet to add some sparkles they are always a good idea. Estate jewelry sets like any proper collection will feature diamond jewellery including rings and diamond bracelets. 

Let us take a look at some of the diamond jewellery in our collection below. 

18k White Gold 3.87ctw Oval Halo Diamond Bracelet

Similar to the alternating geometric diamond halo bracelet above this one features 3.87 carats of oval cut diamonds set in 18 carat white gold. The unique design and pattern bring some movement and gorgeous texture to this diamond bracelet. Featuring large diamonds and incredible setting it is a jewelry piece that can be worn with diamond infinity bands. Otherwise novelty geometric design rings for women also work well with it. 

diamond bracelets and diamond jewellery rings in an estate jewelry set

18k White Gold 1.15ctw Round And 2.46ctw Baguette Diamond Bracelet

Another option in 18 carat white gold is this 1.15 carat round and 2.46 carat baguette diamond bracelet. With a totally different diamond cut and therefore shape it is a stunner. You can pair the two diamond bracelets together. Another great look is mixing colorful gemstone rings with white diamonds. Or gorgeous yellow diamonds if all that you are looking for is a little splash of color to add to your look. 

Vintage inspired yet extremely modern these diamond bracelets are perfect for any estate jewelry sets. These offer texture and style that make this patterned look unique. Although they are only white gold diamonds and lack that splash of color. That the gemstones offer. It is still an eye catching piece.

Where to buy estate jewelry sets? Diamonds by Raymond Lee 

When it comes to buying estate jewelry sets you want to know that you can trust the quality and maintenance of the pieces. That is why we have spent the last three decades building up our name within our Boca Raton community. Now one of the premiere destinations in South Florida for diamond jewellery and gemstones we pride ourselves in the superior standard of our items. All of the jewelry is inspected and thoroughly vetted through our in house state of the art workshop. All of our highly trained professionals have been working in the industry if not with our family for decades as well. We know our stuff and are ready to help you know yours too! Whether you have questions regarding a particular piece of diamond jewellery you are interested in or simply need some help finding perfect rings for women we’re here every day of the week. 

diamond jewellery

It is our passion and obsession to bring our refined clientele unique pieces. Estate jewelry is just one of the ways that we source these fine jewelry items. Particularly gemstone rings and diamond bracelets. After a full inspection each one is maintenanced as is required by our master jewellers. 

You can reach us at any of the numbers or email below. If you prefer to you can schedule an appointment with one of our diamond and gemstone experts. They would be happy to help. Otherwise you can just drop by one of our stores any time. Walk ins are welcome anytime! Find our address below:

Email: info@diamondsbyraymondlee.com

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