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Boca’s Diamonds and Donuts “Toy Drive” Car Show – December 2019

Boca’s Diamonds and Donuts “Toy Drive” Car Show – December 2019

Boca toy drive 2019

2019 has been a phenomenal year for the Diamonds and Donuts car show. We ended this year’s last Diamonds and Donuts super strong with a Boca Toy Drive event! 

Boca toy drive 2019

In honor of the holidays and being in the giving spirit, this Diamonds and Donuts car show was for our Toy Drive benefiting the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County. The event turned out to be an enormous victory. We collected tons of toys for the Toy Drive and so many astounding cars turned up. From our usual exotics like Lamborghini Aventador’s and McLaren 720S’ to a huge presence of fully built, heavily modded JDM cars, we literally were non-stop drooling over all the whips that blessed Diamonds and Donuts this month. 

We are now going to steer through the highlights of December’s Diamonds and Donuts Toy Drive Car Show. So, jump in the passenger seat, because we are about to take off. 

Diamonds and donuts 2019

Recap of Diamonds and Donuts Toy Drive Car Show – December 2019:

Here are a few of the cars that were at the center of attention this month…

The Crazy Makeover of Sean’s Lamborghini Aventador

boca raton car show 2019

Our good friend and consistent Diamond and Donuts patron, Sean @954_mr_xi, came through with his usual Lamborghini swag. However, he surprised us this time as his all-white Aventador (named Bella) had undergone a complete makeover, which rightfully earned our number 1 VIP parking spot.

Sean’s car got a brand-new wrap, going from pearl white to an artistic black graphic. The wrap has an industrial, high tech design that is hard to describe. So we will let the pictures do the talking…

Behind this incredibly captivating creation are artist, @super_buddha, designer, @polmazz, and, of course, South Florida’s premier wrap firm, @metrowrapz.

boca car show december 2019

Although Sean’s Aventador is jaw-dropping in appearance, both for its wrap and its aerodynamically aggressive form, its performance might be even more impressive. It has a V12 engine that cranks 700 bhp at 509 lb-ft of torque. It smashes 0-60 in 2.9 seconds and it reaches a top speed of 217 mph. What’s more, it has unparalleled steering control and corner gripping thanks to its LDS (Lamborghini Dynamic Steering) system, which involves all four wheels.

Top Secret Final Evolution 2JZ Supra

top secret final evolution supra 2JZ

@tr4pteam brought out one of their Top Secret Final Evolution Supras, the 2JZ Supra.

Note: They also own the Top Secret Final Evolution V12 Supra.

top secret final evolution florida
What is a “Top Secret Final Evolution” car?

Top Secret is a Japanese automobile tuner and parts manufacturing company. It was founded by the world-renowned Japanese automotive engineer and driver, Kazuhiko “Smokey” Nagata. The “Final Evolution” refers to their V12 twin-turbo Supra, which won the 2007 Tokyo Auto Salon Championship.

When it comes to world-class imports, the Top Secret Final Evolution is one of the apex predators. 

top secret supra

The Top Secret Final Evolution 2JZ Supra truly blessed Diamonds and Donuts car show with its presence. It easily became one of the main attractions. It has a 3.4 I 2JZ stroker, big turbo, and a V160 manual transmission, enabling it to produce an insane 1200-1500bhp. What’s more, this car has the body of a car-goddess and all the tech a modern gearhead could want. We are talking bluetooth, an air-lift driveway assist system, and more. This 1994 Supra feels like a brand new car, and often times people ask if it is…

The Import Section was on FIRE

import car show boca raton

The import section was on fire. These cars were not normal little bolt ons. These were heavily modded clean builds. The kinds of builds that you will see glorified in car magazines.

A couple of them you will see in our upcoming video by Krispy Media, as they were the lucky winners of our scouting selection. Although we shouldn’t say “lucky”, considering they were well deserved of the feature. They are simply magnificent vehicles that will have every car enthusiast drooling as they whip and spit fire.

JDM Imports

JDM import car show florida

Within the import section, the vast majority were JDM imports. 

What are JDM imports?

JDM stands for “Japanese Domestic Market”, so the cars and parts were specifically made for the Japanese market. 

To be clear, just because a car is a Japanese brand – Honda, Acura, etc., doesn’t mean they are JDM. Most people here in the States have local Japanese brand cars. JDM cars are made in Japan for the Japanese market. So, the cars at Diamonds and Donuts were actually imported here from Japan. While others simply use JDM parts to improve the features and performance of their US-market Japanese cars. 

jdm cars south florida
Why are Japanese Import cars so good?

Here in the US, we have tons of Japanese car fanatics, and rightfully so. 

Back in the 80s and early 90s, Japan was thriving and the economy was booming. They emerged as a world leader, with their cutting edge technology rising to the top. This also meant the people of Japan had a lot of disposable income. So, with that, they craved more crazy gadgets, electronics, and of course, next-level sports cars.

The Japanese car manufacturing giants took advantage of this by developing cars that were hugely advanced. They ended up producing some of the best cars in the world at that time. 

Then, in the early 2000s, the economy crashed, and the Japanese giants fell away from performance innovation and stuck to their bread and butter KEI cars. 

Nowadays, with emission standards, regulations for safety, and a pursuit of “hybrid”, we will likely never again see the miraculous kinds of Japanese cars that blessed the world in the 80s and 90s. 

import car meet boca raton

So, the point is…in the car world, Japanese imports from the 80s and 90s are highly sought after. Car enthusiasts consider them an excellent value for the money. Many of these special cars are low-mileage and in great condition. But don’t get it twisted, it isn’t a cheap endeavor by any means.

Therefore, when we are talking JDM imports, you can already assume these adept car nuts are dealing with Japanese brands from that fascinating, inventive, powerful era (80s to early 2000s).

japanese car show florida
What brands are JDM?

The most popular brands of JDM cars are Honda, Subaru, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, and Mitsubishi.

But probably Nissan, Honda, and Subaru being the most, most popular. And you could see this by all the Nissan and Subaru imports at Diamonds and Donuts this month…

South Floridians have good taste…

Let the following car prove that point even further…it is another one of the most impressive builds of the month (better yet, year)…

Widebody S2000

Widebody s2000

Diamonds and Donuts saw another sick build with @afam561’s 2006 Widebody Honda AP2 S2000.

We reached out to @afam561 after the show to get a little background on his car. Here’s what he had to say:

“I am the 2nd owner of the car. It’s a 2006 AP2 S2000. The original color was Silver Stone. This is my 2nd S2000. I used to have a black AP1 (2001) S2000. I sold the first s2000 to become more responsible (lol) [he bought a house and got married]. However, I never stopped looking at the forums and keeping an eye out for another S2000. I eventually found a low millage, bone stock 2006 S2000 with an OEM factory hardtop [his current S2000]. It was owned by an older gentleman who was retired and moving back to the Caribbean Islands to be with his family. Ironically, my wife actually pushed me to buy it because she new how much I loved my previous S2000. My original intentions were to just enjoy the car for what it was and drive it on the weekends. Unfortunately, the modding bug struck. It didn’t help that my close friends were into JDM cars as well. Like most, I started with the typical mods: wheels, coilovers, I/H/E, bbk, etc.
I got bored of the clean, basic look and all hell broke loose, so I went all in, or at least I thought I did at the time. I ordered a Voltex Racing Suzuka kit for the car which took months to get. During the time I waited for parts. I started from the inside out. I didn’t want to cut any corners so I revamped the suspension with a more refined, set of Ohlins coilovers. This really changed the cars driving characteristics. I also decided to go with FI. I wanted to keep things as reliable as I could. So, I went the supercharger route. I was happy with that phase of the car, but something was bothering me…
The Voltex kit became one of the most commonly replicated kits out there for the S2000. I waited months for my kit to arrive from Japan, but soon enough, anyone could easily obtain a replicated bumper, fenders, diffusers, etc. And just like that, every modified S2000 looked exactly the same. I didn’t like that too much and eventually parted out my car. I was ready to call it quits and get out of the S2000 game. But like a hot, bad ex-girlfriend, I went back for more. I decided to start all over and REALLY get what I always wanted this time, the J’s Racing GT Widebody kit. This was by far my favorite kit and Japanese S2000 racing team of all time. The car was up on jack stands for almost a year in the garage until all parts arrived.
Nonetheless, the wait was well worth it. During the downtime, I researched and found the right shop (JMT Body Shop) to do the job. I had bad luck in the past with other shops so I was thrilled to finally find this shop. As soon as the kit and all the new exterior parts had arrived, it was on. The kit was molded, cut and reinforced where necessary. The shop shaved all emblems, the antenna, side mirrors, trunk keyholes, etc., and made sure the kit fit and aligned properly. Everything was ready to go except I hadn’t made a decision on a paint color. I was originally dead set on white, but after numerous trips to dealerships and staring at all shades of whites and other colors, I found my color. It was “chalk” by Porsche. I knew that was the color for this build. I brought the car home and made some last-minute tweaks before the official unveiling, which took place at the Acura Honda Classics in October 2019.  I’m very happy with the current phase of the car and hope to enjoy it for a while.”

We enjoyed the story so much we had to share it here with you all.

2006 Widebody Honda AP2 S2000
S2000 Mods

For those who are agog to know about the mods on this beauty, let us run you through some of the major modifications.

This Widebody S2000 has an original J’s Racing GT Widebody Kit, which is definitely not something you see often out here in South Florida. As for the rest of the exterior, it has a bunch of avant-garde upgrades, like a Mugen Carbon Hardtop, ASM Dry Carbon Hood and Duckbill, MRacing Carbon Mirrors, and a StopTech Trophy Big Brake Kit.

J’s Racing GT Widebody Kit on an s2000

The wheels are lightweight 18×10.5 Rays Volk Racing CE28N style rims finished in bronze. They are wrapped in 285/30/18 Bridgestone RE71R tires, which are made with a newly developed tread compound that enhances grip by increasing contact with the road. 

We are talking about all kinds of state-of-the-art stuff here…

Taking it under the hood, things get even grander. It has an F22C1 engine, which redlines at a mind-boggling 8,800RPMs. What’s more? It has an SOS Stage 2 Supercharger kit (407whp/ 260tq), a Hondata Flashpro, titanium intake arm, Dial Q50 BOV, SOS Stage 2 Heat exchanger, Heat wrapped OEM Header, Ballade Sports 70mm Throttle Body, RSG 70mm Testpipe, and a J’s Racing GT 70mm Titanium dual exhaust…peeking under the bonnet is a true spectacle. 

fully built s2000

Then, looking at the interior, we can see a whole bunch of modifications as well…Like he said, “all hell broke loose”…he surely did go all out. His S2000 has Recaro Pole Position black leather and Alcantara seats sitting on PCI mounts and rails. Keeping the carbon theme going strong, it has a Zoom Engineering Carbon Rearview Mirror. And that’s not all. The interior features an Apline Headunit, Alcantara wrapped steering wheel, and Euro Floor mats. 

All in all, it’s an incredible car that clearly received a ton of passion. We are honored to have learned all about it and witnessed it firsthand.

Porsche Fleet

porsche car show florida

We also had a formidable group of Porsches on scene, as per usual…and of the 911 and Cayman variety, of course.

Porsche’s are unanimously loved here in South Florida. Understandably. It is a comfortable everyday car nimble enough for the track and back roads. They impress in looks, sound and speed. And, they cruise and pull up to VIP, valet parking in style, as they are unequivocally beautiful. What more could you ask for?

Nissan S30

import car show south florida

Here is a fully-built Nissan S30, a.k.a. the Fairlady Z (Japanese Market) or Datsun 240Z (other markets). It is owned by master car enthusiast @javibassi. We will be doing a special feature on this spectacular motorcar in an upcoming blog post soon, so stay tuned.  

More Highlights from the Boca’s Diamonds and Donuts Toy Drive

exotic car show florida

As with every Diamonds and Donuts car show, we had a jewelry giveaway and attendees were able to check out all types of fine diamond jewelry and luxury Swiss watches available at Diamonds By Raymond Lee. 

diamonds and donuts car show boca raton december

It wouldn’t be a Diamonds and Donuts car show without a gang of McLaren’s.

exotic car show boca raton

Our favorite supercar couple rolled in with their 720S McLaren’s. We will be doing a special feature on this stellar couple next month. PS, you will see them in the upcoming car video that we did with Krispy Media, which we will be releasing soon. 

classic car show boca raton

We had a good amount of classic car show up too. Maybe people are prepping for the 14th Annual Boca Concours

american car show boca raton

You know we love our American-made cars too!

Appreciation & Accolades – Boca Car Show Toy Drive

A huge thanks goes out to everyone who brought toys and gifts for our Boca Car Show Toy Drive. We will be donating all of the toys that we collected to the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County this coming week, just before Christmas! 

Let’s have a look at all the toys we gathered.

toy drive boca raton

@saraxtine_ thoroughly impressed. The trunk of her Lambo Aventador was filled to the brim with toys of all kinds. Last year at our Diamonds and Donuts Toy Drive Car Show she filled up her 1970 Convertible Baracuda with over 2 grand in toys. She’s such a lovely, giving, altruistic woman, and a good friend of ours. Special thanks to you Sara!

toy drive diamonds and donuts car show

@r35ponsiblyreckless also left a major mark on our Diamonds and Donuts’ Car Show Toy Drive. He showed up to our car show with his Nissan GTR’s trunk overflowing with toys for the kids. So much respect for this man and his badass flame-spitting Godzilla GTR.

In the end, our Boca Car Show Toy Drive was a major success. The Diamonds & Diamonds car community is full of a bunch of amazing people. We can’t thank everyone enough. We are making a big difference this holiday for the kids of Broward County!

toy drive south florida 2019

Happy Holidays!

That wraps up 2019’s Diamonds and Donuts Car Show. What a magnificent year it has been. It just keeps getting better and better. We can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for the Diamonds and Donuts community.

If you want to drive down memory lane, here are all the Diamonds and Donuts Recaps from 2019:






boca raton car show decemeber 2019
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