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Gemstones & diamonds – colourful fine bracelets like Elizabeth Taylor’s

Gemstones & diamonds – colourful fine bracelets like Elizabeth Taylor’s

gemstone diamond bracelet

Gemstones and diamonds are part of any fine jewelry collection. Particularly when that collection features exquisite pieces that have marked history. Elizabeth Taylor, an icon of American cinema, had a collection just like this. Her extensive and notable jewelry collection actually went to auction with the renowned auction house Christie’s. Although, we do not have one of her actual pieces for sale we do have similar and inspired designs in our collection. Featuring a gorgeous colorful palette of precious gemstones and diamonds these bracelets are not your average tennis type. These carry with them a rich history behind each stone. Also a striking similarity to a certain famed actress’s jewels as well. To bring all the glamour, the sparkle and the unmistakable chique touch of Elizabeth Taylor we have gathered jewelry pieces with some of her favorite colorful gemstones. Always adorned of course with brilliant white round cut diamonds alongside.

From her luxurious jewelry collection comes a myriad of stories. Stories of her life, her relationships and of course her achievements and films. Elizabeth Taylor is a household name and her jewelry a timeless example of how to include glamorous pieces into your collection. Including rubies, emeralds, sapphires and more these diamond fine jewelry bracelets all evoke the beloved actresses’ passion for lively and unique accessories. A true fashion vivant her style speaks through the ages and she continues to be a style icon to this day. Now you do not necessarily have to invest in owning one of her very own, very large and very coveted pieces by joining the Christie’s auction and the likes. You can imbue your own personal sense of style with her timeless jewelry preferences easily and accessibly. We have a curated collection of exclusive items that can get you the Elizabeth Taylor look now.

Gemstone and diamond colorful fine bracelets like Elizabeth Taylors

Elizabeth Taylor was very well known for her diamond jewelry collection. A fact that does not elude us as our family has been in the fine jewelry business for decades. Bringing the absolute best and most astutely selected pieces from around the world right here to our refined and selective clientele in South Florida. We know how much our community appreciates the finer and timeless pleasures and niceties in life. It is why we feature fine jewelry pieces like these. Ones that bring back reminiscent memories of glories and at the same time seamlessly integrate into today’s times. Further, these are exquisite luxury pieces that can be worn on your day to day or glammed up alongside accessories for a special evening. These are some of the highest and finest qualities jewels set in a design like that of some of the world’s most famous jewelry pieces, Elizabeth Taylor’s herself.

In her own words from a broad to a dame this American cinema icon took Hollywood and history by storm. From her antics in social life to her fashionable appearances she is a woman who was not afraid to make history. Her legacy lies in her unique eye to select and pair jewelry, to act her heart out and to delight audiences worldwide. Furthermore her gracious behavior continues to influence women even now. She is part of the reason why jewelry pieces like these transcend time. They are classics imbued with a sense of tradition while also being present and worn at turning points and moments that shaped our societies. Jewelry may be there to adorn and accessorize but they truly are holders of memories in our opinion. It’s jewelry that continues on from the time of the Inca’s to the halls of  Versailles to our golden age of Hollywood.

gemstone diamond bracelet


Emeralds are another incredible colorful gemstone that is very hard to find in the natural world. These deep green stones have made a name for themselves. When it comes to greens everyone knows the luxe, full bodied green of an emerald green. It’s a deep and concentrated shade that allows you to absolutely get lost in it. This green is a result of trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium. Emeralds are interestingly not one of the toughest of gemstones. Since they are a cyclosilicate in general they are rated as poor when it comes to toughness. So if you think of plush velvet when you see dark green emeralds you are not far off. As we said like rubies emeralds are extremely hard to find. These are found on another side of the globe though. Far from Asia emeralds are found far South in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Brazil and Colombia.

This 18 carat two tone diamond and emerald bracelet is created in a similar way to the ruby bracelet below. Both feature yellow gold prong settings holding the gems. This helps the color of the gemstone really shine. Also both have brilliant white round diamonds. These are intermittently placed between the gemstones. The oval cut emeralds flanked by round cut white diamonds. We only have one of these bracelets in stock and it features 1.23 carats of diamonds. As well as 6.79 carats of emeralds. It pairs lovely with similar colorful gemstone bracelets. Playing with mixing the colors gives a joyful and youthful touch. See below for more gemstone and diamond bracelets.


Next is a gorgeous ruby gemstone bracelet. This two tone masterpiece features one of the most striking gemstones around. From Queen Elizabeth’s crowns to Elizabeth Taylor’s well known necklace, drop earrings and ring set, rubies are emblematic. Elizabeth Taylor even released a perfume paying homage to this incredible combination. The aptly named “Diamonds and Rubies by Elizabeth Taylor” eau de toilette. Overall they are grand gemstones found primarily in Asia, where the color red heavily represents good luck. You can see a spectacle of red in Asia during the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations, which are sure to take over the stage in Asia. Back to the rubies though, these are prevalent in Myanmar, Thailand, India, Pakistan and Nepal. They are extremely rare and quite difficult to extract from the Earth’s crust. Further, this only adds to their desirability and featured position in fine jewelry ever since by gone ages.

Mike Todd gave Elizabeth Taylor her set of impressive ruby earrings and necklace. What was missing from this combination in our opinion? The matching ruby and diamond bracelet. This 18 carat  two tone gold bracelet with approximately 1.17 carats of round brilliant diamonds and approximately 7.59 carats of oval cut Ruby gemstones makes the synch. For a woman who wears her jewelry elegantly and enjoys the fine reminders of stunning game changers like Elizabeth Taylor to motivate them through their own breakthroughs this bracelet is ideal. It has a sturdy tongue in box clasp to keep it safely anchored around your wrist. Also it elegantly intersperses diamonds with the rubies  for an additional shine. It helps exalt the deep yet bright red shades of the rubies. It also tones down the visual weight of the bracelet allowing for it to be worn alongside other bracelets featuring colorful gemstones.

14k White Gold 1.71ctw Diamond And 2.29ctw Blue Sapphire Bracelet

Another, gorgeous gemstone sapphires. The bluest of the blue. A blue sapphire is the classic gemstone. It is the Victorian era favorite. A true classic. The dark blue shade is a royal and authoritative color in general. It commands attention and gains trust according to psychology. Why do you think we see so many politicians and leaders in blue ties? Anyways, blue sapphires are one of the classic colored gemstones. Further, these tend to have higher clarity than rubies. The finest blue sapphires tend to even outdo rarer stones at auctions. Speaking of auctions you did see the stunning blue sapphires in the auction of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry right? As with any true jewelry collector her collection had several blue sapphire pieces. Particularly ones paired with diamonds.  The contrast with the dark blue is like the sea. White sea foam of breaking waves surrounding the blue depths of the sapphires.

gemstone diamond bracelet

Further, as part of America’s most important private jewelry collection they shine. Showcased alongside other brightly colored gemstones. Also paired with different cuts and carat sizes. These are complementary gemstones that stand their ground. Like the dark green emeralds, these blue gems allow you to absolutely sink in. Like a certain fine lady’s eternal blue eyes.


Sapphires are not only blue. You get rarer and gorgeous purple sapphires as well. These are the least well known sapphires of them all. Further these violet and lavender colored stones vary in shade as well. The purple sapphires do not need typical heat treatment. Blue, pink and other fancy sapphires do. This helps them show their best colors. However, purple sapphires are their true shade from the start. Purple sapphires are tough and durable. Now, this bracelet features medium size purple sapphires. As you can see the gemstones are larger than their blue counterparts. The bracelet style though is still quite similar. Set between each of the purple sapphires are diamonds. Also brilliant white round cut diamonds. The bracelet has approximately 1.52ctw of Round Brilliant White Diamonds. In terms of sapphires, the bracelet has approximately 15.50ctw of Purple Sapphire Gemstones. Also the clasp is tongue in box.

Elizabeth Taylor was known for her double eyelashes. These surrounded her gorgeous eyes. Said to be blue with a touch of violet. She received purple sapphires bracelets as gifts from friends. Then also purchased jewelry pieces for herself with them. The Dame of jewelry she loved color.

14k White Gold 3.67ctw Diamond And 4.57ctw Pink Sapphire Bracelet

Finally pink sapphires. Some of the rarer sapphires. These require the regular heat treatment to shine bright pink. Like the pink panther diamond these are a shade of light bright pink. Also pink sapphires come from Madagascar. The African country is the leading extractor of pink sapphires. Also rare stones these are striking. Unlike any other gemstone shade. These light shades of pink marvel with white diamonds. Seemingly bouncing off each other. Diamonds and pink sapphires are a pair unlike any other. Surrounded in a diamond halo. Similar to the blue sapphire bracelet. This bracelet features approximately 3.67 carats round brilliant cut diamonds. Along with, approximately 4.57 carats pink sapphire gemstones. A 14 carat white gold this bracelet is a light colored gemstone jewelry piece. Further, the bright pink makes it stand out. Even among other exquisite colorful gemstones.

You can wear this bracelet on its own. Or stacked with other bracelets. However, a truly beautiful look is to wear it with a platinum or white gold watch. Ideally one with a textured or unique dial face. Such as mother of pearl.

Where in South Florida can you buy diamond bracelets? At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, your local diamond experts family

Our family has cared for jewelry for the last three decades. We have catered to the South Florida community during this time. It is with great joy and pride that we seek  unique fine jewelry for our clientele. As the local diamond expert family running a business based on superior service and commitment we delight in helping customers find their dream pieces. While not everyone has a passion for jewelry as big as Elizabeth Taylor’s. Us South Floridians do love a sparkle. Like the glint of the sun off the Atlantic ocean.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor said she only felt the custodian of her jewelry. That what she hoped for them was a really good home. It is what all of us here at Diamonds by Raymond Lee hope for. That each one of the pieces we meticulously source, find their home somewhere. To bring delight and some sparkle. Further add to a lady’s collection. If none of the colorful gemstones were your favorite. Rather you prefer all diamond pieces. Additionally we have diamond bracelets in the same designs. Otherwise we have an extensive collection of diamond tennis bracelets and the likes. Check out our website for our full collection. Multi shape bracelets are available. 

gemstone diamond bracelet

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