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How to wear emerald ring with diamonds

How to wear emerald ring with diamonds

Ring Emerald

When it comes to styling an emerald ring with diamonds you want to prioritize the incredible emerald green of this precious gem. After all an emerald ring is the statement jewelry piece of your outfit and we would not want it to be overshadowed. So let us talk all about emeralds, accentuating a ring with some designer bags and getting the most out of this iconic gemstone. 

An emerald ring with diamonds is an iconic piece of jewelry. Particularly with a traditional and vintage inspired design this style of ring is one of the most stunning statement jewelry pieces. Whether the ring features a diamond halo surrounding a central emerald stone. Or if it is an integration of emeralds and diamonds together the deep emerald color of the gem is bolstered by the shine and sparkle of the diamonds. A gorgeous combination and one that is a refined and classic look emerald rings are unique and eye catching.

Emeralds are symbols of growth, fertility, peace and balance. Also in a class of their own emeralds are some of the world’s finest colorful gemstones. Styling them can sometimes be difficult given the bright color and striking aesthetic of emerald and diamond jewelry. We have put together some tips though so that you can wear your classic emeralds well.

Emerald styles

It is not always the case but more often than not we find that emeralds are set in more traditional or vintage inspired at the least – jewelry designs. This is not to say that the stones cannot be used in modern ways, which they have been. However with a regal deep green and absolutely stunning sense of grace emeralds to tend to be more traditional. Almost always though we see emeralds cut into well emerald shapes.

We will go more into why and how they got this name later on but the reason for it is the stone’s resistance to breaking. Further emeralds and diamonds go even better together as the diamond’s hardness can be used to shield or protect the emeralds. We are also showcasing not one but three of our exquisite emerald rings with diamonds from our Diamonds by Raymond Lee collection. Each unique in their own way.

How to wear emerald ring with diamonds

emerald ring with diamonds holding chanel bag

When it comes to wearing emerald rings the very first thing to think about is the color. After all it is the hallmark of this gemstone and the instantly eye catching feature of emerald jewelry. Since green is a secondary color, meaning it is actually a combination of two primary colors, namely yellow and blue, matching it with opposing or complementary colors is important. Now ok that was quite on the technical side of things but worry not it can be translated into easy actionable tips like match your emerald jewelry with brown hues! In the photo above you can see that we did just that. Pairing this incredible emerald ring with diamond halo and a light brown soft leather Chanel hand bag. As you can see the tones that bolster the emerald’s green are great for really showcasing the statement piece of your outfit. As well as the texture.

Color matching

Any beige color hand bag can work well with an emerald ring with diamonds like this one above. We have paired this particular ring with a classic Chanel since the oval cut of the emerald stone and round accent diamond halo is quite a traditional style. The two complement each other quite nicely. While this ring is set in platinum, which keeps the focus on the green of the emerald rather than on the fine metal, the gold of the hand bag’s chain handle contrasts in a lovely mix and match. Further this particular ring is quite large so we would not recommend pairing it with a clutch bag for example. First because holding the clutch can distract away from the ring. As well as the shape – some clutches can even be oval – might not be best suited. A larger hand bag gives the ring space to take centre stage. 

Where emerald gemstones come from

For over 5,000 years emerald stones have been highly regarded and sought after in a series of cultures and countries. The dark green stones are actually quite delicate since their formation makes their toughness or resistance to breakage quite low. But you might be asking yourself where does the green color of emerald stones come from? Well as a mineral emeralds get their green hue from trace amounts, or very little, of chromium and sometimes vanadium. The actual word emerald comes from a mixture of old French and English words. The gemstones come from a few different places in the world.

There are emerald mines in Colombia, for example, but those were discovered and used after. In antiquity emeralds were mined in Egypt, India and Austria. While Colombia continues to be the largest producer of emerald stones there is also Zambia in Africa, they are the second largest producer. 

Even here in the United States emerald stones can and have been found. While there are slight variations and differences between the emeralds from each one of these places they are not significantly different. That being that if you were to trace one emerald and compare it to another chances are the differences are only in trace elements found within the stone. The color and clarity of emeralds can differ regardless of what mines they have come from in the world.

Although it does make for a great story when you take the history behind a place. Emeralds can be very dark green in hue or come in later shades as well. Further there are different cuts that emeralds can be shaped into. While the emerald cut comes from the stepped traditional cut that emerald stones were first shaped into they can also be cut in other styles as well.

emerald ring with diamonds and chanel bag

How can you tell if an emerald is good quality?

Telling the quality of an emerald gemstone is actually quite similar to the way in which we tell the quality of a diamond and other fine gemstones. First and most importantly we look at the cut of the stone. If it is cut and polished well. Then we look at the color. A particularly important feature as well when it comes to emeralds. A truly fine emerald should not only have the vibrant green hue but also be transparent. The verdant green and a high degree of transparency mean the stone is a high quality piece. The color of emeralds can range from yellow green to blue green. These are normal secondary hues but a true high quality gem should be green. Since emeralds are such soft stones they tend to have many fissures unlike diamonds. Now a finalised and set precious stone will be polished and gem like though.

Beyond these features the emerald stones can also be cut in the cabochon shape. This gives it a completely different look than that of a gem that has been cut in an oval or emerald shape.


The first and main ring that we are showcasing this week is this gorgeous 1.3 carat oval cut emerald ring with diamonds. It has approximately 0.34 carats of accent diamonds in the halo and is set in fine 18 carat white gold. The white accent diamonds are G/H in color and VS in clarity. A beautifully large ring it weighs in at 3.1 grams. A very classic look of diamond and emerald stone arrangement the blooming halo feature is an organic design trend that is very traditional. Further the ring is a large and rounded shape that sits atop your finger like a flower bud. 

emerald ring with diamonds halo

Platinum 3ct Round Diamond And Princess Cut Emerald Ring

Another fantastic emerald ring in our collection is this 3 carat round diamond and princess cut emerald ring. This one does not have the emerald stone as the center stone. Rather this one features a lovely inner halo of emeralds between the central diamond solitaire and the outer accent diamond halo. These smaller gemstones are cut into a princess cut shape and they are G/H in color and SI in clarity. There are approximately 0.45 carats of them. The diamond halo features approximately 0.42 carats of diamonds that are also G/H in color and SI in clarity.

An Art Deco style ring it is a different way that you can incorporate emerald rings with diamonds into your style. It is subtler than the ring from earlier as well as more modern while still very much vintage inspired. Speaking of which the second ring, furthest on the left in the image above, is a stunning emerald halo ring as well. This one has a fun twist of featuring an emerald cut diamond as the center stone.


Finally the platinum 4.12 carat diamond and emerald halo engagement ring. This is a stunning geometric jewelry piece that incorporates a few of the features we have been talking about this week. First there are the emeralds. These are approximately 0.55 carats of green emeralds surrounding the stunning 4.12 carat emerald cut diamond. It is J in color and VS in clarity. Further there are approximately 0.13 carats of Princess Cut Diamonds. These diamonds are G in color and VS2 in clarity. It is an incredible engagement ring. Features both the emerald cut and vivid green emerald stones.

The vintage style design is also Art Deco. A geometric and parallel line cut your eye moves along it. The emerald stone halo accentuates the squared off shape. Particularly the edges along each end of the stone. There are also accent diamonds on the band. On either side of the centre stone. There are three small emerald cut diamonds in the band.

emerald ring with diamonds and chanel bag

Where to buy an emerald ring with diamonds: Diamonds by Raymond Lee in South Florida

If you are looking to buy an emerald ring with diamonds then you need to find a place with expert jewellers. Ones that are not only passionate about the business but also experts in sourcing fine jewelry and stones. Emeralds are some of the most expensive and you know this now after reading the article but also delicate precious gems in the world. That means that when sourcing an emerald stone there are so very many details to look into beyond the face value qualities and where it is coming from. We at Diamonds by Raymond Lee have been keenly examining stones and sourcing from all over the world for more than thirty years! Our master craftsmen, diamond and jewel experts and fine jewelry family pride ourselves in our work. This is why we are committed to superior service and excellent quality. We continue to aim to out do ourselves. 

For our refined long time clientele and new found customers we look forward to serving you for the next three decades to come as well. Bringing you the finest in jewelry and gemstones from around the world. We are here with open doors ready to welcome you in to our expertly designed show rooms. We would love to welcome you here to peruse our extensive curated collection, answer any questions and find the next perfect piece for your collection. Whether that is a classic emerald ring with diamonds or a modern twist from world renowned fine jewellers. It is our pleasure and our privilege to present these unique finds. As well as embark on the incredible adventure of creating bespoke pieces made just for you. Perhaps it will include an emerald and some white accent diamonds? Let us know what you think of this combination below and the style pairings.

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