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Jewelry Shopping Tips

Jewelry Shopping Tips

Some people have the knack for jewelry shopping—and some just don’t! While shopping for jewelry is generally a very personal gift, it can be done. It doesn’t have to be daunting, as some of these tips will help you through the process of finding awesome jewelry for a loved one!

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend—but they’re not a girl’s only friend! Diamonds are beautiful, but often more expensive than other high-quality precious gemstones. Finding a birthstone that correlates with the recipient can provide a personalized gemstone gift without breaking the bank.

Check out Pinterest! If your recipient has a Pinterest account, it’s almost certain that he or she has re-pinned or liked certain styles of fashion and jewelry. This will be a great shopping guide for the gift-buyer to stick to—and you’ll know what the recipient is interested in or expecting!

Pearl earrings are a great go-to gift. While they were originally worn in formal settings or during particularly special affairs, pearls are a preppy, office, casual and formal type of expression today. They’re clean-cut and high on the status totem.

Choosing the right jewelry store is just as important as choosing the right jewelry. You want to check the purchase, exchange and refund procedures of the store, the credentials, perhaps some online reviews and their rating with the Better Business Bureau. In the event that the jewelry recipient isn’t 100% happy with the purchase, you want to make sure that you have the ability to return it for something different.


Jewelry expert Katie Brisco says “you know your purchase was a success when the wearer’s face brightens when she puts it on.”


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