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Where to get custom jewelry made –– necklaces, engagement rings, bands

Where to get custom jewelry made –– necklaces, engagement rings, bands

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To get custom jewelry made for your wedding, or engagement you want a master craftsman. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we have some of the best artisans in the industry working at our in house workshop in Boca Raton, Florida. Here we craft custom engagement rings, wedding ring, and other custom wedding jewelry. Our local jewelry makers are experts using state of the art equipment and the finest quality materials available. We will go into the process behind creating custom jewelry rings and finding the perfect stone to go with it! So let us get right to it.

local jewelry maker Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton

Are you ready to pop the question to your partner? If so, you might be asking yourself ‘where can I find local jewelry makers near me?’ Do not worry we have some of the very best jewelry craftsmen right here in Boca Raton. If you are looking to create a custom engagement ring for your loved one then look no further. We use the finest precious metals available like 18 carat gold in fashionable white, modern rose or classic yellow. As well as other options like platinum or silver. The gemstones like our diamonds are also top of the industry. We have a very wide ranging assortment of different diamond cuts, styles and carat weights for you to find the perfect one for your dream engagement ring. But when it comes to designing a custom wedding ring where do you start? 

custom engagement ring on finger

Well, once you have a local jewelry maker and know you can trust their expertise and quality it is time to start getting specific. Now at this moment people are usually on a different place of the spectrum in terms of knowing what they would like to create. 

Finding your custom engagement ring style

At one extreme there are those who have their heart set on a specific style or design. They know exactly what they want and how they want it. At the opposite end there are those who know they would like to have custom jewelry rings but are not quite sure what those might look like. In between you have a greater majority. Those people who maybe know what diamond cut they would like, or the metal but just have a general idea for the final product. 

custom jewelry design

This is where a master jeweller and designer can help. Sitting with you for the first ideation session they will be able to show you what the different aspects of a ring are. How they can be shaped or uniquely customized. As well as give you an idea of what kinds of designs would go nicely with your initial inspiration. Then it is time to research. Having a look through lookbooks, like ours here, pinterest boards, we also have those, and online in general can help you get an idea of what you would like to see in your piece of custom jewelry. 

wedding jewelry idea

Once you have the essence of your style and some ideas in your head it is time to draw. This is where our master jewellers would then create a tangible sketch and illustration of your piece. These will give you an idea of what it might look like in real life. Generally the drawings include a couple of different angles and views. Particularly if you are looking to craft a very unique and detailed ring. 

There are pieces with French beading for example, hidden halos or even different metal shanks to the rest of the ring. These are all singular notes to be included in the drawings and this initial consultation. 

custom jewelry lookbook

Finding the perfect diamond for your custom engagement ring

Once you know what diamond cut you want in your wedding jewelry the next step is finding that diamond. We have a convenient function on our website called the Diamond Search feature. With this feature you can look through all of the different loose diamond offerings that we have available at Diamonds by Raymond Lee and find the perfect one for your budget. With the easy to use filters you can check through the different diamond cuts, clarities, carat weights and more. For more information on diamonds and diamond engagement ring options that we have check out the following blog post:


custom engagement ring

Overview: step by step process for creating a custom jewelry piece

So now that we know how the process of creating a custom engagement ring let us have a look from the top. Let us say that you are keen to have some custom made cufflinks or earrings made. We all know that the finest jewelry pieces are generally either bespoke modified or made true to your own. So how would that look? Well the process is not too different from creating a unique engagement ring. However, there might need to be a bit more detail in the creation process to set stones into jewelry pieces that are not rings. Let us take a look at one particular pair we crafted right here at our Diamonds by Raymond Lee in house showroom workshop. 

custom jewelry designer at work

Step 1: The initial consultation

This is still an in depth conversation directly with one of our jewelry designers. The main purpose of this chat is to get on paper what your ideas, hopes and expectations are for this piece of custom work. Including sketches, drawings and some selective choices on your part. 

developing a ring

Step 2: Computer Aided Design (CAD) files

Now things are getting serious. This second step is where we create a 3 dimensional computer aided design of your jewelry piece. It is a finalized vision for this piece of jewelry. Included in this step is selecting the diamonds and gemstones that you want to add into your custom jewelry piece. That is because we design the CAD file to fit the exact specifications of those stones that you choose. 

custom engagement ring wax model

Step 3: A wax model 

Stepping into the realm of reality your custom jewelry now takes shape in real life. This is where our craftsmen will create a wax model of your ring, wedding jewelry or other piece. Also, they will be able to ‘set’ diamonds and stones at this step into the model so that you can feel what your jewelry piece will be like. 

Important note: this is the last stage at which drastic changes can be made. It is important to make sure you take the time to really know if this model represents what your ideal product is. 

custom engagement ring wax model

Step 4: Fine metal casting

With the approved designs our local jewellers will get their hands busy on the work of casting this jewelry design into real life. This is when you can really see the custom jewelry piece taking shape. 

stone set in custom jewelry near me

Step 5: Precious stone setting

Then it is time for the sparkle. In the fifth step our jewellers add in the diamonds and precious stones to the jewelry piece. Setting them perfectly into their forever homes in your jewelry. 

wax model of ring with diamond

Step 6: Final touches

Here it is all about the finer details. Getting that perfect polish and detailing so that your ring or other jewelry piece is ready to wear. We hold this step in high regard taking the time to look at each detail to ensure the superior quality of each and every one of our custom designed jewelry pieces.

final touches on wedding jewelry

Customers have let us know that their first hand experience with the diamond set wax models were not only incredibly accurate but also helpful in this journey. It is why we take the time from the very start to get to know you. We want to make sure that you are happy and confident with the design ideas that we start on. The wax model and CAD design also help you to visualise how the final product will be.

diamond engagement rings

We hope this explanatory step by step walk through the process is also helpful. But if you still have questions do not worry! You can always reach out to us and we will be glad to help. There are many ways to explain and our experts do not hesitate to help. It is one of our preciously kept standards of excellence. To assist and always to go beyond the call of duty. So that your entire shopping experience is a fantastic one. From start to finish.

Adding precious stones to other pieces of custom jewelry

precious gemstone yellow gold earrings

Now a custom wedding ring is not the only bespoke jewelry piece that you can have made. When it comes to jewelry for your wedding there are many other options as well. Custom wedding jewelry can include earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches or others. Take for example this stunning set of diamond and emerald yellow gold animal motif earrings that we created for custom wedding jewelry. 

custom wedding jewelry

These are super unique and lovely detailed earrings that feature several round cut white diamonds set in traditional yellow gold. They required an adept jeweller with the skills and the eye to set them perfectly into the body of this piece of jewelry. And of course to make sure that the two in the pair matched as well. 

cartier style earrings

As you can see the final made product is a gorgeous and scintillating piece. Each one of the set diamond stones catches the light at different angles and creates a stunning range of colors and shine. This is a great example of all of the different designs and styles that are possible when it comes to custom jewelry. You can include many of your favorite jewels. Incorporating them into the intricate details of a piece of jewelry is a unique way to bring some of your own personal style to the jewelry piece as well. That is the magic after all of custom jewelry pieces. You get to dictate what materials are used in the piece and how to make them so they reflect what you would like to see. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we have organized ourselves so that you can have custom wedding jewelry made right here.

Custom jewelry near me in South Florida

 There is nothing better than knowing that your custom wedding jewelry, engagement ring or other piece of fine jewelry is being made nearby. Using a local jewelry makers near me means you have peace of mind and can even pop in to check on how the work is going. You can be sure that if you need to do any regular maintenance or an unlikely repair to your jewelry that you can come back to the trust local jeweller that made the piece! As a family company with a strong foundation on our values our community is top priority. It is why we have been here in sunny South Florida for the last three decades. 

jewelry materials

We are committed to growing and expanding in our area bringing our refined clientele top notch services that they desire. Including custom design, craftsmanship and in house services. It is a honor to be able to serve you and we take it with great importance to continue providing superior service. 

engagement rings in the box

That includes all of our materials too. The fine metals and precious stones that we use in our shops for custom jewelry are all the very best. We source them from trustworthy suppliers and always inspect the goods ourselves too. Each one of the stones and raw materials that go into our workshop get the once and twice and even thrice over by our dedicated jewellers. They refuse to work with anything that is not up to scratch. Making sure all of our final products are what you hoped for is our commitment.

local jewelry maker near me

Our locations

You can find our master jewellers at two different convenient locations in Boca Raton. Expertly designed for your comfort and pleasure our team is ready to welcome you at any of these two stunning locations in East Boca Raton and in West Boca Raton.

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