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Top 9 Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles Modern Women Will Love

Top 9 Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles Modern Women Will Love

Popular Engagement Ring Styles

Are you on the hunt for a diamond engagement ring? What better way to start than with some inspiration from the most popular engagement ring styles in the market…exactly. So, let’s dive into the hottest engagement ring trends

hottest engagement ring styles

Whether you are a man shopping around for his soon-to-be fiance or a woman who has the final say in what engagement ring she will get on her special day, one of the best places to begin your engagement ring shopping journey is by getting inspiration from the most popular engagement ring styles.

With our presentation of popular engagement ring styles below, you can be sure that “popular” is synonymous with “timeless”, as these are engagement rings trends that will never go out of style. 

Top 9 Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles

So, without further ado, here are the most popular engagement ring styles and settings for your everyday woman and celebrities alike. 

1. Fancy Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

most popular engagement ring styles

Although round-cut diamonds remain the most popular center stone for engagement rings, fancy cut diamonds are exploding in popularity. 

Women appreciate the uniqueness of fancy cut diamonds and with all the different shapes, it allows for individuality to shine through. 

The fancy shape diamond category is quite broad, with any shape other than round falling into the fancy category.

Fancy cut diamonds include modified brilliant cuts: Oval, Pear, Heart, Marquise, Trilliant; Step cut diamonds: Emerald, Asscher, Baguette; And, mixed cut diamonds: Princess and Radiant.

The most popular of these fancy cut diamonds are Pear Shaped Diamonds and Oval Shaped Diamonds.

Pear Shaped Diamonds  – The Hottest in Diamond Shapes
latest engagement ring trends

Pear cut diamonds, AKA teardrop diamonds, offer an eye-catching, glamorous appearance that feels slightly unexpected. 

A pear shaped diamond is a wonderful option if you want your engagement ring to make a strong impression. The distinct shape coupled with incredible brilliance makes a pear shape diamond center stone stand out from the rest.

Not to mention, the tapered cut will slim and elongate your fingers as soon as you put it on. 

Pear shape diamonds are massively popular among style icons and celebrities. For example, Victoria Beckham, Katherine Heigl, Elizabeth Taylor, Paris Hilton, Ariana Grande, Cardi B, and Jessica Simpson all have large, pear shaped diamond engagement rings.

Although pear shaped diamonds have been around for more than a century, they have never been as vogue as they are now. 

If you have your mind set on a pear shaped diamond engagement ring, opt for a solitaire or halo setting. Both choices can do no wrong. 

9 Stunning Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Oval Shaped Diamonds – What Women Want
popular engagement ring styles

Between pear shaped and oval shaped diamonds, it’s hard to say which is more popular these days. 

There is no hiding the fire and brilliance of an oval cut diamond centerpiece. 

Oval cut diamonds are what women want.

Oval diamonds date back centuries, yet with the modern modified cut of the oval diamond, they are shining brighter than ever.

One thing many people love about oval cut diamonds is how they cover more surface area. So, often times, they look larger than round diamonds of the same carat weight. Add a halo setting to this and you are looking at an engagement ring that overtakes your finger and your heart. 

Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Miranda Kerr, and Blake Lively can be seen flossing gorgeous, large oval cut diamond engagement rings

If you want a feminine, sumptuous diamond shape, you need to get all oval this one.  This is a style that transcends time. 

2. Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings (Canary Diamonds FTW)

diamonds by raymond lee

Yellow diamonds are becoming increasingly popular. The most vivid and saturated yellow diamonds are called Canary Diamonds and this is what women can’t take their eyes off nowadays. 

Just like fancy shaped diamonds, yellow diamonds provide a striking, distinct look that modern brides desire. 

Vivid yellow diamonds without secondary hues are natural, albeit rare. They are formed deep in the earth’s crust over millions of years, just like white diamonds.  

A yellow diamond engagement ring is the perfect way to set yourself apart while still remaining fashionable, classy, and haute. 

What’s more, yellow diamonds are versatile, so they look stunning with yellow, white, and red gold. Moreover, they play well with white diamonds as they offer an artistic and ravishing contrast when side by side. 

Not only do yellow diamonds get approval from the fashion jewelry industry, but they are also all the rage for celebrities. Iggy Azalea, Kelly Clarkson Heidi Klum and Carrie Underwood, all of whom have yellow diamond engagement rings, would agree. 

Guide to buying fancy yellow diamond engagement rings

3. Intricate Designs & Motifs

most popular engagement ring cut

Minimalistic designs are in right now, but on the opposite end, so are intricate designs and motifs… and rightfully so. 

Ornate engagement rings with intricate motifs are works of art. Every detail is done to perfection, making them impossible not to swoon over. 

Intricate diamond engagement rings offer the perfect combination of “contemporary” and “vintage”. From milgrain and filigree to scroll and French beading motifs, old-fashion has never been so new.  

One of the best designer brands for ornate designs is Verragio. At Verragio, you will find a plethora of breathtaking motifs that make the engagement rings appear regal to the third degree.

Top 10 Verragio Engagement Rings of 2019

4. Nature-inspired Engagement Rings

Popular Engagement Ring Styles

We would like to say Nature Inspired Engagement Rings are one of the most popular trends in engagement rings right now but that would be unfair to these botanical engagement rings as they are more than a trend, they are a timeless style. 

Women all over the map are gravitating to natural motifs that seem to be plucked straight from the garden. 

We are talking about flowers, leafs, vines, petals, and other nature inspired whimsical designs formed from classic settings and ideas. 

These imaginative engagement rings can be described as delicate, elegant, beautiful and romantic. They are made for women who appreciate lavishness, but will always remain rooted down to earth. 

If you are looking for a nature inspired engagement ring that shimmers with earthly diamond details, consider the ever-popular Sol Diamonds.

Sol Diamond 

Extending nature to the sun, sol diamond engagement rings are one of our new favorite engagement ring settings that touches the in-tune-with-the-cosmos side of us. 

A Sol Diamond Engagement Ring features a cluster of brilliant diamond accents at the cardinal points along the center stone, making the ring look like a star or beautiful sunflower. Not only do they allow the centerpiece to appear larger, they radiate the entire ring with sun-like power. 

What’s more, you can get really unique with the Sol Setting by using it on fancy shapes like oval and pear cut diamonds. 

Sol setting for ring
As you can see here, we have a Pear Shaped Sol Diamond Engagement Ring. This is not your typical Sol Diamond Ring (they are most common with round diamonds) and that’s why we love it. A combination of popular styles that’s undeniably magnificent. 

5. Mixed Metals

most popular engagement rings

Breaking the rules is what fashion is all about. And with that comes one of the most popular engagement ring styles out, the mixed metal look. 

Combining precious metals gives engagement rings a charming contrast. It makes them POP.

When it comes to engagement ring trends, mixed metals are so hot that people can’t get enough of A-list celebrity brides like Kiera Knightly, Isla Fisher and Kate Middleton who are sporting mismatched engagement rings.

One of the most stunning mash-ups of metals is rose gold with a white metal such as platinum or white gold. Yellow gold is also a marvelous partner for white metals. You can even do rose gold with yellow gold for a subtle, understated look…

And, if you want to go for the epitome of contemporary metal mixing, think beyond the two tone combo and go for rings composed of multiple metals. 

All in all, the look feels super fresh, and it provides an opportunity to switch things up in terms of your other everyday jewelry.

So, why choose one when you can have them all?

6. Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Popular Engagement Rings

What better way to begin a rosy marriage than with a rose gold engagement ring

There’s no metal that says “romantic” quite like rose gold. Its soft, feminine and graceful hue is hard not to fall head over heels for. 

For the love-dovey women out there who feel pretty in pink, a rose gold diamond engagement ring is the way to go.

This timeless, classic and romantic metal is versatile so it looks great on any occasion and it plays well with other jewelry colors. 

Rose gold is definitely the hottest metal in the jewelry industry right now and that undoubtedly extends to engagement rings and bridal pieces. 

Let’s talk about Popular Engagement Ring Trends For Settings:

With all the many settings available for engagement rings, there are a few in particular that we’d like to talk about as they are not only extremely popular right now, they are also styles that will be the most popular far into the future. Guaranteed.

7. The Halo Setting

new engagement ring trends

Engagement rings with a halo setting feature a centerpiece that is surrounded by many smaller stones. The smaller accent diamonds that encircle the center stone form the same shape as the centerpiece. So if you have a pear shaped diamond, you will have a pear shaped halo. 

Now, halo settings are nothing new. Their original heyday came in the 1920s, but with the love of vintage being so strong in the engagement ring market, they are now on the top of the list for what modern brides want from an engagement ring.

From single halos to double halos, this is a setting that amplifies the visual impression while framing the center diamond in a striking and secure way.

8. The Solitaire Setting

popular engagement rings brands

The Solitaire setting is and always has been the most traditional and popular style for engagement rings.

For many women, there is only one preferred choice, and that is the striking solitaire setting. It’s traditional, subtle, understated, straightforward and simple. Plus, it leaves the center stone as the main attraction, allowing it to shine from every angle. 

The solitaire setting goes beautifully with any diamond shape, giving the center stone the chance to shine and sparkle optimally. 

When it comes to solitaire settings, simple isn’t plane. It’s stunning. 

9. The Three-stone Setting

popular settings

Multi-stone engagement rings are modern and classic at the same time. They allow couples to get creative by mixing diamond shapes, sizes and colors. 

It’s not just about creativity either, the three-stone setting allows for some deeper meaning. The three stones are said to represent the past, present and future. 

What’s more, when looking at a three stone engagement ring, you immediately get the feeling of regality. 

Megan Markle is the perfect example of this. She has a three stone engagement ring that was given to her by Prince Harry. He wanted the perfect ring to exemplify their loving labyrinthian journey together. And ever since Markle showed the world her the three-stone engagement ring, they are popping up on young brides’ ring fingers everywhere. 

You are now likely to find just as many three stone diamond rings while shopping for engagement rings as you are halo and solitaire engagement rings. 

An Amalgamation of the Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles.

diamond inspiration

When it comes to the hottest engagement rings, they usually involve a combination of the most popular styles we’ve mentioned above. You’ve probably noticed this from the various engagement rings featured thus far.

So, let’s take a look at some engagement rings that combine some of the most popular styles in engagement rings to see how they create a look that’s unique and unequivocally stunning.

fancy yellow ring
Here we have a ring that combines multiple popular styles to create an absolutely astonishing engagement ring. You have rose gold with a pear shaped yellow diamond in a halo setting. This is the perfect example of a popular engagement ring amalgamation.
most classic engagement ring styles
This beautiful engagement ring takes form in a nature inspired shape. It has an intricate design and takes its uniqueness to the next level with a remarkably vivid yellow diamond centerpiece.
We hope you were inspired by these engagement ring trends! Let us know what your favorite style is in the comments below.
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