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9 Stunning Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Amid the most sophisticated and elegant of the fancy shape diamonds lies the pear shaped diamond. The pear shape diamond, also known as the tear drop diamond, imparts both the grace of a tear and the power of the brightest star.

Even though there are many factors to consider when looking for the perfect stone for your diamond engagement ring, and it can be quite overwhelming with the countless options on the market, it’s a journey well worth taking.

If you are considering a pear shape diamond for your engagement ring, you probably have many questions. In this article, we’ve compiled our top 9, absolutely stunning, pear shaped engagement rings at Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton. We’ve also answered many frequently asked questions regarding pear shaped diamonds (including pear shape diamond prices). We hope this will make your journey a little easier.

What is a pear shape diamond?

The pear shaped diamond is an exquisite diamond shape which has a rounded bottom with a narrow, pointed top. It is commonly referred to as a teardrop diamond as well.

The pear shape diamond is like a hybrid of a round brilliant and a marquise diamond, with both their brilliance and design combined into one distinct shape.

Pear shape diamonds feature 58 facets and typically have a brilliant cut. To be clear, diamond shapes and cuts are not the same thing, but they do go hand in hand.

So, the shape is “pear-shaped” and the cut is “brilliant”.  A brilliant cut, which is the way most pear shaped diamonds are cut, means it has exceptional brilliance. The brilliance of a diamond is what provides a maximum light return. Furthermore, when a pear shape diamond has good proportions, it will offer the perfect amount of depth for optimum scintillation (flash or sparkle) to the point of the diamond. This makes pear shape diamonds one of the most stunning diamonds of them all.

Are pear shaped diamonds more expensive?

They are not more expensive. In fact, they typically cost less per carat than round brilliant diamonds of the same color, clarity and cut grade. Note: Round brilliant diamonds are usually the most expensive of all diamond cuts.

The reason it is less expensive is that this fancy diamond shape is cut differently from diamond rough. The yield of a finished pear shape diamond is a bit more than 1/2 of the weight of the diamond rough. That’s a really good yield comparing to other diamonds, such as a round brilliant diamond, which creates a lot of waste from the rough diamond.

Furthermore, pear shape diamonds are easier to produce because the outline and structure of facets do not require as much precision as it does for a round diamond. Therefore, it takes less time to produce, which, of course, means it costs less.

How much are pear shaped diamonds?

The diamond industry determines the cost of every diamond by the 4Cs – carat weight, color, clarity and cut. The grading scale is pretty comprehensive so the price range varies greatly.

Here are some sample costs of pear shape diamonds.

Pear Shape Diamond Price Samples

.63 Carat with J Color and SI2: $786 (via Diamonds by Raymond Lee)

.82 Carat with J Color and SI1: $1,697 (via Diamonds by Raymond Lee)

.9 Carat with G Color and VS2: $3,902 (via Diamonds by Raymond Lee)

1 Carat with D Color and SI2: $5,000 (via Diamonds by Raymond Lee)

1.39 Carat with J Color and SI2: $4,031(via Diamonds by Raymond Lee)

2.01 Carat with H Color and VS2: $16,080 (via Diamonds by Raymond Lee)


Here are our 9 favorite and most stunning pear shape diamond engagement rings (in no particular order) at Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton.

1. 14K White Gold 2.89Ct Pear Shape And Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring – $10,495.00

2. Simon G 1.06Ct 18K White Gold Pear Shape Gia Diamond Engagement Ring – $8,295.00

3. Henri Daussi 18K Rose Gold 2.02Ct Fancy Light Yellow Rose Cut Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring – $15,995.00

4. 18K White Gold 0.73Ctw Mosaic Pear Diamond Engagement Ring – $1,799.00

5. 3.10Ct Gia Certified Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring – $48,295.00

6. 18K White Gold Gia 1.01Ct Pink Pearshape Diamond Engagement Ring – $29,995.00

7. Tacori Dantela 2620 Pear Shape Engagement Ring Setting – $3,340.00–$4,250.00

8. Gabriel & Co. Er7743W44Jj 14K White Gold Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Setting – $1,910.00

9. Gabriel & Co. Er5828W44Jj 14K White Gold Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Setting – $1,650.00–$2,415.00

History of the pear shaped diamond?

The pear shape diamond has a rich history dating back to the 1400s, making it one of the oldest diamond shapes still available today. Albeit, the ones today have modern touches and sophistication, of course.

Here is a brief overview of its history.

In the year 1475, there was a Flemish Dutch man, who was an innovative diamond cutter by the name of Lodewyk van Bercken. He was the first person to produce a diamond polishing wheel called a scaif.

This was something the diamond trade had never seen before, and the scaif ended up being a game changer for the diamond industry.

His invention allowed for perfect symmetry of facets into diamonds. This lead to creations of complex diamond cuts, one of which was his very own design, the world’s first pear shaped diamond.

Are pear shaped engagement rings popular?

The pear shaped diamond may not be the most popular diamond shape for an engagement ring, however, it is a very unique and absolutely stunning one nonetheless.

Throughout its 500+ years of existence, it has consistently been used for diamond engagement rings. This tells us it is not so much a “trend” as it is a timeless look.

In terms of popularity, over the past few years, the pear shaped diamond has soared up the top 10 engagement ring diamond shapes list, as modern women are really intrigued by vintage looks and uniqueness.

The pear shape diamond is appreciated and cherished because it is extremely eye-catching in shape and in brilliance. So, if you want an engagement ring that is distinct from the rest and is still absolutely stunning, it is a great option.

Which way should a pear shaped diamond ring be worn?

It’s really up to you for how you want the diamond to be set. However, jewelers will recommend the pear diamond has a placement with the tip pointing to your fingernails. This way, when you raise your hand to look at your diamond engagement ring, it will look like a falling crystalized teardrop. Moreover, wearing it this way will make your fingers appear longer, which is especially great for women with thicker and shorter fingers.

Do pear shaped diamonds sparkle?

Yes! The pear diamond is a modification of the round brilliant diamond. So, they possess all of the same lavishness, sparkle, and magnificence of the round brilliant diamond.

Now, all diamonds have a grade of brilliance, and some diamonds are more brilliant than others. A lot of this has to do with how they were cut. Taking that into consideration, and the way diamond cutters create pear shape diamonds, pear diamonds fall on the high end of the spectrum for brilliance. This is because they have 58 facets, making for a brilliant cut. Plus, when they have the right proportions, they sparkle incredibly well.

Do pear shaped diamonds look bigger?

Similar to oval and marquise diamonds, the perception of the pear shape diamond makes it look bigger than a diamond like a princess or round brilliant cut of the same carat weight. So, if you are looking for a greater appearance of volume without actually buying a higher carat weight, the pear shape diamond can potentially achieve that.

What do pear shaped diamonds mean (represent)?

The pear shape diamond is a great option for women who are strong individuals. As the pears are an unusual shape for diamond, it shows they have confidence and a strong sense of individuality.

Women who wear pear shape diamonds are also said to be classic romantics. This is because the tear drop shape represents their readiness for tears of joy they have and will experience in their relationship.

Who should buy pear shaped diamond engagement rings?

  • Those who are looking for a beautiful engagement ring that is less expensive than the more popular round brilliant (of the same cut, color, clarity and carat weight).
  • Women who have a unique personality and want a one of a kind ring that is still a ‘diamond engagement ring’, rather than going for uniqueness by choosing a gemstone engagement rings.
  • Those who want the appearance of a bigger diamond (per carat size) without sacrificing sparkle, and, of course, their budget.
  • Women who want a vintage style with modern appeal.
  • Those who have short and/or thick fingers, as the shape of the pear diamond will help to elongate their ring finger. This is ideal for when it is time to show it off to their friends and co-workers.
  • Women who love what it represents (see above).

Tips for buying pear shaped diamond engagement rings

  • Pay attention to its outline by looking at the diamond face-up. It should have gently rounded shoulders and wings. The wings shouldn’t be too flat or too rounded.
  • Choose a pear diamond that’s higher on the color scale, as they tend to hold more color than other shapes like the round brilliant diamond (where the cut is the most important). Note: pear shape diamonds are great in fancy colors like pink and yellow because of their ability to hold color so well.
  • Look for symmetry. This is key for all diamonds, but it’s especially key when it comes to fancy shape diamonds like the pear.
  • Check the culet placement and inclusion position because this can greatly affect its appearance. A pear shape diamond should have a culet directly in the middle. If it is off-center, it will throw off its symmetry and it will look less attractive.
  • Make sure the table is centered as well, as this will also make it less attractive if it isn’t. Furthermore, it will reduce its brightness and fire if it isn’t.
  • Stay away from pear diamonds that have a strong bow-tie. A bow-tie is a dark pattern that runs across the width of the stone. It looks just as the name says, like a bow-tie. Many pear shape diamonds have this, but you should try to find a pear diamond that has a very subtle bow-tie, or if you are lucky, one that doesn’t have a bow-tie at all.
  • Choose a setting that is protective of the tip/point of the pear diamond, as this will be the diamonds most vulnerable part. There are three settings that we recommend, a V-prong, bezel or halo setting. All three of these are good options and will look magnificent.
Final Note:

As you decide on your stunning and unique pear shape diamond, remember that above all, the overall appearance is the most important factor. In many cases, the beauty of a pear shaped diamond is a matter of personal taste. Take your time to look at the various pear shape diamond rings available. Enjoy yourself, and choose the one you fall in love with. Just like your significant other, it may not be perfect for everyone, but it should be perfect for you. That’s really all that matters.

Where to buy stunning pear shape diamond engagement rings? Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee has been serving Boca Raton and South Florida’s insatiable need for diamonds for over 30 years. Our team of diamond advisers dedicates themselves to assisting you in selecting the perfect engagement ring.

Our vision has always been to forge a unique, professional, and intimate vibe. We offer a shopping experience that works for all generations. We especially know what the modern jewelry buyer wants; and we keep traditions that never fade intact, such as sensibility, artistry, and craftsmanship. Furthermore, our prices are super competitive and the quality we provide is unparalleled for the price you pay.

There’s a reason why Diamonds by Raymond Lee has been noted as South Florida’s best diamond engagement ring retailer since 2016.

If you live in Boca Raton, please feel free to drop by our showroom anytime!

Diamond By Raymond Lee’s Showroom in Boca Raton, Florida:

2801 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33431

Our hours of operation are:

Monday-Friday – 11 am to 7 pm

Saturday – 10 am to 5 pm

Sunday – 12 pm to 5 pm

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

If you like shopping online or you just want to check out what we have to offer, you can see our collection of Pear Shaped Engagement Rings here.

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