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Tacori Engagement Rings: Custom Rings With NO Fees

Tacori Engagement Rings: Custom Rings With NO Fees

For the first time ever, an engagement ring designer wants to make your custom ring the easiest process in the world. No more hemming and hawing over the specific changes you need to make to take your ring from unique to one of a kind!  Tacori engagement rings strive to make you a Tacori Girl with the most user-friendly ring design process in the jewelry world.

Their policy? No Modification Fees for anything, or any customization deemed possible.

What does that mean? Well for one it means that you can create your dream Tacori engagement ring in the blink of an eye and without any extra zeroes added to your budget. But there are three huge takeaways you need to know about creating your one of a kind Tacori ring.

1. Name your center stone – we’ll make it happen!

Tacori engagement rings

There are NO modification charges to accommodate a different shaped center stone or different weight center stone within an existing ring style.

This applies to all center stone shapes and all center stone weights up to 2.5 carats in all Tacori engagement rings except the RoyalT collection; the RoyalT collection will extend from a 2 carat center to accommodate all center stone shapes and all weights up to 4 carats.

So if the ring you love comes ready and waiting for a .75 carat diamond but you need it to hold the dreamiest 1.75 carat you ever saw, consider it done.

If you’re head over heels for this Dantela halo, but you just NEED it in a pear shape, snap your fingers and we’ll make it happen – at no cost to you.

In the past, there were Modification Fees to add more diamonds or metal for different size or different shape center stones like an emerald cut diamond, or a pear shaped diamond, or a slightly off-sized round diamond – this is no longer the case!

If your desired diamond just happens to exceed the carat limits above, you’ll still only pay for any necessary metal the Tacori artisans need to add – no fees.

2. No “New Ring Charges”!

From the experts at Tacori:

There are NO “New Ring Charges” to create special customized ring styles.  This affects so many special requests, including:  using “the crown of this Tacori ring married with the foundation of this other Tacori ring”; or “using this wedding band style, but making it 2mm wider”; or “I love the bloom of this crown, but I want larger diamonds around the bloom”; or “I like the halfway version of this ring, but I want to put diamonds ¾ of the way around”.

In the past, there were Modification Fees to create a “new ring” design – this is no longer the case.  For these newly created rings, there will be a price quote based solely on the architectural needs of the existing ring style(s), which may or may not necessitate additional charges for metal or diamonds – but there will NOT be a “New Ring Charge” creation fee.

3. What’s your ring size? 

Tacori engagement rings

Knowing your ring size is important, but only so you can say “YES!” and start showing off that gorgeous Tacori design immediately. Otherwise? It doesn’t make any difference at all in the price of Tacori engagement rings. Whether you’re a size 3 or a size 13, the cost of the setting is exactly the same for all finger sizes!

With this policy in place, Tacori works even harder to make sure all #TacoriGirls can create a ring as individual as their personal style. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we know how important it is for your ring to tell your love story. It’s our job to deliver you a unique engagement ring easy as 1-2-3, while delivering the best prices, selection, and service. Start customizing your dream Tacori engagement ring today – check out our starting points here.


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