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florida wedding beach photo

Florida Wedding: What you need to know

A Florida wedding is one that is sure to tout tropical tones. The elegance of South Florida is found all along its coast and it is part of why so many couples choose So Flo as the place to tie the knot! There are venues galore in each and every little town and big bustling…
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three blue Tacori bangles for White Jumpsuits

White Jumpsuit & Jewelry for the Modern Bride

Sometimes you just have to say “no” to the dress! We get it its your big day and you want absolutely everything to be perfect. Including of course what you plan to wear. Now more than ever brides are taking it upon themselves to really show some personality in their weddings. Whether that is through…
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emerald cut diamond wedding ring

Lazaro Wedding Dresses

Lazaro wedding dresses are some of the world’s most renowned designer wedding gowns. From the incredibly unique and modern cut looks to the detailed hand beading, embroidery, and lace each dress is a masterpiece. They are all glamorous with strong dramatic silhouettes.  Every bride has her very own personal taste and Lazaro bridal gowns embody…
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chopard watches

Charlize Theron Jewelry from Chopard to Bvlgari

Charlize Theron is one of the most renowned actresses of our time. Her fashion style is refined, unique and in general dripping in diamonds. Particularly when she is at glamorous film festivals, gala events, and of course film award ceremonies. Whether she’s in Paris, or Los Angeles for these gatherings the actress is always gorgeous.…
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Tiffany’s sterling silver vintage jewelry

Tiffany & Co., the creators of the iconic Tiffany blue box we all know. It is a jewelry company unlike any other. One of the very first to build a brand and a name of excellence, quality and most of all personality. Iconically, a wedding and engagement ring creator they have grown into the world’s…
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gemstone diamond bracelet

Gemstones & diamonds – colourful fine bracelets like Elizabeth Taylor’s

Gemstones and diamonds are part of any fine jewelry collection. Particularly when that collection features exquisite pieces that have marked history. Elizabeth Taylor, an icon of American cinema, had a collection just like this. Her extensive and notable jewelry collection actually went to auction with the renowned auction house Christie’s. Although, we do not have…
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Gold and diamond cocktail rings

Unique cocktail rings with diamonds and jewels

These statement unique cocktail rings are intricate and stunningly unique. Whether pairing with that cute cocktail dress or wearing it out to lunch with friends these rings make an entrance. Taking on the new year with some new pieces in no news. However bringing in the colors, patterns and design of Spring can launch you…
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Exotic car society holiday party hosted by diamonds By raymond lee

Exotic Car Society Holiday Party hosted by Diamonds by Raymond Lee Recap

This time of year there is a general feeling of warmth. And we are not talking about the weather. Even though our winters are mild here in South Florida they still inspire us to get into the holiday mood. Also, just like all families and groups of friends during this time of year we want…
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Fancy Shape Diamonds

Asscher cut diamonds, engagement ring and wedding band review

When it comes to your proposal the star of the show is the diamond ring. A diamond engagement ring that is just your own. It represents a promise and the beginning of a whole new phase in your lives. There are many unique and modern styles out there for diamond engagement rings. However, the traditional…
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Senada Adzem on set for CNBC's secret lives of the super rich

Secret Lives of the Super Rich, John Henry, owner of the Red Sox and Liverpool Football Club

On CNBC’s Secret Lives of the Super Rich, we get a glimpse into some of the wealthiest of the wealthy’s homes like never before. These homes and mega mansions are owned by some of the country’s top athletes, business owners, and heirs. Recently CNBC’s, Ray Parisi, the Senior Executive Producer of the show taped an…
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Simon G. Engagement Rings

Simon G engagement ring feature

Choosing an engagement ring is a big first step. Simon G engagement rings are available in a variety of different styles. For each and every bride there is a different diamond cut, ring shape and color. Simon G is a luxury designer bridal jewelry brand. They craft unique pieces that sparkle and shine no matter…
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Ladies white gold president and platinum president

Ladies Rolex Presidential White Gold versus Platinum Presidential Watch Comparison

A ladies Rolex Presidential watch, white gold or platinum? We reviewed ladies Rolex President  watches in white gold and platinum to find out what the unique features of each one have. These Rolex Date just ladies watches have all of the unique and distinguishing President watch features. From the three piece links of semi circular…
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Gabriel & Co. Engagement ring

Gabriel & Co. engagement ring feature

This week we’re featuring Gabriel & Co. engagement rings and stackable diamond wedding bands. From diamond halos to layers of bands we cover some of the finest of the Gabriel & Co. collection. Each design is unique. Also, all of the special features you can find in a Gabriel & Co. ring. The engagement rings…
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henri daussi engagement ring

Henri Daussi engagement ring feature

Henri Daussi engagement rings are spectacular rings that offer a variety of styles and features including halo, solitaire and three stone setting. The jewelry pieces you wear on your wedding day are arguably the most important pieces anyone will own over their lifetime. They are the unique items that mark the occasion. Celebrating your love and…
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A. Jaffe Engagement Rings

A. Jaffe Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Review

We are reviewing one of the finest bridal jewelers. A. Jaffe engagement rings and wedding bands are one of a kind and made with masterful craftsmanship always. The perfect engagement ring. One you keep and treasure for the rest of your life. A. Jaffe engagement rings and wedding bands are one of the designer bridal…
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