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Secret Lives of the Super Rich, John Henry, owner of the Red Sox and Liverpool Football Club

Secret Lives of the Super Rich, John Henry, owner of the Red Sox and Liverpool Football Club

Senada Adzem on set for CNBC's secret lives of the super rich

On CNBC’s Secret Lives of the Super Rich, we get a glimpse into some of the wealthiest of the wealthy’s homes like never before. These homes and mega mansions are owned by some of the country’s top athletes, business owners, and heirs. Recently CNBC’s, Ray Parisi, the Senior Executive Producer of the show taped an episode at John Henry’s $25 million dollar estate right here in Boca Raton, Florida. John Henry is the principal owner of The Boston Globe, the Boston Red Sox, and Liverpool Football Club as well as co-owner of Roush Fenway Racing. His 28,000 square foot Boca Raton mansion is built on 6.3 acres of land. When you add up indoor and outdoor spaces that totals a whopping 41,000 square feet in total. John Henry’s house features a sports bar, a memorabilia room, and even a recording studio. And it just hit the market.

Listed with internationally renowned luxury real estate expert and media contributor, Senada Adzem, the Le Lac Road residence is officially for sale in South Florida. CNBC’s Secret Lives of the Super Rich recently got a glimpse inside the home with Senada Adzem. One of the most thoughtfully created homes in South Florida it is an absolutely stunning property with distinguished spaces. Carefully thought out and designed it is a home getaway. We have an exclusive first look for you this week including some of Tashun’s, as John Henry’s “The House of Peace” is referred to as, incredible fine interior decor. Our behind the scenes shots include the fantastic recording studio, stunning memorabilia room and of course Senada Adzem during the taping of the show. Don’t miss our exclusive look inside one of Boca Raton’s most majestic homes alongside the pre-eminent power broker of the country’s ultra high net worth homeowners.

Secret lives of the super rich, a CNBC splash hit show

John Henry’s Boca Raton mansion

Ever wondered what the homes of those with ultra high net worths look like? Well, CNBC gives us an exclusive look into the lives of the super rich in their hit show Secret Lives of the Super Rich. On this show we get a glimpse of how billionaires and the super rich live, travel and what they wear. From the largest luxury closet in the world to this 6.3 acre mega mansion Senior Executive Producer Ray Parisi gets it all on camera. Recently, for their episode on sports mogul John Henry’s home in Boca Raton’s Le Lac, we joined alongside Senada Adzem to see his incredible mansion. Throughout the show we get to see the estate, all of the incredible amenities and the spectacular interior design touches. It is one of the country’s most well planned mega mansion home. Overall, we do agree.

Senada Adzem on set for CNBC's secret lives of the super rich

Now on this episode, as we said above, Senada Adzem, a realtor who is used to caring for ultra high net worth clientele, show cases the $25 million dollar get away home. Closer to a resort retreat the grounds and interior of this place are reminiscent of tropical holiday destinations. Further, the home is outfitted in glorious materials. It is as stunning inside as it is outside. Each section of the home has been thoughtfully decorated. In each space there is a completely separate ambience. However, they still carry the common inspiration and thread through the house. It has unique rooms and areas while always staying true to the resort like style set by the home’s architectural landscape. 

John Henry’s Boca Raton mansion

Ray Parisi, Senior Executive Producer of CNBC’s Secret Lives of the Super Rich on set at John Henry’s home

With nearly two decades of experience in creating award winning innovative and engaging digital programming Ray Parisi leads the team filming Secret Lives of the Super Rich. Working on a variety of series covering ultra wealth and mega homes, like the show Million Dollar Homes, he brings his touch of investigative journalism to this documentary reality show.

John Parisi, Senior executive producer of CNBC’s Secret lives of the super rich

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Audemars Piguet all diamond rose gold men's watch

South Florida million dollar listing realtor Senada Adzem on set at John Henry’s Boca Raton home

Another, super power in their field, Senada Adzem, was featured in this episode of the Secret Lives of the Super Rich. She is a leader in the luxury real estate market. Also, she is recognized as a trusted advisor to global leaders and the discerning clientele she graciously and discretely caters to. With an incredible and inspiring life story Senada Adzem brings a unique perspective to the show. Beyond her ample experience in the industry and blatant success. She has sold over $500,000,000 she also holds an MBA in Real Estate development. It is part of how she consistently delivers profit gains. Even in the highly competitive U.S. real estate investment markets. Her insights into properties of this type carry us through John Henry’s incredible home.

Senada Adzem on set for CNBC's secret lives of the super rich

Senada Adzem on set for CNBC’s Secret lives of the super rich, John Henry’s Boca Raton home

Senada Adzem brings her expertise and charm. During the taping of the show Senada Adzem also sported some fine luxury items herself. The jewelry as seen below can be found on our site.

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Also, during the taping Senada wore a private label diamond bangle. This wide 18 carat white gold wide bangle has an assortment of diamonds. There are approximately 15.81 carats of round brilliant diamonds. As well as approximately 5.48 carats of oval shaped diamonds. These are in an organic open cell design. A stunningly elegant style.

Senada Adzem on set for CNBC's secret lives of the super rich


Finally, she also wore an 18 carat white gold necklace. Senada Adzem had a stunning 22 carat graduated diamond tennis necklace during the taping of the show. Elegantly contrasting against her black lace blouse the round brilliant diamonds sparkle. A refined medium length piece it is 17 inches long.

John Henry, principal owner of The Boston Globe, the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool Football Club and co-owner of Roush Fenway Racing

John Henry mansion Boca Raton

John William Henry was born in 1949 and is a majorly successful American businessman. He built up an investment management firm and went on to grow a net worth of $2.5 billion USD. Further, John Henry is the proud principal owner of sports teams the Boston Red Sox and the Liverpool Football Club. In 2001, he bought the Red Sox for an incredible $700 million dollar offer. Also known as the highest bid ever for a Major League Baseball team. Further, with the Fenway Sports Group John Henry went on to acquire the Liverpool Football Club as well. Also, he is the co-owner of Roush Fenway Racing which is a professional American stock car racing team. They currently compete in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series and were once of the largest premier racing teams to be involved in the Cup Series. Although, John Henry’s wealth didn’t start here.

He acquired his fortune during the early 1980s from his trading firm, John W. Henry & Company, Inc. Afterwards, is when he began to build his sports empire in a real way. By the time 2012 rolled around John Henry was already deeply involved in the sports world and his firm stopped managing clients assets that same year. Focusing solely on his sports teams and on beloved icons like the American classic Fenway Park, John Henry lead some major important changes in the city of Boston. First, the prior owners of the Boston Red Sox had planned on abandoning the iconic Fenway Park for a newer and more modern stadium. John Henry elected to maintain the Baseball and Boston landmark rather renovating down to the seats over the Green Monster. Furthermore, his rescue of Fenway Park enabled the celebration of its centennial in 2012. Thus, its intricately linked to his legacy.

Below you can see some of the trophies and exclusive World Series memorabilia John Henry mansion Boca RatonJohn Henry mansion Boca RatonJohn Henry mansion Boca Raton

John Henry’s Boca Raton, Florida get away mansion

The billionaire sports mogul John Henry built his Boca Raton home in the refined area of the Le Lac subdivision. During the 90s. His focus and passion for his sports teams means of course that there is a dedicated area in the house for the trophies and memorabilia he acquired over the years. Everything from World Series plates, plaques and trophies to a custom made Liverpool Football Club foosball table are in the glamorous mansion’s sports memorabilia room. Unfortunately for the buyer these prized items will not come as part of the purchase of the home. However, the stunning spaces that were so carefully and thoughtfully created leave one asking for little more. The super high ceilings and spacious rooms are filled with natural light and decorated with refined materials like marble, and high end wood. Surrounding the home are serene and lush manicured estate grounds sprawling to the waterfront.

John Henry’s Boca Raton mansion

John Henry’s Boca Raton full home recording studio

CNBC's secret lives of the super richCNBC's secret lives of the super rich

The home itself has an incredible layout with 7 bedrooms, 10 full bathrooms and 9 half bathrooms spread across the estate. Furthermore, there is an outdoor kitchen, dramatic towering foyer featuring exquisite artwork and a showpiece chandelier. Over all the lake front home has resort style manicured grounds that truly give it a get away feel. Even though you are right in Boca Raton’s Le Lac the space is not called “The House of Peace” for nothing. It is charming and aptly named for its exclusive great escape vibe.  Massive windows and open plan spaces add to the breezy and tropical life style of the house. Undoubtedly one of the most well thought out places in Le Lac’s exclusive Boca Raton community. This home is a masterpiece. Furthermore, on the grounds you can find a massive lake side pool and tennis courts. Also, nearby there is a full guest house.

Luxury interior decor at John Henry’s Boca Raton home

John Henry’s Boca Raton mansion

In a billionaire’s custom built home you are bound to find some interesting art and decor. At John Henry’s Boca Raton masion this is absolutely true. In keeping with the light wood and natural lighting of the home some of the fine decor pieces are wooden as well. The satin finished natural tone hard wood can be seen in the curving stair way. Also, in the unique items like the above highly detailed motorcycle carving. Or the below man rocking chair and accent table complete  with a wooden television box set. Further below you can see an exquisite wooden game table.John Henry’s Boca Raton mansion

Complete with a built in chess and backgammon board the impeccable mixed wood games table is spectacular. A truly unique item it features textured light, medium and dark precious hard woods.  Also, in this room there is the home’s Bali modern natural lighting.

John Henry’s Boca Raton mansion

Diamonds by Raymond Lee, Boca Raton’s premier diamond and luxury jewelry store

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A special thank you to CNBC’s Secret Lives of the Super Rich staff, Senior Executive Producer Ray Parisi and luxury realtor Senada Adzem. Both for our participation in this episode and their efforts.

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