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Camouflage Audemars Piguet rubber strap: Accessorise your watch

Camouflage Audemars Piguet rubber strap: Accessorise your watch

audemars piguet royal oak offshore with horus camo rubber strap

Men’s luxury accessories like the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watch are exquisite and prominent pieces. These are iconic and instantly recognizable watches that tell a story. The particular Audemars Piguet we are show casing this week is already an incredible diamond set 18 carat rose gold unique timepiece. Further, we have paired it this week with a fashionable Horus camouflage print rubber strap. This camouflage Audemars Piguet rubber strap brings a personalized and fashionable touch to this iconic Oak Offshore watch. Camo prints have been a subtle and edgy men’s style for the last two decades but its popularity has recently spiked once again. Everything from the military fashion theme has been particularly prevalent on the runways. It really and truly is one of those patterns that never goes away its popularity simply cools off remaining right below the surface for a time. Inevitably it bubbles back up again.

For this season’s Autumn Winter 2018 looks, camouflage prints and military inspired men’s fashion has sprung back into street style. This is of course not exclusive to fashion but also influences accessories particularly luxury watches and jewelry. It is not for every man to have such bold and modern looks when it comes to their accessories. However, for those that like to keep up with the times and never miss a beat when it comes to the latest and hottest men’s luxury fashion accessory trends watch straps are a go to. Easy to switch in order to always have a fresh look and keeping your favorite high end watch relevant rubber watch straps are a great way to get into the camo fever. We have a Horus camo print Audemars Piguet rubber strap on an Oak Offshore watch this week. So you can add some camo to your luxury accessory.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Watches

An incredible luxury time piece the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watch is a thin and powerful time piece. It is one of the most renowned watch brands in the world. Further, the Royal Oak Offshore watch series is one that is seen on powerful men’s wrists across industries. Its power, precision and impeccable design are instantly recognizable. From the unique geometric shape of the bezel to the accent screws it has a personality of its own. Not your traditional classic watch. While it does feature sub dials and other classic fine watch details such as the crown protecting bridge. There is little else on this watch. That is not the absolute picture of modernity. Unlike any other watch it has personality. It has a significant style that is personable and unique. A Royal Oak Offshore watch is one of the finest Audemars Piguet watches. Unique and powerful like you.

audemars piguet royal oak offshore with horus camo rubber strap

Audemars Piguet 26178 Royal Oak Offshore 18k Rose Gold Diamond Watch

Finally, the feature watch itself. This Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watch is an 18 carat rose gold beauty. It features incredible accent diamonds. These are everywhere glittering and shining. From the bezel to each groove in the watch’s dial there are diamonds. Round brilliant white cut diamonds bring out the light shade of pink in the rose gold. Furthermore, the dial features three unique white sub dials. These are positioned exactly at 12, 6 and 9 o’clock. Additionally there is a pave diamond with mother of pearl chronograph dial. Beyond the additional functionality and function it adds to the watch’s aesthetics. It is a simple touch. However, this small detail is what the watch is all about. From the glittering 18 carat rose gold accent diamond bezel also. You have the notorious eight stainless steel accent screws showing. These are the single Audemars Piguet detail bezel style signature look.

The dial itself has some lovely details. From the unique shape of the numbers written out in Arabic numerals. All the way to the round date window located at the three o’clock hour marker. Even the push buttons on the side flanking the crown. These all have Audemars Piguet factory rubber details. The black rubber and 18 carat rose gold fit nicely alongside one another. Further, the scratch resistant sapphire crystal ensures visibility and durability. Like everything on an Audemars Piguet there is no margin for less than the absolute best. Also this particular watch has a 18 carat rose gold deployment clasp.

The three row pave diamond bezel and diamond studded case and dial 

audemars piguet royal oak offshore with horus camo rubber strap

Camouflage print, men’s incognito fashion trend

This latest resurgence of camouflage print in men’s style is only one of the latest. From the Top-Gun inspired looks with Aviators and jumpsuits to the more subtle and modern camo hoodies and accessories there is a way for every man to get in on the trend. A modern and undoubtedly cool look camo has always been a more street style geared look. Mixed and matched with iconic luxury pieces it is the perfect match of contrasts. As most of men’s fashion now a days moves towards looser silhouettes and muted colors camouflage finds its fit easily. The fashion trend that never goes out of style camouflage pieces are the ones you know you can invest in and always have an edgy look. This is also particularly true when it comes to accessories. These smaller and more subtle personal style items can complement overall looks as they change over time.

audemars piguet royal oak offshore with horus camo rubber strap

While driving a military Humvee is fun any young spirit can agree to, it is not the easiest way to style yourself in the season’s latest. It is a vehicle that inspired and continues to inspire many a fashion trend from its design to its functionalities. Motor sports, luxury and performance or utility vehicles have always been closely linked to men’s fashion and accessories. We see this in the motor racing inspired luxury watches and links between sports car and fine men’s accessory brands. When it comes to camouflage the incognito men’s fashion trend it is undeniable that the military Humvees have influenced accessories and styles. Versatile, durable and light weight pieces are available across categories and in a variety of colors and shades. Horus watch straps brand is no different. They have incorporated the camo look into several of their luxury watch band offerings. Here is the classic green.

audemars piguet royal oak offshore with horus camo rubber strap

Military Humvees (m998)

Designed to be highly mobile, light weight and multi purpose military humvees were introduced into the United States Military some time around the 1980s. Very soon they became so popular they were implemented into almost every branch. Their popularity was not limited to just utility. Neither was it limited to military personnel. To this day even though there are much more advanced military transport and vehicle equipment the humvees are still very popular among the general population. As camouflage and military inspired fashion entered street style and pretty much every day ready to wear fashion it has continued to gain traction. The iconic and instantly recognizable pattern print comes in a variety of color schemes including the traditional green, black and more recently a beige and brown sand tone. As with all military gear and therefore military inspired fashion muted colors take the day by storm. They are popular everywhere.

audemars piguet royal oak offshore with horus camo rubber strap

Luxury watch accessories

When it comes to luxury watch accessories there are not always the best options available. Either too traditional or not as high a quality as you would desire for your fine time piece. It is a market that is wide open and ready for innovation. While there are certain modifications and personalizations you can have done to your favorite watch, such as adding gem stones and changing the dial accessories are a whole different ball game. Audemars Piguet is one of the more innovative brands. With rubber bezels and straps that come in a variety of different options and can be quite easily interchanged they are a favorite of gentlemen who like to change their style and keep growing their repertoire no matter what. It is improving though particularly when it comes to watch straps for unique high quality watches like the Audemars Piguet. There’s new offers on the market.

Unique watch straps

audemars piguet royal oak offshore with horus camo rubber strap

One area of major growth in the luxury watch market are unique watch straps. Whether they be leather, rubber or even fine metals unique watch straps give you additional looks with your favorite time piece. These range from a different color to unique patterns and prints like the camouflage green rubber strap we show cased here.

Horus Watch straps

The Horus Watch strap company started out in 2014 bringing the luxury watch strap industry flying into modern fashion. They have surpassed expectations with high end aesthetic designs that are not just trendy but refined and edgy. Further, they have crafted ergonomic straps that are extremely comfortable and complement some of the world’s most sought after Swiss luxury watch brands. As a company they stand out and challenge the norm bringing out fine luxury watch accessories and innovative looks. For the gentlemen that do not accept the status quo and are the trend setters of our times Horus Watch straps offer alternatives and personality for men’s luxury watches. If you are looking for ways to bring more of your very own  personal style into your fashion and accessories look no further than Horus. They have watch straps for iconic brands like Rolex, Bell & Ross, Tag Heuer, Breitling, and Audemars Piguet.

audemars piguet royal oak offshore with horus camo rubber strap

HORUS Green Camouflage Rubber Strap for 42mm Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore

The green camouflage rubber strap for the 42 mm Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watch featured here is a bright green interchangeable strap. It has two different styles in order to accommodate watches with a tang buckle as well as a deployment clasp. It is a high quality and durable rubber that is made to perfectly fit the casing of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watch. Also, it is the military inspired camouflage pattern that radically personalizes this watch. While the specific 18 carat rose gold watch we feature here is already quite unique with the diamond accents and colorful gold material this camo strap gives it that additional touch to truly set it apart. The strap overall is comfortable, durable and wraps nicely around your wrist without sticking.

audemars piguet royal oak offshore with horus camo rubber strap

Diamonds by Raymond Lee a men’s luxury watch and fine accessory destination in South Florida

When you look for your next luxury watch to add to your collection. Or begin searching for some alternatives to your current watch straps and bracelets you need to look no further. Conveniently located across South Florida we at Diamonds by Raymond Lee are here to serve you with superior quality and a wide range of men’s luxury accessories and watches. Whether you are looking to find a gift or are researching some options on the market our master jewelers and experienced watch dealers are here to help you out. We offer an extensive curated collection of fine and luxury men’s watches including iconic brands the likes of Audemars Piguet, Rolex and Patek Philippe. Further, we have the latest fine watch accessories like the camouflage print Audemars Piguet rubber strap featured here this week. We pride ourselves in continuously finding and sourcing the finest offerings for all of our customers.

For the past three decades our family has been serving the South Florida community. We bring the finest and latest in luxury watches and fine jewelry for men from across the globe. And we strive to continue doing so for the next three decades as well. We love to discover limited edition and unique pieces that can be a grand addition to a collection. Finding the very best in class accessories like the Horus straps helps us keep our customers not only happy but in the latest fashion. We are never satisfied with the status quo. Every time we begin a search it is always for the most exquisite pieces available and we bring them all to you right here, online and in Boca Raton. All of our pieces that are on display can be reviewed with one of our experts. Just come on in to one of our showrooms.

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