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What’s the Best Diamond Shape For Your Hand?

What’s the Best Diamond Shape For Your Hand?

Picking out an engagement ring

Whether you’re more of a traditional bride or a nontraditional bride, there are plenty of engagements rings out there to choose from. Maybe you want a unique gemstone engagement ring, with multiple colors. Or a simple vintage-inspired design. From colorful center stones and modern-inspired designs to vintage metal and rose gold, we’ve got latest and greatest on trending rings for every soon to be bride.

No matter what style you’re looking for, the following rings are proof that it’s not only possible to find a beautiful engagement ring on a budget, but that your dream ring won’t cost you a year’s worth of salary. But before you settle on the final design of your ring you should decide which diamond shape is best for your hand. 

Finding the best shape for your hand

Once you’ve covered the basics of what you’re looking for in an engagement ring you’ll need to figure out which diamond shape works for you. There are 10 different shapes of diamonds to choose from. You can choose from round, cushion, princess, emerald, pear, oval, heart, radiant, heart, or Asscher. 

When choosing the best diamond shape for your hand, a few things to take into consideration are your lifestyle, your personal style, and whether or not you plan to have a matching set. 

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Best diamonds for small hands

Hands that are petite and small should consider:

  • Smaller stones in an asscher, marquise, princess, oval, or pear cut 
  • Try bands 
  • Open rings

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Best diamonds for hands with wide fingers

Have wide fingers? Consider the following:
  • An oval, marquise, rectangular or emerald diamond shape
  • A three-stone ring – with wide fingers there’s room for more diamonds
  • Angular shapes with an asymmetrical design
  • Wide bands

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Best diamonds for long skinny fingers

If you’re shopping for an engagement ring for skinny fingers consider these options:
  • A large fancy or square stone
  • Bold designs with a wide-band to make a statement 
  • Thick and heavy setting with a double row of diamonds

Diamond education center

Behind every great diamond purchase is a smart buyer. Here at Raymond Lee Jewelers, we believe that the diamond starts with the fundamentals otherwise known as the 4 C’s. These are the Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat that determine a diamond’s beauty and its value. And so the art of choosing the perfect diamond or engagement ring lies in finding the balance between the two.

Learn more about diamonds here in our education center.

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