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Tiffany’s sterling silver vintage jewelry

Tiffany’s sterling silver vintage jewelry

Tiffany & Co., the creators of the iconic Tiffany blue box we all know. It is a jewelry company unlike any other. One of the very first to build a brand and a name of excellence, quality and most of all personality. Iconically, a wedding and engagement ring creator they have grown into the world’s most renowned jeweller. Defining style and celebration of all the world’s love stories. Since 1837 the Tiffany legacy went from New York to the world. Further this legacy is emblazoned by the iconic Tiffany blue box. This unique color and instantly recognizable brand is a true decadent statement of luxury. A company that is known for their quality and inimitable design, their jewelry pieces are coveted the world over. From the latest paper collection to their classic pieces, a Tiffany blue box jewelry piece is more than for life. It is one of those for generations.

The vintage jewelry pieces are particularly beautiful. No longer crafted and imbued with a sense of timeless refinement, Tiffany’s sterling silver vintage jewelry are pieces that made their mark. In the latter part of the 19th century not too long after being established Tiffany’s sterling silver won top awards. These accolades from the great world fairs of the century led to only more refinement and innovation. Finally culminating in the Tiffany’s .925 sterling silver standard of purity in the United States. Then this was adopted across the country as the nationwide standard. A legendary part of our history Tiffany’s is a classic brand and each one of their jewels is a piece to treasure and enjoy. An undeniable symbol of elegance a Tiffany’s vintage vintage jewelry piece, particularly in sterling silver is a treasured find. The Bamboo collection which we feature here no longer includes jewelry making these unique items.

Tiffany & Co., iconic jewelry design

First established in 1837, Tiffany’s is an American staple brand. Known around the world and beloved for their commitment to love stories Tiffany & Co. is an iconic brand. Their little blue boxes are immediately identifiable and always hold a prized piece of jewelry and design. Significant glamour, excellence, and legendary style has come from the eponymous company. Charles Lewis Tiffany set up shop in New York City and imbued his passion into the soon to become blazon of American jewelry. Filled with a rich heritage and unique milestones Tiffany’s is a brand we all love. From their playful and artfully created designs in partnership with the likes of Paloma Picasso, Elsa Peretti, and Jean Schlumberger to their Return to Tiffany’s classics each piece tells a story. A story of creativity, style, sophistication, and exclusivity. Never before, and quite frankly never after, has a brand created such passion surrounding a box.

The little Tiffany’s blue box, the one you can only get from one place in the world. This is the epitome of their master craftsmanship. Every detail looked after and affectionately tended to the flawless experience of owning a Tiffany’s jewelry piece is unparalleled. A passion for diamonds, design and excellence has led to a company known for delighting its clientele. From the gift giver to receiver we did not say it but – everything is better at Tiffany’s. The jewelry store has not only been featured in incredible classic films but continues to have a celebrated following. From first ladies to renowned photographers and taste makers everyone has gone for a Tiffany’s accessory. Exquisite designs from the red carpets to adorning tiny young fashionistas Tiffany’s is ubiquitous. The world is enchanted with Tiffany’s, and so are we. In searching for unique pieces for our discerning clientele we carry Tiffany’s classics.

Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Bamboo Vintage Bangle

Tiffany & Co. sterling silver Bamboo Vintage Bangle Bracelet

First, of these pieces we have is a lovely sterling silver Bamboo vintage bangle. The closed bangle bracelet features the organic shape and feel of natural bamboo. Set in sterling silver this bangle does not have a clasp. It is a uniform and unbroken circle approximately 7 inches wide. In total the bamboo sterling silver bangle weighs approximately 41.1 grams. It slips comfortably onto your wrist. Further the Tiffany & Co. logo is emblazoned on the inner part of the bangle with the iconic .925 sterling silver standard. For one looking for a refined and unique piece of vintage Tiffany’s jewelry this is one fine piece. It has the Tiffany’s sterling silver heritage. As well as a singular design currently only found in Tiffany’s home flatware sets. This piece is also part of a jewelry set. As you can see below we have also sourced the matching ring and necklace.

Tiffany & Co. sterling silver Bamboo Vintage Bangle Bracelet

The Tiffany’s bamboo collection

Finally the Tiffany’s Bamboo collection is one of the lesser known collections of the brand. It is not as popular as the Return to Tiffany’s jewelry sets nor the Paloma Picasso designs. However it is one of the very classic vintage Tiffany’s jewelry pieces. Featuring organic natural designs imitating bamboo wood the sterling silver jewelry carries in it grooves and edges identical to the bamboo trees. This rare vintage collection is one of the finest antique Tiffany jewelry sets available. Further the bamboo motif is an elegant design that is no longer made!

The only way to get yourself a piece of the Bamboo collection is to find pre-existing ones. We have a very limited stock of Bamboo sterling silver jewelry pieces but these are incredible finds. Searching far and wide for sets from this by gone era that are in the Diamonds by Raymond Lee rigorous quality standards we have included the bangle bracelet above, the matching ring and to finalize the set a vintage bamboo link necklace. These are the Tiffany’s classics in the standard of the nation, .925 sterling silver. Vintage jewelry never looked so good. Additionally to Tiffany’s already exclusive range these vintage pieces are even more limited.

Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Bamboo Ring

Tiffany & Co. sterling silver Bamboo Vintage Ring

Next in the set is the Tiffany & CO. sterling silver Bamboo ring. Similar to the bamboo bangle bracelet the ring is a continuous loop in the bamboo design. It is made entirely of sterling silver and has natural organic grooves and edges like the bamboo trees do. Additionally the ring is a 1 inch by 1 inch size 7.75 ring. It fits very comfortably on your finger moulding against your hand. The bamboo style edges are quite protrusive meaning the ring’s .19 inch width makes its presence known. However the light weight 6.5 gram ring does not cause discomfort. Like all Tiffany & Co. jewelry pieces it is expertly designed and masterfully crafted for extensive wear. It has the same Tiffany & Co. logo marking inside as the bangle. As well as the .925 sterling silver standard. That little bit of Tiffany’s history is forever a part of these pieces.

Tiffany & Co. sterling silver Bamboo Vintage Ring

Vintage sterling silver jewelry

A vintage piece of jewelry is so much more than an accessory. It is a statement piece with a bit of history from the past. These are pieces that are so unique and refined they transcend their age. Going far beyond the traditional fad or trend of its time vintage jewelry pieces are uniquely timeless and easily adaptable. For example the Tiffany’s sterling silver bamboo jewelry. Each one of the pieces is highly unique and inscribed with a natural organic sense of texture and familiarity. However these are not like any other jewelry piece you find today. Neither as a trend nor at the renowned iconic store that made them in the first place! It is one of those few jewelry pieces that rely on a keen eye and the expert knowledge of Tiffany’s history and tradition. One that takes into account the singular items that make up a set.

The sterling silver standard emblazoned on these jewelry pieces is not just a turn of the century milestone. Further it is a depiction of the brand’s growth and commitment to personality. The bamboo is not your average design and its unique shape makes it one of the classic Tiffany & Co. unique jewelry items. Much like the designer driven partnerships they have. With designers like Paloma Picasso, and Elsa Peretti Tiffanys creates items for life. With a sprawling collection of jewelry designs Tiffany & Co. continuously surprises the world. But what about those long gone designs? The one you wish you could have been around for. Well those are still out in the world, if not in one of New York’s most famous stores. In fact they are right here in South Florida! We have not only pieces from the vintage bamboo collection but many others as well. Tiffany’s and world brands.

Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Bamboo Link Vintage Necklace


Tiffany & Co. sterling silver Bamboo Vintage 17 inch link necklace

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle. For this vintage sterling silver bamboo set the link necklace seals the deal. It is the piece that brings together the matching bangle bracelet and ring. For this necklace the bamboo design had to be slightly adapted. While the bracelet and ring feature an unending loop reasonably for the necklace the iconic jewelry designer rather went with links. Each one of the links in this gorgeous sterling silver necklace is shaped like a small piece of a bamboo tree. Although the result of all these links together comes to a stunning organic shape with plenty of movement. The interlocking bamboo bits each have the grooves of the bamboo. Further, they are also designed with the natural bamboo texture along the length of each one of the links. In total the necklace is about 17 inches long. Further, it weighs approximately 53.8 grams.

Tiffany & Co. sterling silver Bamboo Vintage 17 inch link necklace

This gorgeous pieces is a solid jewelry item ideal for casual daily wear. It has a unique shape and texture as well as natural organic movement that lends to its demanding presence. When worn with the full set this bamboo collection of jewelry pieces is undeniably Tiffany’s refined and glamorous. It is a vintage sterling silver piece that can be paired with colors and stones or matched for a monochromatic aesthetic as well.

Unique Tiffany’s vintage sterling silver jewelry in South Florida at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we are a family company. One that is devoted to superior service, consistent quality and exclusive limited edition pieces. From fine jewelry crafted by master jewelers like Tiffany & Co. to one in the world luxury watches we carry a refined curated collection. For our distinguished clientele in South Florida this means their collections are well taken care of. Whether that is when they are looking to add to it, condense it or simply run some standard maintenance. We are the reliable experts they turn to. Our commitment to excellence is why we only carry the world’s finest brands. However we also know how important it is to have the right pieces. This is why our collection includes a treasure trove of unique vintage jewelry. Pieces that are no longer made and are increasingly hard to find are actually our specialty. Like the Tiffany’s bamboo pieces.

It is not any jewelry store that understands your search or will take the time to help you find your own unique personal items. However that is where we take over. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee our diamond and jewelry experts welcome your search. We will walk you through each stone, jewelry piece and collection. Answering all of your questions and helping you on your quest to bring a little more sparkle into your life. Along with the Tiffany & Co. pieces featured in this article we also carry an extensive collection of unique estate jewelry, private labels and unique vintage items. Further our engagement ring and wedding band collections include brand new Tiffany’s promises. We have a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of this industry. It’s why we care for our clientele and work on continuing to serve the South Florida community for the next thirty years.

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