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Unique cocktail rings with diamonds and jewels

These statement unique cocktail rings are intricate and stunningly unique. Whether pairing with that cute cocktail dress or wearing it out to lunch with friends these rings make an entrance. Taking on the new year with some new pieces in no news. However bringing in the colors, patterns and design of Spring can launch you into 2019. With joy, sparkle and a little bit of spunk these rings are just right for the ladies making an entrance, everywhere you go. Subtle hints of color and bursts of motion with intricate and masterfully crafted designs these rings are exquisite luxury diamond pieces. As far as luxury lifestyle accessories go the unique cocktail rings are queen. A conversation piece and unforgettable addition to your personal style rings like these set the trend and add some fun and sparkle to any and every which event. No matter the occasion you are always ready. These unique cocktail rings feature natural patterns and designs. Taking inspiration from luxury designers and home interior creators they take forms of animals, natural flows and all have a stunning movement about them. That is when a piece of jewelry is truly an art piece. The movement and emotion that a single diamond ring can bring about. You are a dynamic woman, a force to be reckoned with. Let your luxury jewelry and diamonds reflect that! With fiery rubies and playful gentle swirls these rings walk a fine line. That place between delicate femininity and powerful strong and swift movements. It is why these unique cocktail rings are show stopping, conversation starting statement pieces for those ladies who not only do not mind being at the center of attention but wield it gracefully.  Check out our newest diamond and colorful gemstone pieces including birds of paradise and romantic vintage swirls.

Unique cocktail rings with diamonds, jewels and precious gemstones

There is no more popular statement piece of jewelry than the unique cocktail ring. It is the one that is most likely to be a stunningly different item. Almost a free reign where you can show off some incredible master pieces of craftsmanship. As well as some of your fun and spunky personality. More than with necklaces or earrings or really any other piece of fine jewelry there is this undisclosed joy and playfulness that is reserved for cocktail rings. While they do not necessarily have to be worn at cocktail parties only that is where we really started to see these fun and colorful rings show up. Hence that is where unique jewelry pieces such as the ones below got their names. Whether more classic in nature of their style or full blown modern abstract they are the pieces that flash that beautiful intimate personality for all to see. It is the youthful and colorful sides of us that show in these pieces. Using stunning precious gems and the highest quality diamonds these are not playful rings but not play things. They are refined jewelry pieces for ladies to reflect and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Including birds of paradise, nature inspired organic shapes and fun movements that will have everyone’s heart fluttering away. These rings are some of the finest and most unique rings in our extensive collection of women’s luxury diamond jewelry. Further they are some of the most unique in the market. It’s not everyday you can find a unique diamond cocktail ring that will fly on your finger. Nor a set of rubies ready to soar to new heights. Even the ones with more subdued looks and slight sparkles with colorful gems are not your average jewelry pieces. For those that refuse settle for the standard.

18k Rose Gold 3.24ctw Diamond Branch Bypass Ring

First, a romantic and elegant 18 carat rose gold 3. 24 carat diamond branch bypass ring. This elongated diamond ring features romantic and vintage inspired natural organic shapes. These leaf like forms are made of large pear shaped cut diamonds with gorgeous round white brilliant diamond halos. Featuring a perfect combination of round brilliant white diamonds and pear shape diamonds the rose gold ring runs the length of your finger base to your bottom knuckle. Featuring eight petals or leaves so to say each with their own individual halos and three small accent diamonds this ring emulates the natural growth of plants and emanates the slow yet consistent movements of growing life. With high clarity quality diamonds and intricate settings this ring is a stunning display of master craftsmanship. It has approximately 1.14 carats of white round brilliant diamonds. As well as approximately 2.10 carats of pear diamonds. The ring branches around your ring and blooms into the pear shaped diamond ends. It sits comfortably around your finger as the band separates the diamonds and their sharp edges away from your fingers. Furthermore, the swooping and swirling features are located at the top of your finger and therefore do not interfere with your natural finger movements. Nor is this ring overly heavy. A delicate and fine jewelry piece it sits elongated along the length of your finger without weighing down your hand. It can be worn to events but also easily transitions throughout the day. A gorgeous and romantic ring it has a vintage inspiration and exquisitely feminine look.

18k White Gold 2.70ct Black & White Diamond Multi Row Ring

Next, is a more modern gorgeous abstract 18 carat white gold black and white diamond multi row ring. This incredible piece features approximately 2.70 carats of black and white round brilliant diamonds. As well as pink pear shaped sapphires. It features approximately 0.35 carats of pink sapphires. And approximately 0.54 carats of Pink Pear Shape Sapphires. These offer a nice break to the black and white alternating rows of small diamonds that make up the bulk of the ring. The wide open space structure crafted makes this ring a stunning bubble like design. While it is quite large and features several precious stones it is also airy and light. The modern style and clean lines feature a sparkle of color as well. The pink sapphire stones scattered across the top add a touch of fun to this understated yet sparkling stunning unique diamond and sapphire cocktail ring. The ring is modern and abstract. Although it is particularly reminiscent of hot air balloons, ball room gowns and automotive racing with its stripes and black and white diamond alternating pattern. It is open for imagination and interpretation.

18k White Gold 1.30ctw Round Diamond Cluster Onyx Wide Band

Another, gorgeous diamond cocktail ring this one also has a black and white pattern design style. An 18 carat white gold band featuring an incredible 1.3 carat round diamond cluster with a wide black onyx band. This ring is as stunning as it is singular. The large central diamond stone takes the show of course. However the smaller round white brilliant diamond halo adds some movement and glimmer to this ring. As well as the black onyx plating. This black onyx is inscribed with round white brilliant diamonds. These are set in a way that creates a geometric shape radiating from the large central stone. The 9 gram ring is not small but it is still very comfortable to wear. The smooth black onyx sides sit flush against your other fingers and the deep set diamonds do not feel sharp. It is an impeccable unique ladies diamond cocktail ring.

18k White Gold 4.89ctw Diamond, Sapphire & Ruby Parrot Ring

Next, is a ring that is a true bird of paradise. In the style of Art Nouveau and the exploratory eras of travel and discovery. All parrots and images of gorgeous majestic animals have been seen throughout the centuries across all kinds of art including paintings, sculpture and of course fine jewelry. Whether adorning ladies of importance lapels in the shape of brooches or pausing flight on a Royal’s fascinator. Birds of paradise including particularly parrots have been seen in all types of fine jewelry and made of the world’s finest luxury items. This particular flier is made up of approximately 4.89 carats of diamonds, stunning sapphires and red rubies. The 18 carat white gold ring is an intricate piece of fashion history and fun. The bird appears to be turning back after taking flight. It carries with it an egg shaped blue gemstone right at the center. Each wing feather is detailed and shaped giving the illusion of movement and powerful strength as it uses its large wings to take up flight. A heavy 15.6 gram ring the sweeping flight parrot bird has plenty of gems in its white gold. The ring weight lies predominantly above the finger. However with the wings sweeping to the right it does tend to lie heavier on that side. It features approximately 2.69 carats of Rubies. Approximately 1.89 carats of pink sapphires. Approximately 0.31 carats of Round Brilliant Diamonds. These line the parrots head, make up its gorgeous wide open wings, and rest like a blue egg in the very center of the ring. The detail on this piece in incredible. Including the eye and feather details on the back of the head. It is a piece of luxury jewelry with masterful craftsmanship and design.

18k White Gold 0.96ctw Round Brilliant & Sapphire Moving Butterfly Ring

Lastly but definitely not least, is a gorgeous moving butterfly ring. Fluttering about on your finger this cocktail ring is definitely unique. Featuring brilliant white round diamonds and sapphires this ring is a stunning piece of fine jewelry. It has approximately 0.48 carats of Round Brilliant white accent Diamonds. Also it has approximately 0.48 carats of radiant dark blue accent Sapphires. These detailed diamonds and gemstones are set along the wings of the butterfly. Also along the top mechanism that holds above your knuckle. This is part of the intricate structure crafted so the butterfly’s wings can flap and fly away. The exquisite piece is full of details like the diamonds at the end of each butterfly antennae. Further the wings have two different shades of blue enamel. The top half of the wings feature a light blue enamel. Meanwhile the bottom half of the rings are a dark blue enamel similar to the shade of the blue accent sapphires.

Where to buy unique diamond and gemstone cocktail rings in South Florida? Diamonds by Raymond Lee your Boca Raton diamond jewelry and luxury accessory destination

If you are searching for new unique cocktail rings featuring diamonds and precious stones you have found the place! We have an extensive curated collection of fancy diamonds, rings and luxury jewelry right here in South Florida. Our diamond experts and master jewelry craftsmen are here to help you find and care for your luxury jewelry. It is not enough to have the finest diamond in town. They have got to be exquisitely set and innovatively designed. For some of the most unique jewelry pieces and luxury accessories visit our store. We are constantly searching for new items that flash, shine and represent your lifestyle. Further from bespoke custom jewelry to modifications and care our team can assist you with all of your diamond and luxury accessory needs. Including fine watches and precious stone pieces. The featured rings are fun, colorful, brightening up and adding flare to your New Year. Colorful gemstones are all the hype in 2019. You can be sure to see more and more rubies, sapphires and blue stones in jewelry pieces this coming year. As well as unique designs taking patterns and shapes from nature and abstract forms. While monochromatic patterns had taken over it is back to contrast. As we head into the tail end of winter and burst into Spring expect rings and colorful jewelry like these to bloom all around. For garden parties, lunch dates and just because these unique cocktail rings show some spunk. They are exquisite, refined pieces of luxury jewelry while also being subtle additions with slight pops of color. Come visit us to see all of our new year offerings. Our family prides itself on serving the South Florida community. We cannot spend enough time with all of you! It is why we work so hard to serve you.

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