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Exotic Car Society Holiday Party hosted by Diamonds by Raymond Lee Recap

Exotic Car Society Holiday Party hosted by Diamonds by Raymond Lee Recap

Exotic car society holiday party hosted by diamonds By raymond lee

This time of year there is a general feeling of warmth. And we are not talking about the weather. Even though our winters are mild here in South Florida they still inspire us to get into the holiday mood. Also, just like all families and groups of friends during this time of year we want to spend time together. Creating memories and going through yearly traditions are what the holidays are for. Spreading holiday cheer is also part of what we are all about here at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. It is why we have been deeply involved with our community this past month. From the Toys for Tots drive to the Exotic Car Society holiday party we have been busy getting everyone ready for a good time. We hosted the supercar club and all of its exotic car owner members on December 12, 2018. The party was a hit.

It was just one more way we have been doing our part when it comes to spreading joy and celebrating life. And you know us, when it comes to the unique and exclusive like these exotic cars we are in! During the party we hung out with some truly interesting international individuals. The owners of supercars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and McLarens. It was an experience unlike any other holiday party we have ever been to that is for sure. While our store was lit up in red, green and all the white lights the cars brought their racing stripes. Unique cars with unique paint jobs, interiors and everything in between. Over the last few years, we have had the pleasure of having the Exotic Car Society become close friends. It was wonderful to see such an enthusiastic part of our South Florida community come together at Diamonds by Raymond Lee.

Exotic car society holiday party hosted by diamonds By raymond lee

Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and McLaren at Exotic Car Society holiday party 2018

The Exotic Car Society Holiday Party hosted by Diamonds by Raymond Lee

If you keep up with us or have joined us for events, whether regularly or just once off, you know how much we like our exotic cars. From our Diamonds and Donuts Boca Raton Car Show to our clientele who choose to ride in style. We are all about the super powerful, potent and precise. Whether that is our unique luxury time pieces or our cars. This of course is our main point in common with the lovely group of the Exotic Car Society. These Florida supercar owners join together for events and celebrations. They form an unparalleled fleet and when they arrive on the scene, its all eyes on them. During their holiday party this year it was no different of course. All along the front of Diamonds by Raymond Lee you could see McLarens, Porsches and some of the world’s finest exotic cars. For a unique holiday party.

Exotic car society holiday party hosted by diamonds By raymond lee

Diamonds by Raymond Lee Exotic Car Society holiday part 2018

The holiday party was held on a Wednesday evening much like today. Just two weeks ago but it seems as if it was just yesterday. We enjoyed getting to see and know each one of the Exotic Car Society’s members and of course check out their cars. A lot of these people are close to us joining us each month for Diamonds and Donuts Boca Raton Car show. This is where we get to help out charitable causes, have a ton of fun and see these cars take a victory lap. Although the holiday party was much more intimate than these events it was a victory lap in itself. It was a great opportunity for everyone to get together again and close out the year. Celebrating the holidays and all of our collective achievements and successes. Because in the end what is a society but really a group of friends.

The Holiday Party 2018 Recap

At the party itself we got to see friends yes and also have a wonderfully good time. We had some snacks and our car show tent with a comfortable leather seating area. There is of course no point in being inside when the weather is this nice. And we mean both the actual weather and the incredible cars pulling up into Diamonds by Raymond Lee. We are so glad to have hosted all of the Exotic Car Society members. Also we want to extend them a very big thank you. Many of the owners joined us for our Diamonds and Donuts Car Show for Toys for Tots. And they brought their best game to say the least. We collected an incredible amount of toys for disadvantaged children in the area. And we got to enjoy some amazingly powerful collectible super cars at the store while we were all at it.

Exotic car society holiday party hosted by diamonds By raymond lee

Exotic Car Society holiday party hosted at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

It is great to be a part of growing such a tight knit and generous community in South Florida. From Boca Raton to Palm Beach and beyond we know we can count on our unique customers and friends. They join together for fun and for good as well. We had an absolutely great time during the holiday party. It was a unique experience. Speaking of unique not only are these luxury race cars singular in and of themselves. These owners take it to the next level with top of the line special wrapping, paint jobs and bespoke modifications. As we have seen at the car shows these Exotic Car Society members do not settle. It is always a pleasure to see their impressive creative side flexing. As you can see below there are details that really make the difference when it comes to an exclusive group such as these guys.

Racing Stripes Doubling as Holiday Present Wrapping

It is not the look per se for holiday presents. However the amazing racing stripes we see on luxury sports cars reminiscent of the race tracks also do look a lot like present wrap during this time of year! After all it is a rare gift to be able to see and experience all of these incredible cars in one place. From the Lambos to the Porsches and McLarens to the Ferraris there are no cars left out. The Exotic Car Society consists of an incredible group of members each with their own unique and incredible cars. Further the customization and unique designs on these cars give them an even finer edge. Personalized and performing these exotic cars are prepped and ready to go any time of the year no matter what. A lot of the members of the Exotic Car Society also get their cars designed with unique details.

Exotic car society holiday party hosted by diamonds By raymond lee

Sportscar stripes at the Exotic Car Society holiday party

Its part of what makes it such a pleasure to see them around South Florida and the country. They are always stepping up their game and souping up their vehicles. We have seen some incredible designs and a constant stream of innovative details added in. They are bespoke features for refined automobiles unlike any others you see around. It is this personality and excitement for super cars that we saw at this year’s holiday party. Wrapped up were not just presents but some of the exotic luxury cars that joined us at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. We love to see each member’s personality come out in their cars and the features they choose. From the scintillating colors and interiors to the stripes of all kinds. It is never a dull moment with these guys and girls. They are passionate about their vehicles and constantly come up with temporary make overs.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee and exotic cars of all types

Featured here are some of the world’s finest luxury and sports cars. The best in their ranges and the most powerful engines there are to be had. They are made with an impeccable attention to detail and focused precision. Nothing on these cars has not been tested and retested. Each one is a fine and unique example of unparalleled quality. They are the greatest and most well known cars in the whole world. And all of this of course does not happen by accident. It takes dedication, a keen eye and a commitment to excellence. It is why we at Diamonds by Raymond Lee identify so closely with the exotic cars and owners. When it comes to fine jewelry and luxury timepieces these are the exact same standards we choose to have. To only bring you, our clients, the absolute best there is to offer no matter what every time.

Exotic car society holiday party hosted by diamonds By raymond lee

Diamonds by Raymond Lee hosts Exotic Car Society Holiday Party

This mentality is really how we got started on joining with exotic car owners throughout the years. It is this association of the grandeur and performance. Luxury diamond jewelry does after all go hand in hand with collector and exotic vehicles. Most of all though it is the community that they create. The Exotic Car Society does not just exist in function of the vehicles. Although they are primarily the coolest and finest there are. It is also about bringing together people of the same mindset. People who care and curate experiences surrounding the finer things in life. Overall our association with groups and individuals like the Exotic Car Society are a reflection of our values and commitment. To the South Florida community, to the superior quality and refined craftsmanship it takes to create these and of course to the relationships being built and fostered by coming together in appreciation.

Exotic car society holiday party hosted by diamonds By raymond lee

Luxury exotic cars at Diamonds by Raymond Lee – Exotic Car Society Holiday Party 2018

Fine products for fine people all across the board

We are so thankful for all of the Exotic Car Society members who joined us for their holiday party. It was an amazing event and we can not wait to see you all soon for more! Overall the vibe is always great with this group. Particularly when it involves their powerful vehicles. The party theme may have been the holidays but you know the conversation was cars, cars, cars. And we hope a bit about fine jewelry too. After all what pairs better with sports cars and luxury vehicles than incredible diamonds and fine time pieces. Whether the watches are to keep track of your speed with these amazing engines or to personalize to match them. Accessories are a must for cars as stunning as these. Wherever the fleet arrives you know all eyes are on them.

Our New Year Resolution

Now that the holidays are almost over we start to look ahead to the future. This time of year brings the opportunity to plan and decide how our new year will be. We know for sure that we want it to be as filled with super cars as this year was. Looking on to 2019 now it will be incredible to see what amazing events and activities the Exotic Car Society comes up with next. They will be celebrating their third year in existence during 2019. No small feat when it comes to joining together such an elite group. We are happy to have hosted their holiday party this month. Further we can not wait to host them once again in the coming year. To see and of course hear some of the world’s finest motor vehicles. Right here in our little slice of paradise, at Diamonds by Raymond Lee.

We also have set our New Year’s resolution. And as a family owned company that has been around serving South Florida for the past three decades you know our main resolution is to continue to build community. With holiday parties, events and any which way we can come up with. To come together, to have an absolutely stunning time and to give back to the community around us. It is a value that we at Diamonds by Raymond Lee were built upon. To bring together new friends and old and to spread a sense of unity. Whether the reason we are coming together is exquisite sports cars, dazzling diamonds, or a couple of donuts between friends. Our aim is to continue offering superior service and unparalleled quality always. We hope to see you soon during the coming new year. And as always we would like to extend our open doors.

Exotic car society holiday party hosted by diamonds By raymond lee

White Lamborghini and Yellow Ferrari at Diamonds by Raymond Lee
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