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A. Jaffe Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Review

A. Jaffe Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Review

A. Jaffe Engagement Rings

We are reviewing one of the finest bridal jewelers. A. Jaffe engagement rings and wedding bands are one of a kind and made with masterful craftsmanship always. The perfect engagement ring. One you keep and treasure for the rest of your life. A. Jaffe engagement rings and wedding bands are one of the designer bridal jewelers we hold dear because of how well designed, strongly crafted and uniquely refined they are. Each ring has an absolute love story imbued into the design and every selected stone set. For while you dream of your special day they dream of creating pieces to celebrate the most romantic moments of life. From their incredible classic engagement rings like solitaires to their modern halo featured multiple stone engagement rings. A. Jaffe is a master bridal jeweler without comparison. For much more than a century, they have been creating pieces that outlast lifetimes of joy.

Established in 1892 in none other than the incredible metropolis of New York City, A. Jaffe has always been at the epicenter of the jewelry world. Abraham Jaffe, the creator of this unique and renowned brand was set on building a place of dreams. One where people could bring their dreams of a happily ever after to life. He maintained an innovative and forward thinking approach when it came to designing jewelry. Always at the cusp of innovation and technique, A. Jaffe created a legacy unlike any other. Bridal jewelry from engagement rings and wedding bands to fine adornment pieces are found here. Each one of the pieces can take up to 80 hours being produced. Also, every single one goes through a rigorous 10 step quality assurance test to ensure your ring is one to last for a lifetime. The designs are also tested for their relevance and longevity.

A. Jaffe a fine bridal jeweler for engagement rings and wedding bands

Tested to endure the passing of trends and fads without a second glance. They are built for exceptional beauty and absolute comfort in mind. A master jeweler knows the ring must not only be incredible but also a seamless part of your daily life as well. Taking and building upon a reservoir of knowledge and skill that has been passed down internally for generations they create master pieces. An A. Jaffe ring is special. It is unlike any other and there are plenty of good reasons for that. One of the unique aspects of these rings is the slight subtle squaring of the shank on A. Jaffe rings. This minimizes twisting thus maximizing comfort and elegance in the beauty of each ring. Another, incredible commitment from A. Jaffe is their diamond and precious gem sourcing. Every diamond sourced for A. Jaffe rings is mined according to the Kimberley Process Certification.

This Kimberley Process Certification ensures that the countries where these diamonds are mined from are fully participant in the international system created specifically to eliminate the trade of so called “conflict diamonds”. For a piece symbolizing your love and the beginning of your life giving you peace of mind in its sourcing is important. A. Jaffe is committed to protecting that peace for everyone. So you can rest assured and take peace of mind for every jewel in the A. Jaffe jewelry pieces is part of this international agreement. It is part of their promise to you. As a company that has been around for the last 120 years they are committed to your jewelry’s value now and for the rest of your life. The lifetime warranty that comes with every single one of their rings is another way they keep your peace of mind at heart with absolute confidence.

A. Jaffe Engagement rings and wedding bands

Their lifetime guarantee is not just an assurance for your ring. It also speaks volumes of their confidence in their craftsmanship. It is not just a guarantee of quality and design. Also, it is a commitment to you. To be there and support you with any needs you might have for your most precious possession, the symbol of your true everlasting love. After all an engagement ring is the very beginning of it all. From the moment you choose that ring something much deeper and stronger has been set in motion and A. Jaffe knows that. It is why they work so very hard to create the absolute perfect item. The one that will make that yes and eternal joy a material symbol. It is these not so up front emotional sentiments that the master jewelers at A. Jaffe take into account when designing and crafting these unique engagement rings.

They are aware that these are not your trend jewelry nor even just a gift but rather a whole new life being built together. This of course includes the wedding bands that they craft as well. Every one is for you and your truly to hold dear for decades to come. Intertwining precious metals and luxurious gem stones the A. Jaffe master jewelers create pieces that not only symbolise the intertwining of two lives but also showcase each person’s individuality. Further, that is why each one of their rings is so unique and singular. They are mind with all the different types of brides and grooms in mind. Those who would not entrust the creation of their most dear possession to just anyone. Those who look to tradition and expertise for the very best results that can be crafted. It is just another reason why A. Jaffe rings are incredible.

A. Jaffe Engagement Rings

A. Jaffe Solitaire engagement ring

a. jaffe solitaire engagement ring

A. Jaffe MES07820 Timeless Shared Prong Engagement Ring Setting

First, this lovely classic. A timeless solitaire brilliant white round diamond engagement ring. This one has several additional accent diamonds all along the band giving the central stone an added glamour. The shared prong engagement ring is an incredible detail showing both craftsmanship and a keen eye.

A. Jaffe Halo feature engagement ring

a. jaffe halo engagement ring

A. Jaffe BE50376 Round .36ctw Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Setting

Next, is an incredible halo feature engagement ring. This one is a stunning round deco style ring with 0.36 carats of diamonds. The central diamond stone is surrounded with a halo feature that goes far beyond the simple single halo row of accent diamonds. These form a natural and organic blooming feel like flowers in Spring. Further this ring also has accent diamonds all along the band extending the beauty and shine all around.

A. Jaffe Three diamond feature engagement ring

A. Jaffe .52ctw Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Mounting

A. Jaffe BE50150 0.52ctw Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Setting

Finally one of the most stunning engagement rings that we have available in our collection. This amazing 0.52 carat diamond halo engagement ring setting features three large diamond stones. The central stone is a large Princess cut diamond not only surrounded by accent diamonds in a modern halo feature but also flanked on either side by slightly smaller but still large diamond gem stones. These in turn are also surrounded in accent diamonds for a stunning triple halo feature. Another, interesting feature of this ring is its uncanny similarity to Meghan Markle’s ring. The recent Royal wedding boosted interest in these three stone diamond engagement rings like never before. Not only are they modern and reserved they are also glamourously stunning in every single way.

Wedding bands

Modern A. Jaffe wedding bands for women

A. Jaffe WR0837 0.83ctw Stackable Eternity Wedding Band

First, is this A. Jaffe classic stackable eternity wedding band is offered in 14 carat gold, 18 carat gold, or platinum. Whether you like to wear one eternity wedding band or if you like to stack wedding bands, this gorgeous ring is a classic must have. Featuring approximately 0.83 carats of brilliant round white diamonds this band is a modern and patterned ring for the unique modern bride on her big day. Further, it can be easily paired with several of the stackable anniversary bands that A. Jaffe offers in their unique ranges.

a. jaffe modern wedding band

A. Jaffe WR0849/69 Modern Open Twist Diamond Wedding Band

Finally one of the most modern and unique wedding bands that we have available in our range. This is an A. Jaffe modern open twist diamond wedding band. It takes an eternity ring and brings it to the absolute next level. Much more than your traditional and classic wedding bands this one pairs an infinity shaped band with the eternity ring design. All of the diamonds are expertly set all along the band as it intertwines. A lovely aesthetic look and also strong symbol for the two lives that it brings together. Intertwining lives and loves forever on your finger this band is so much more than a jewelry design.

Classic A. Jaffe anniversary band for women

classic infinity wedding band diamond

A. Jaffe WR1024Q/50 Delicate Diamond Quilted Anniversary Band

Finally, the classic and undoubtedly most well known anniversary band. It is the symbol of the longevity of your love. A prized commemoratory ring it embraces the commitment you have made to one another and adds just a light touch of additional sparkly diamonds right where it belongs. This simple and understated band is a delicate and romantic feature that fits in perfectly well with your engagement ring and wedding band. Alternatively this thin ring can also be worn separately but overall it is an easy and simple look that remains throughout the times an unchanging symbol of longevity and of course of true deep love.

A. Jaffe men’s brushed satin wedding band

a. jaffe men's wedding band

A. Jaffe BR4620/PL Brushed Satin Men’s Wedding Band

Finally, the A. Jaffe tradition and impeccably masterful craftsmanship is not limited to women’s rings when it comes to wedding bands. This is one of A. Jaffe’s incredible takes on the classic polished gold men’s wedding band. This particular one is a brushed satin style available in 14 carat gold, 18 carat gold or even platinum. It has a wonderful bevelled look with either side at the top and bottom shaped to accentuate the central band. While this specific ring does not have gem stones and is a more traditional style it has detailing that sets it into the modern day. Further, A. Jaffe’s expert designs ensures this ring has an ultra comfortable fit for all that you do throughout the years, it will hold on with you.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee your South Florida wedding and bridal jewelry diamond destination

Overall whether this is the very beginning of your journey and you are just starting your search for the perfect ring to pop the question. Or rather you are both well on your way to the altar. We at Diamonds by Raymond Lee are here to help you. In any one of our conveniently located and fabulously decorated South Florida stores, you can personally meet with a diamond expert or master jeweler to ask any questions you might have. We are happy to welcome you to our place and ready to assist you with any of your needs. There is nothing quite like trying on a piece of jewelry before setting your heart on it. Quite literally when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands which will symbolize your heart’s truest feelings over time. We know this and cannot wait to walk with you on this long lovely journey.

If you are in South Florida you can feel free to pop into any of our stores and we will gladly assist you. Otherwise, if you prefer or are making a trip over to visit us and want to guarantee your time you can also make an appointment by getting in touch with us by phone, email or dropping us a message here. Our family has been serving the South Florida community for the past thirty years. We have been helping couples along their journey from the yes to anniversaries and adjustments over time. Our goal is always to provide superior service and unparalleled quality. This is why we hope you will come and see for yourself what it means to be a part of the Diamonds by Raymond Lee family. We believe in connecting with people, making our dreams reality by letting us be a part of your journey.

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