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wedding ring stacks white gold with diamonds

Wedding ring for women – rose, yellow and white gold

A wedding ring is the one unique piece of jewelry that you will wear for the rest of your happily ever after. It is the symbol of your shared love. The greatest step in the journey of your relationship wedding rings symbolize your bond and commitment. There are now more options than ever when it…
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engagement ring buying different diamond cuts and styles

The Ultimate Engagement Ring Buying Guide

An engagement ring is one of the most important items of jewelry you will ever purchase. It is the symbol of your love to share and cherish for your new beginning and future together. Buying this ring is no easy feat. The bride to be may be selective. More likely than not she is unique…
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diamond pearl wedding jewelry

Diamond pearl jewelry for a romantic wedding theme

Diamond pearl jewelry is ideal for a romantic wedding theme. The timeless jewelry pieces that feature what are called living jewels are classic. The instantly elegant jewel pearls, especially when combined with diamonds, are elegant and refined. Diamonds are the hardest jewel stone in the world. Meanwhile pearls are delicate and smooth. The combination of…
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engagement vs wedding rings four engagement diamond solitaires

Engagement vs wedding rings: what you need to know

Getting married is an exciting moment in a couples’ lives. It marks the beginning of a new kind of commitment and relationship. A journey into a partnership with your person. Now before the grand day there are of course a few items to plan out particularly when it comes to wedding  planning. And if you…
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three diamond engagement ring gabriel & co

Three diamond ring – engagement trends of 2019

This year’s engagement ring trends are in full bloom. From the rings featuring colorful gem center stones to more vintage inspired styles we have seen a significant uptake in unique engagement rings. Rather than the traditional classic solitaire diamond ring couples are looking for different rings. One particular trend of 2019 engagement rings are the…
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Marquise diamond engagement rings

Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings for the Unique Bride

Every bride is unique in their own way and bring their own personal style to each part of their wedding. However one aspect that is not always easy to pin down is the engagement ring. After all when proposing to your partner. A singular unique personality in the entire world how can you find the…
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spring wedding engagement ring sapphire

Spring Wedding in South Florida

A Spring wedding is an ideal choice of season for a moment of transition, for a blooming love and a fresh new life start. It is the start of rebirth as nature comes out from its cold and chilly abode. Bursts of color and chirping birds are the first thing most of us think of…
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three double halo engagement rings A. Jaffe

Double Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

It is the deciding moment of the direction of your new life. One built with and alongside a friend, a partner and a true love. The moment of your engagement. That singular occasion of working up to a commitment like no other. Other than the couple involved the most important thing in that moment is…
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diamond bands for your wedding

Diamond Bands for your Wedding

When it comes to your wedding day perhaps the most important item that you will wear is your wedding band. The symbol of your marriage and a jewelry piece you will continue to wear as a symbol of your love and commitment for now and for ever. From the classic yellow gold polished bands of…
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cartier love bracelet stack in cartier box

Cartier Love Bracelets: Everything you need to know

Cartier love bracelets are some of the most iconic jewelry pieces of the last few decades. Undoubtedly an icon of the haute jewelry house Cartier as well, the bangles have the signature feature screw details. Each one of the bracelets come in a variety of different styles ranging in type and color of metal as…
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romantic wedding bracelet pearls

Romantic Wedding Jewelry: A Bride’s Guide

Romantic wedding jewelry is becoming increasingly popular amongst modern brides. It is a feminine and refined look that takes the classic styles, materials and theme into your big day. In general they feature quite a bit of lace. Soft color palettes and muted tones. As well as delicate finery and light touches of sparkle. Sure…
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wedding jewelry bracelet Tacori Island Rains Sky Blue Topaz Cascading Gem

Wedding jewelry – 5 things to wear on your big day

It’s here. It’s finally here; your big day. Your wedding day is one that for many people they dream about, plan for and prepare themselves to experience for, well, the majority of their adult lives. It is the milestone that many see as the moment when they begin to build their own little family. When…
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Lady gaga yellow diamond ring oscars

Lady Gaga Necklace Yellow Diamond

Lady Gaga necklace – the item of jewelry that almost stole the show at this year’s Oscars award ceremony. The massive Tiffany & Co. yellow diamond is one of the largest diamonds in the world. At an incredible 287.54 carats, this diamond was found in the Kimberley mines of South Africa in 1877. After it…
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florida wedding venue barn

Miranda Lambert solitaire diamond engagement ring

Miranda Lambert the 35 year old country music star, recently shocked her fans by announcing her marriage to 27 year old Brendan McLoughlin. The two apparently got married during an intimate and secret ceremony after dating outside of the public eye. The two tied the knot in Davidson County, Tennessee. Miranda Lambert let all of…
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Orlando Bloom gives Katy Perry ring like this

Orlando Bloom Proposes – Katy Perry’s Blooming Engagement Ring

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are the latest celebrity couple to get engaged. The two are now set to be married soon and announced as much through a sweet and intimate instagram post. Orlando Bloom proposed to the singer, who has arrived at her Super Bowl half time show riding a lion, Katy Perry, on…
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