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Romantic Wedding Jewelry: A Bride’s Guide

Romantic wedding jewelry is becoming increasingly popular amongst modern brides. It is a feminine and refined look that takes the classic styles, materials and theme into your big day. In general they feature quite a bit of lace. Soft color palettes and muted tones. As well as delicate finery and light touches of sparkle. Sure to be some of the most gorgeous and thought out celebrations a romantic wedding’s success is in the details. Each and every little frill, bow, pearl and diamond stone makes the look true. A wholly tied together style from your dress to your earrings. A romantic wedding calls for classic jewelry pieces. Like delicate necklaces, layers of pearls, and glittering stones. For soft styles and delicate designs. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we have got perfect romantic wedding jewelry for you. Only the finest jewels for your most tender and most romantic moment in life. For those brides that want to have a classic wedding with a romantic theme jewelry is the best way to incorporate that look and feel. While your gown or wedding dress gives the true tone of the wedding the small details count. A classic and romantic wedding jewelry set includes diamonds of course. The  classic gem stone for any celebration. Particularly though for a wedding celebration. That is why we have got an assortment of diamond and pearl jewelry here. A perfect mix of classic jewelry pieces for a romantic wedding. No matter what your wedding color palette is or which design style you choose for your dress. With these classic and romantic jewelry pieces your look is sure to be timeless and graceful. A more vintage style the pearls are an added touch of elegance and old time glamour. Meanwhile the diamonds can bring a touch of modernity too.

Diamonds are forever, a favorite for romantic weddings

These gemstones are easily the most well known and loved precious stone of all time. Classic at another level the diamond is a touch of sparkle that goes with absolutely any style, or other colors and stones. It is a romantic sparkle and touch that we see everywhere. However the way that you touch it up and use it as an accent is what makes it. The beaty of these hard core literally stones is how versatile and resistant they are. After a very and we mean very long time of being jewelers’ favorite it is easy to see why the saying goes “Diamonds are forever”. So just like your wedding a diamond is the perfect stone to represent your happily ever after.

14k White Gold 0.60ct Round Brilliant Floating Diamond Pendant Necklace

First is a lovely 14 carat white gold round brilliant floating diamond pendant necklace. Not the only solitaire present when it comes to your wedding jewelry this necklace is gorgeous. A large single diamond stone at the center of a whisper thin chain. The round brilliant white necklace is a 0.6 carat classic diamond. One of the most famous diamond cuts in the history of jewels, round cut diamonds are fabulously exquisite. From the diamond cut to clarity and fire there is terminology and industry standards that goes with every diamond. It can be difficult to know what the diamond’s attributes are, without some background knowledge. That is why beyond opening our doors and making our diamond experts available to help answer your questions. We also have an education section of on our website! You can check it out right here or reach out to us in the comments. Now back to this incredible strand necklace. The delicate single diamond is a floating jewel on your neck. For any type or cut of gown and neckline this diamond is a simple, romantic and ultimately an absolute classic. A refined look with a touch of shine and an eye catching style we love a floating diamond pendant necklace.

A pearl of wisdom, or rather a triple strand


Pearls are unique jewelry items. Also a classic in the world of jewelry these precious stones are formed inside of an oyster shell. From the depths of the ocean these lustrous and gorgeously shining beads are an iconic romantic jewelry material. While there are many different colors of pearls. Including black, pink, a more yellowish white and bright white. The classic color is truly the soft “pearly” white pearls. For a romantic wedding pearls are definitely recommended. They are the soft and feminine touch required. This bracelet is a triple strand of pearls with a gorgeous flower detail at the clasp. The 14 carat yellow gold flower has 5 petals and six gorgeous pearls in the centre. It is delicate and refined. Further the large pearls are eye catching. An added touch of organic and natural are the golden leaves. These are intermittent all along the length of the bracelet.

Gabriel & Co. a fine wedding jeweler

A family business, they take love, friendship and the incredible moments that mark our lives to the next level. The Gabriel & Co. brand was founded in 1989 by the Gabriel brothers Jack and Dominick. Their dive into the world of jewelry making was not a randomly selected one. As a family passion their father Elias Gabriel was a master jeweler who taught them the art of the craft. Behind each item that they create there is a story. Always in consideration of not just the industry innovations, and superior production methods. However, also the couple, the wearer who will treasure their jewelry items forever more to come. They took their personal vision of the value, both material but more importantly emotional, that jewelry carries and established their brand. Commitment to showcasing love and passion in every one of their pieces they design. You can see it in their romantic flare. Gabriel & Co.’s  deep awareness of the real meaning behind jewelry, a commemoration, whether of love, an occasion or incredible accomplishments, is translated into gorgeous designs. Every detail is thought through. For romantic wedding jewelry this is one of the premier brnads. One of the world’s greatest jewelers they are diamond experts. Take a look below at their 14 carat white gold diamond masterpieces. Whether you are looking for dazzling drop earrings. Or rather an innovative necklace design that plays with space, and redesigns what a traditional diamond necklace can look like. A double Y knot necklace for the day when you and your beau tie the knot. Gabriel & Co. masters the diamond and white gold look. Their designs bring movement and beauty to any style of gown. The elongated lines and dazzling sparkle are lovely romantic wedding touches without a question. Let us take a look at them now.

Gabriel & Co. EG13633W45JJ 14k White Gold 0.96ctw Diamond Linear Drop Earrings

First in the Gabriel & Co. romantic wedding jewelry is a set of diamond linear drop earrings. These earrings are 14 carat white gold and feature approximately 0.96 carats of round brilliant diamonds. They have a lot of movement and are a delicate feature framing your face. The top and bottom of the ends of the earrings are set in a thicker strand. Meanwhile at the centre approximately 7 diamonds are set individually. This gives the simple and modern design a touch of texture. Adding to the movement as well. When you wear these earrings they dangle along your face for a lovely romantic touch.

Gabriel & Co. NK5807W45JJ 14k White Gold 0.34ctw Diamond Double “Y” Knot Necklace

Another gorgeous Gabriel & Co. romantic jewelry item is this double diamond Y knot necklace. The 14 carat white gold necklace features approximately 0.34 carats of round brilliant diamonds. One is on the top level of the chain and the other is directly below it. Further elongating the bottom half of the necklace is the strand of white gold that dips from the second diamond. It ends in a lovely diamond touch as well. The two main diamonds each have a halo feature which adds to the size of each one. As well as the sparkle they give off as well. This necklace is a delicate piece with special touches along it to make it truly special. Since the necklace sits quite high on your neck it can work for a variety of different necklines and dress cuts. However because of the Y knot feature it is ideal for dresses that have a lower cut neckline. 

Romantic Wedding and Classic Jewelry Pieces for Brides

Overall wedding trends are changing up but there is nothing like tradition. Classics are timeless and we continue to see them feature prominently in every type of wedding. From the dresses and gowns to the color schemes and themes brides are breaking away more and more. However whether it is for a traditional beige and white wedding or a more colorful palette romance is key. Regardless of the location or statement the brides and grooms are making, jewelry is a key detail. To make their weddings personalized to their very own personal style couples are adding in their small touches. Authenticity is taking over and it could not be more gorgeous. In jewelry it is quite easy to express the delicate and fancifully romantic aspects. So if you have a more modern or specialised type of wedding ceremony planned. But want to add that romantic feel jewelry is the way. There are no longer set rules. The sky is not even the limit. A wedding must be one thing and one thing only and that is exactly how the couple getting married want it to be. It is why we offer such a wide range of jewelry pieces. Along with the option to craft custom jewelry. It is so we can make your wedding dreams a reality. If you are interested in one of the romantic wedding jewelry pieces we have below though make sure to visit one of our shops (more information on those below), or check out online. Our team is ready to assist you on the beginning of this incredible journey. Of building a whole new life together. Intertwining both of your lives into one. Forever and ever more, in love and in happiness. We hope you will join us to help bring your dreams to life.

Wedding jewelry and accessories at Diamonds by Raymond Lee jewelry stores in South Florida

As a family operated business we pride ourselves in providing superior service and the highest quality products. For the past 3 decades we have served South Florida, helping couples bring their wedding dreams to life. We hope to continue providing our clients with fine jewelry and timepieces as much for their weddings as for their commemorations for the next 3 decades as well. Our address, hours, phone number and email information can be found here. We are here for you every step of the way. So feel free to contact us or just drop by. Our diamond experts can help you find the jewelry of your dreams for your big day. No matter your budget or time frame. Add a little touch to your romantic wedding with gorgeous jewelry like the pearl bracelet above, or some diamond sparkles like the necklaces and drop earrings. We bring you the finest jewelry. From diamonds, rings and bridal jewelry Diamonds by Raymond Lee has got you covered. We love our refined clientele and it is not just who does not love a wedding? But rather how much we love all our customers, who are having one! After all it is all in the details when it comes to a wedding. And together you both are one half of the main star of the show. We want to help you sparkle accordingly. With all the glimmer and shine that you deserve on your big day. No excess just the right amount of details to touch up your shine. Plus with classic romantic wedding items like these you are sure to wear them to other notable events in your life. Carrying with you the romance and happiness of that day. The beginning of the rest of your lives. While you are building together your family.

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