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Spring Wedding in South Florida

A Spring wedding is an ideal choice of season for a moment of transition, for a blooming love and a fresh new life start. It is the start of rebirth as nature comes out from its cold and chilly abode. Bursts of color and chirping birds are the first thing most of us think of when we hear spring. With the brighter and warmer weather coming it is no surprise that Spring is peak wedding season. It is when venues are fully booked up, sometimes even years in advance. So if you are planning a spring wedding what are some of your options in South Florida? What can you do when it comes to playing with your theme and decor colors? We will get into all these questions as well as showcase some lovely romantic and fresh springtime jewelry. The kind you can set your mind on before finishing planning. Planning a spring wedding does open up the whole rainbow of colors to play with. As well as offer the option for indoor and outdoor mixed wedding. In South Florida particularly spring can be the very best time to get married. The weather is pleasant and the temperatures are nice. Flowers are blooming and your jewelry can take those colors into your ceremony with you. Whichever colors you prefer though a touch of springtime romance is a sure bet when it comes to your jewelry. Accessories for a spring wedding call for nature motifs, for obvious reasons, and light and bright colors, as well as romantic themes including pearls and gems. These evoke the season and will continue to brighten up your jewelry collection as keepsakes of your special day. So whether you are looking at a beachfront venue or South Florida icon building there’s a spring piece for you.

Spring wedding time in South Florida

Here in South Florida spring is that perfect time of year when you can avoid the heat waves of summer and also those unusually chilly cold snaps of winter. It is a time when it is likely to be in the 70s degree fahrenheit a majority of the time as the sun peaks higher and higher into the sky. However it really depends at which time of day. South Florida is afterall well known for its April showers. That is why when it comes to a spring wedding in South Florida a venue with indoor and outdoor options is perfect. A backup plan is of course always recommended and with the two separate environments you can do a lot to bring spring. Places like the Addison or the Boca Lago Country club offer just this. Classic, elegant and versatile both the locations are sure to have you saying “I do”. Now whether you choose these or similar venues nowhere near South Florida there is one sure way to bring that South Florida feel to your wedding. The best way to do that is of course with your jewelry. You can tie in the coastal and tropical theme into a spring wedding any place. All without compromising the lovely romantic styles of spring too. Pearls are one great way to do this. The nautical treasures are a staple of romantic designs and breathe a feminine air into a spring event.

Lucien Piccard 14k Yellow Gold Pearl Multi Strand Bracelet Mother Of Pearl Dial Ladies Watch

A lovely example of the romantic twists you can add to your spring wedding are pearls. Now you do not have to go with the classic earrings or necklace. You can add a twist with a unique ocean touch. A mother of pearl dial. The contrast and evocation of Romantic styles are layered in this one of a kind Lucien Piccard watch. The 14 carat yellow gold watch features a multi strand pearl bracelet. Along with these dangling and dashing pearls it features a pearl bezel as well. It surrounds the mother of pearl dial that is at the centre of this piece. At a quaint and delicate 18.6 millimeters the case is just right for a wedding day watch. It is a romantic piece to bring the coastal and ocean themes to your wedding. As well as the classic spring dewy shine delicacies touch too.

Spring wedding jewellery with nature motifs

A truly unique and quintessential motif of spring is of course nature. Whether that be blooming flowers or animals venturing out into the newly dewy day. A spring wedding is perfect for using accessories that borrow from nature for organic shapes including swooping styles and animals.

18k White Gold 0.97ctw Diamond Spiral Butterfly Ring

One option that is truly fun and unique is a spiral ring. The curves and natural swirling movement are evocative of nature’s course during this time. This particular piece of jewelry features a butterfly seemingly mid flight landing on a tall spiral ring. With abundant white brilliant diamonds this ring is a bit of sparkle and a lot of intricate detail. It breathes motion from within an 18 carat white gold setting. In total there are approximately 0.97 carats of white diamonds in the ring spiral and the butterfly’s wings.

14k White Gold 0.35ctw Pave Diamond Cluster Flower Earrings

Another delicate and romantic jewelry piece ideal for a spring wedding is this set of 14 carat white gold pave diamond cluster flower earrings. Petite and sparkly these use the nature motif in a subtle form. Featuring approximately 0.35 carats of diamonds these five petal blooms are a spring staple you are sure to wear long after your wedding day undoubtedly. The feminine look lends itself to almost any dress style or theme as well making them versatile no matter your color palette.

Colorful themes for a spring wedding

A spring color palette is one that offers a wide range of options. It is after all the time of year when mother nature shows off her best. Why not match the bursting colors outside for your spring wedding theme? Lush spring palettes can include any range of tones from mints and playful pinks to corals and the classic pastels. All of these of course without mentioning the greens which are of course the color of the season. All in all whether you choose lighter or darker tones pairing different hues of your chosen theme is a great way to reflect the bright beginnings of the season. Speaking of which spring is a time when all this happens because the sun sparks up and comes closer to us. Although South Florida is definitely sunny we all still embrace the sun as it makes its way over for those hot July days. Spring is that perfect in between when you see the golden tones of orange and yellow play through the tree’s new green leaves. While yellows are more common spring wedding themes a deep golden citrusy hue is unique.

David Yurman Sterling Silver Citrine And Diamond Ring

One way to bring this golden touch to your wedding is with your jewelry. Now while yellow gold jewelry is an easy choice we feel that the precious metal tone does not do justice to our nearest star. Afterall in spring you can truly see the different shades of sunshine. That is why for the brides looking to bring that golden sunshine to their wedding accessories we recommend this amazing David Yurman designer Citrine and diamond ring. It features eight round cut diamonds flanking the 15mm x 15mm large center Citrine stone. As well as the iconic David Yurman roped motif on the sides. For a tropical black tie affair why not bring pops of colour to your wedding? A Florida spring wedding is perfect for incorporating those bright colors, cabana stripes, and palms. Fun and fresh a spring wedding does not necessarily have to call only for pastels and muted tones. A bright and colorful aesthetic can bring the coastal patterns and hues into your special day.

14k Yellow Gold 0.30ct Round Diamond Lavender Jade Ladies Ring

One example of how to pair similar color hues is this 14 carat yellow gold round diamond lavender jade ring. It features a lovely oval lavender Jade gemstone measuring approx 13mm x 10mm. The surrounding halo is made up of interspersed round amethysts and white diamonds. The pairing of the darker tones with the light pastel lavender make for a gorgeous patterned arrangement. There have also been many a famous spring wedding. That includes the Royals. Kate Middleton was married in April, right at the cusp of spring. A a gorgeous ceremony as you would expect she incorporated the springtime colors and themes. The blooms on her big day brought elaborate pairings and the incredibly soft tones of the season. Now one pop of color that is more than well known at her wedding is of course the engagement ring she wore. Previously Princess Diana’s sapphire stone ring the radiant blue gem sat on Kate’s hand as it did Diana’s. Both blooming beautifully on the day of their weddings the ring is a colorful symbol bringing back the legacy of Diana’s mother’s ring too. We would have been remiss not to include it in this spring wedding feature of course. So without further ado a blue sapphire diamond halo ring like the Royals.


The 14 carat two tone gold ring may not be forged from the Royal family’s gold but neither is Kate Middleton’s. Diana’s iconic engagement ring was in fact one of the only royal engagement rings to ever be purchased rather than taylor made. This ring has a similar brilliant white round cut diamond halo as Diana and Kate’s does surrounding the instantly recognizable blue sapphire. An oval cut approximately 6.16 carat sapphire this blue gem is of Sri Lankan origin.  It is similar to its regal look alike. Perfect for a spring ceremony whether it is your engagement ring or just your something blue. This ring can play a perfect spring tune at your ceremony. The most important thing though is that it speak to you. A spring wedding is nothing more than a season for your wedding. The season and jewelry you choose must overall just please you.

A Spring Wedding in South Florida

Regardless of what is in vogue this season or the next what is important when planning your spring wedding in South Florida are your tastes. While the seasons and trends may change your preferences at their core are sure to have ongoing similarities. If you are looking for inspiration now to plan your wedding for next spring keep this in mind. As you do not want to wait until the last minute of course but you also do not need to limit yourself. So go ahead if you find the perfect tone of apricot for your bridesmaids’ dresses then make that call! If you discover jewelry that is just your thing to bring some romance or fun into your wedding do not doubt yourself and know that when it comes to a Spring wedding there is a lot more leeway than it seems. A spring wedding is still your wedding. Whether your personality shows through with your jewelry or decor or your catering there are a million ways to incorporate your favorite touches. Jewelry is a particular favorite of ours of course. Particularly because of its symbolic and precious value. For centuries diamonds and precious gems have been used in weddings to represent the importance of such an occasion. Also it is the items that tend to be passed on within families carrying with it values and tradition. As a family owned diamond and jewelry company we identify strongly with this. Our family has been serving the South Florida community for the last three decades. Throughout that time the values and expertise that were passed down taught us to always provide superior service, and the finest of fine jewelry objects. It’s with pride that we look towards the next three decades to come as our opportunity to passing these on.

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