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Engagement vs wedding rings: what you need to know

Getting married is an exciting moment in a couples’ lives. It marks the beginning of a new kind of commitment and relationship. A journey into a partnership with your person. Now before the grand day there are of course a few items to plan out particularly when it comes to wedding  planning. And if you are looking to do a grand proposal well then there is probably some thought that needs to go into that as well. A major consideration for either moment though is definitely the rings. But so engagement vs wedding rings. What is the deal. There are quite a few differences when it comes to the two and quite a few options as well. We will get into how engagement rings and wedding rings are different as well as some sets of engagement and wedding rings too. These are sold together and generally have unique interlocking designs.

The main differences between engagement and wedding rings comes down to larger stones added on, when you wear them and ofcourse their purpose. Both are generally fine metal bands made of golds in a variety of colors or platinum or stainless steel. Now the wedding bands are generally also similar or even identical. Meanwhile the engagement ring is generally thinner and features a large diamond or fine gem central stone. There are several styles that you can choose from including with three stone or more. There are also designs with flanking diamonds and accent jewels too. A lot of significance in the meaning behind engagement and wedding rings is there too. So here we go engagement ring vs wedding ring, when to pick them out, if you need both and some styles for brides. Whether you are getting ready to propose or figuring out your wedding rings we’ve got you.

Engagement vs wedding ring

When it comes to engagement vs wedding rings there are a few differences. The style of each ring is fundamentally different. An engagement ring is of course what you call it a ring for when you get engaged. As we said these usually feature a center stone either solitaire or with flanking diamonds or gems or with two others on either side for a three stone diamond engagement ring look. During the engagement period this ring is worn to represent the upcoming wedding. It is the ring that you use to snap that announcement ring selfie. There are so many different features that an engagement ring can have as well. Including but no not limited to diamond halo features (even double halos), and accent diamonds along the band. Then there is the diamond cut which can be anything from the traditional round cut to marquise cut or one of many.

However the wedding band is generally less intricate. Typically worn under the engagement ring. Closer to the heart symbolizing the eternal commitment of marriage. The two rings are stacked together. When it comes to wedding bands they can be simple fine metal rings of gold or platinum or silver. However, you don’t have to have a plain band. Often, we see diamond studded and intricate wedding bands. Both for men and women. Whether you prefer a statement ring or a subtle classic look there are infinite options. Here we have showcased some of these wedding band options with accent diamonds. Also this is where you get engagement and wedding ring sets for brides. That way you know your engagement ring and wedding band will match. Some even have a unique feature that they form to the shape of the other to fit perfectly together. Just like you and your partner.

Solitaire diamond engagement rings

The most popular and arguably classic engagement ring style is the solitaire diamond ring. Featuring a single large diamond (sometimes celebrity style large) at the center of the ring these are known as the solitaire diamond engagement rings.

Tacori RoyalT 343RD75 Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting

First is a Tacori RoyalT diamond solitaire setting. Tacori is one of the most renowned engagement ring brands.

Tacori Petite Crescent HT254715RD65 White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

Next is another Tacori classic collection, the Petite Crescent. Named after the signature Tacori crescent pattern always present in a Tacori engagement ring this one has a as you may have guessed already petite crescent feature. The white gold diamond engagement ring setting has

Tacori Classic Crescent 2578RD6512W Diamond Twist Engagement Ring Setting

Another Tacori Crescent this engagement ring is part of the Classic collection. A diamond twist engagement ring setting it plays with texture and movement for an added unique touch to the engagement ring.

Tacori Petite Crescent HT2548CU75 Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

Finally another Petite Crescent engagement ring from Tacori. This one has a split shank and of course diamonds and diamonds galore. As we like our engagement and wedding rings. It also has a lovely diamond halo surrounding the center stone. The center may accommodate Princess,  or Round cut diamond shapes, starting at 1 carat or larger.

When to pick out wedding bands

The best time to choose wedding bands with your partner is before your wedding day obviously. However it is recommended that you begin this search at the very least two months in advance of your big day. It is a journey to find a ring that will symbolize your love for decades and decades to come. It may be a love at first sight kind of situation. However it also may turn out to be a more difficult decision as there are so very many options available in the market. Another consideration to take is that the rings you and your partner choose may require adjustments in size or if you choose to have any modifications made.

For example you could add stones to your rings or inscribe a memorable message on the inner part of the rings. One option is to have your initials or wedding date or even the date you meant inscribed inside. To ensure the jeweler has enough time to do any of these changes it is wise to begin your search early. Best case scenario you find them the very first time you come in and store them safely for the big day to come. Worst case scenario you realise you actually have quite a few questions about the bands, diamonds, brands, and metals. In this case just take your time and know that there are people you can count on to help you!

Our diamond experts for example are here ready to welcome you into our stores and walk with you on this journey. We love to assist couples in discovering the rings that speak to their shared love and explaining the differences between bands and styles that you may be interested in. With over thirty years in the business our family is passionate.

Single band wedding rings

Wedding bands now have more flair as brides take the opportunity to infuse a bit more of their personalities into the rings. Rather than a plain traditional metal band of yellow gold or platinum a majority of brides now go for diamond bands, the eternity bands being a particularly popular version of these.

Gabriel & Co. WB4122W44JJ 14k White Gold Diamond Straight Wedding Band

First is a straight 14 carat white gold diamond straight wedding band in a lovely unique pattern. Featuring a standard 0.13 carats of diamonds they are set in a French beading eyelet shape. There is also a brushed metal texture at the sides of the ring for an even more intricate look. Reminiscent of a scalloped style this romantic wedding band design is versatile and can be paired with almost any engagement ring. 

Gabriel & Co. LR50886Y45JJ 14k Yellow Gold 0.21ctw Diamond Stackable Dual Band

Another gorgeous modern wedding band featuring diamonds is this Gabriel & Co. 14 carat yellow gold stackable dial band. A great choice if you choose to not go with an engagement ring and wedding band but rather just one ring. This one has an interlaced yellow gold and diamond design. The gold is brushed for a textured look as well. 

Gabriel & Co. WB14103K44JJ 14k Rose Gold 0.34ctw Diamond Wedding Band

Next and similar design diamond wedding band as the one below is a classic straight band. This one has a modern touch with 14 carat rose gold. Which can also be used to match your engagement ring if you choose one with rose gold accents. 

Gabriel & Co. WB7261C4W44JJ 14k White Gold 0.43ctw Diamond Wedding Band

Then the classic of classics simple diamond wedding band featuring approximately 0.43 carats of round brilliant diamonds. These diamonds are G/H in color and SI in quality. Henri Daussi is also one of the world’s renowned wedding jewelry designers and boasts some of the finest craftsmen and techniques around. 

Henri Daussi R58-1H 14k White Gold 0.18ctw Pave Diamond V Band

Finally this 14 carat white gold pave diamond ring has approximately 0.18 carats of round brilliant diamonds, or 25 diamonds total in a modern design. A gentle central point like a princess crown this diamond wedding band adds a geometric movement and stunning modern flair to your engagement ring and wedding band pairing.

Do you need both an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

The answer to this question is like the answer to anything when it comes to your wedding. It depends on what makes you happy. We are not saying to Marie Kondo your wedding (although why not, everything in life really should spark joy should it not?). In all seriousness though it is the moment to celebrate you and your partner, the love you two share and the beginning of the rest of your lives. On the first day of forever everything should be to make the both of you happy. So if you want both an engagement ring and a wedding ring then do it, not for tradition but for you.

Also consider your day to day life. Do you generally enjoy wearing jewelry, do you stack rings – or would you rather a simple clean look with a single ring? If you are not sure then the best thing to do is visit a diamond store and try some on. Our stores are conveniently located in South Florida and our diamond experts are there to help you find the perfect rings.

There are some options that allow you to buy both the engagement ring and the wedding band in a set. This type of combination of rings generally fit seamlessly together and have very similar design styles. It is one way to ensure that your engagement ring and wedding ring will complement each other and not clash. These like every other engagement and wedding ring comes in a variety of metals, styles and diamond or gem stone options as well. If you already have an engagement ring and would like a wedding band to be made to fit your ring then you can see about it with bespoke or custom jewelry design. You can check this option on our site.

Engagement ring and wedding ring sets

Simon G MR1394 18k White Gold Engagement Ring Set

First is a set that is available in Platinum, 18 carat Yellow Gold or Rose Gold. It features approximately 0.33 carats of accent diamonds. Further it can accomodate diamonds of almost any size and cut. If you do not yet have a diamond but want this engagement ring setting and wedding band check out our online diamond search option.

Simon G LP1846-D 18k White/Rose Gold Engagement Ring Set

Second is a stunning 18 carat white gold and rose gold Simon G engagement ring and wedding band set. In terms of diamonds this set features approximately 0.34 carats of white diamond accents along the profile view of this brilliant solitaire setting, as well as 0.16 carats pink diamonds set in the rose gold. This enhances the color of the diamonds and adds to their shine.

Simon G MR2132 18k White Gold Engagement Ring Set

Finally is an 18 carat white gold engagement ring set. This modern ring features approximately 0.75 carats of accent diamonds along the halo setting and shank. This simplistic design is matched with an included diamond wedding band that fits flush against the engagement ring fitting in below the solitaire center stone.

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