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The Ultimate Engagement Ring Buying Guide

An engagement ring is one of the most important items of jewelry you will ever purchase. It is the symbol of your love to share and cherish for your new beginning and future together. Buying this ring is no easy feat. The bride to be may be selective. More likely than not she is unique and you will want to match up to her personality. To make things easier or rather a bit more complicated there are infinite options and combinations that you can choose from. Starting off with the precious metal, to the stone, leading to the cut and then of course how that is paired. Either with other jewels and stones or not. The decision is a defining one and definitely requires quite a bit of thought. Ring buying is not so easy.

If this is the first time you are buying an engagement ring or you perhaps do not know the intricacies of an engagement ring do not worry. We have put together the ultimate ring buying guide. A combination of all of the options, tips and how to find a ring for your soon to be fiance are in one place. To top it all off we have also included a few of our favourite engagement rings to showcase.

It gives you an idea of our varied curated collection which includes rings and settings from designers like Verragio, Tacori and many more.

So here we go everything that you need to know about buying an engagement ring. Where to begin your search and finally where to actually go ahead and make your purchase too. It is the type of purchase that wherever you buy the ring is likely to be where you return to for maintenance. And in those ‘life happens’ moments necessary repairs or adjustments.

How to choose a precious metal

The first step in your engagement ring buying journey is to choose a precious metal. Now in the past the metals were limited to either white or yellow gold or platinum. However now a days as we see more and more modern brides that limitation has changed. Rose gold rings are becoming more popular as well as mixing metals! Whether it is to mix the type of metal from the engagement ring and the wedding band or within the engagement ring the sky is the limit. Designers like Verragio for example have a wide range of mixed metal engagement rings. You see some with just the crown in a different metal. Or an intricate pattern intertwining the different colors together. Once you have the precious metal aesthetic in mind the next thing to look at is the qualities of the metal. What’re the precious metal’s characteristics of durability, and price?

Since yellow gold is a very soft metal for example it is more prone to scratching and may require more maintenance over the years. In contrast to platinum which is the world’s strongest precious metal. However when it comes to platinum jewelry modifications like resizing are not possible due to the metal’s nature. Another aspect to consider is also of course the price. Silver is much more abundant in supply than platinum. The prices of each are accordingly contrasting. So with your budget in mind it is important to consider what types of metal rings you are looking at.

Knowing the different types of stone settings

Next step in ring buying is to look at the different types of stone settings. There are many and they range from classical and traditional to incredibly modern and unique. There is your traditional single solitaire diamond ring without accent diamonds. Then you have the three stone ring style which features two additional stones flanking the centre diamond. From there all of the options available are incredible. You can have different cut accent diamonds set into the band of the ring. Or even add features like a halo or double it if you like. The stone setting sets up the center stone to shine. There are many different settings and an important thing to note is that they do not all come with a centre stone. Make sure while you shop for an engagement ring to find out exactly which ones include centre stones or not.

Henri Daussi CNV117A 3.01ct Diamond Engagement Ring

Here is a lovely stone setting from designer Henri Daussi. An 18 carat white gold and pave accent diamond setting it holds a 3.01 carat cushion cut diamond centre stone. The halo is a unique feature for this type of stone setting as well as the accent diamonds set along the band.

Choosing a precious gem or diamond cut

Next on the list is to choose a cut. This is a choice that will really set the tone of the ring you choose. A great opportunity to put some of the bride’s personality into the ring there are many different possible cuts. From traditional diamond cuts that have been around for centuries to more modern styles it really depends on personal preference. However an important thing to note is that the different cuts highlight or facilitate certain diamond features. What we mean is that certain cuts are better suited for diamonds of a certain quality while others require different features. For example emerald cut diamonds have to be free of any blemishes in the stone. That is because the way the geometric cut is shaped the clarity of the diamond is key. There is nowhere to hide a blemish no matter how small!

However then you have other cuts like the ever popular traditional round cut diamond. This one has many many facets and so makes it easier to still use a diamond even if there are slight imperfections.

Henri Daussi AVSY15-S5 18k White Gold 0.51ct Fancy Yellow Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

One fabulous example of a unique precious gem is the fancy yellow diamond. This engagement ring from designer Henri Daussi for example features an oval shape fancy yellow diamond that is approximately 0.51 carats. The light color of the fancy diamond is a fresh and dazzling shade that is sure to stand out.

Brushing up on the 4 C’s of diamonds

When choosing a precious gem or stone do not forget the 4 C’s of diamonds. First is the cut and then is the color. Both of which we have talked about. But what about the other two? Can you stop there? The diamond cut is of course the first C but it plays a huge role in defining the last two! When it comes to the diamond clarity and carat size the cut is a defining factor. Not one of the 4 C’s should be looked at independently but they should rather be taken in as interdependent.

You see if the carat weight of the diamond is not right for the diamond cut you are looking for then your ring will not be possible. On the flip side if the diamond cut you are looking to get requires a diamond of a specific clarity the same is true. Beyond this ring buying guide just make sure that once you are ready to search for a ring you take into account the 4 C’s.

Your bride to be’s preferences and style

Finally the most important aspect in a ring buying guide is the person you are buying this ring for! A ring to be worn for happily ever after is not the same for everyone. Truth be told it is far from it. That is why taking special consideration of the style preferences and design tendencies of the person you intend to give this ring to is important. For modern or traditional and for unique or timeless there is a combination of factors to make a ring just right. The journey is in finding it. It is in discovering which notes played together produce the symphony of your bride to be’s personality. Perhaps there is a color or metal that you can strongly associate with them.

A great way to find out is to take notes from their fashion preferences. It is one of the ways we most prominently show ourselves to the world. If they prefer a classic traditional look then you know your answer. On the other hand if they get excited about new and unique looks then there are different ring options to be looking at.

Going custom – ring buying outside ready made collections

Now for some a ring buying guide like this can inspire many an idea for the dream ring that would be perfect for your bride to be. If that is the case do not worry. For a unique one in the world type of ring there is also an option. Getting a custom made ring means you control each and every step of the process. You can choose your metal, stones and design. Working with master craftsmen and jewelry experts can help you bring to life your dream creation. Here at Diamonds by Raymond Lee custom made engagement rings are some of our favorite ones! Your inspiration and design are the true representation of what you want to show your loved one. So why not turn it into reality? No one knows them and their tastes better than you. Therefore who better to design a ring made just for them?

A really special option when creating a custom ring is to use family heirloom stones. If you have a diamond or gem that has been passed down in your family you can incorporate it into your design. No matter the size or cut of the gem the ring you design can be adapted to fit it perfectly. Moreover if you want to add stones with symbolic meaning to the two of you that is also possible. Take a page out of Meghan Markle’s engagement ring and include both! That’s right the Duchess has an engagement ring featuring not only diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection but also a diamond from Botswana. The country holds significant meaning for both the bride and groom it’s a perfect detail for a ring. You can make yours your very own just bring your ideas and inspiration and our jewellers will help shape them into reality.

Where to go for ring buying: Diamonds by Raymond Lee your local South Florida jeweller

The experience of ring buying is very important. This is not only one of the most pivotal and significant purchases of one’s life but also one that forms more than one relationship. Beyond you and your soon to be fiance the jeweller you choose to buy from becomes a part of your journey. It is why we are so passionate about what we do. We get to walk with you on your journey even if just for a little while. Overall though the jeweller you purchase from may very well be the jeweller you go to for your wedding bands, for maintenance and repairs in the years to come and we hope for those milestones to come down the line. The ring buying experience should be one filled with excitement. Not with worry. It is why our diamond experts make themselves available to answer any and all questions you have.

Ring buying is an experience to be had and at our expertly designed showrooms we know that. It is a process and there are more than a few considerations to take into account. So feel no pressure, take your time and follow our guide to find the perfect ring. After all finding your perfect person is a lifetime’s work so why should engagement ring buying be so complicated? We believe it is not meant to be. Our family has been working in the jewelry business for the last three decades. And after helping countless couples find their rings and seen them share their vows we are certain of our future. We are committed to continue serving the South Florida community for the next three decades to come. Superior service and excellent quality jewelry are what drive our business. However, it’s the connections and commemorations of love that drive our passion.

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