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Jaeger Le Coultre 142.8.92 Master Geographic Stainless Steel Watch Review

Jaeger Le Coultre 142.8.92 Master Geographic Stainless Steel Watch Review

jaeger le coultre master geographic stainless steel watch

An exquisite watch making brand out of the heart of the Valle de Joux, in the Jura mountains of Switzerland, Jaeger Le Coultre is a luxury time piece brand. With a passion for innovation and some of the highest levels of quality in the world they are leaders in the haute horlogerie industry. Like their Swiss counterparts Jaeger Le Coultre had their beginnings in the 19th century. Bringing together technical expertise as well as master craftsmen the Jaeger Le Coultre brand is one of the only in the world boasting a completely in house Manufacture. From design and assembly all the way through to detailing and decorating. Their Manufacture brings together over 1200 calibers that animate their fine watches. For the refined gentlemen that look for excellence and power in a unique but not flashy time piece Jaeger Le Coultre is a fine brand indeed. Particularly for those with collections.

Assembled with the utmost attention to detail and perfection this is a brand that prides itself in the laborious time it takes to bring one of their time pieces to life. A top tier Richemont brand they are leaders in the haute horlogerie industry. The Master Geographic watch being one of their finest inventions. Elegant with its contemporary design style this watch is a boutique automatic mechanical movement watch. With noble patrons and owners the Jaeger Le Coultre brand is one of selective taste. For a collector who looks for complications and watch features that are not your average luxury watch machinations these are the watches to look for. Elegant and subtle yet with a striking design and smooth aesthetics these watches set a presence. Free and focused on the essentials the Master collection is aptly named. Grandly elegant it is as sleek as it is precise, sharp and powerful.

jaeger le coultre master geographic stainless steel watch

Jaeger Le Coultre a brief history

Like most of the world’s finest watch making companies Jaeger Le Coultre has its roots in Switzerland. The capital of the world for haute horlogerie. Started up in 1833 by Antoine LeCoultre the company is an innovative leader. Apart from the hundreds of patented inventions that they hold their name also carries over one thousand movements. Also they boast unique achievements. For example they have the world’s smallest movement. As well as one of the world’s most complicated wrist watches. The Grande Complication.

That is not the end of it though. They have also crafted a time piece that defies the boundaries of time. It is an almost perpetual movement time piece the Atmos clock. An incredible work of art the Atmos is literally powered by changes in the environment. Temperature and atmospheric pressure changes in the environment power this unique feat of engineering. A change of a single degree in temperature is enough to power the time piece for two days without any human interaction.

If these achievements do not put Jaeger Le Coultre high on your list there is not much else a luxury watch brand can do! Boasting impressive patrons and owners ranging from Royals to celebrities Jaeger Le Coultre has captivated connoisseurs for centuries. From the inventive Charlie Chaplin and Queen Elizabeth II to Bill Clinton and Robert Downey Jr. this is a brand for the unique persons of the world. Beyond a time piece creator Jaeger Le Coultre acknowledges their relationship with jewelry making. In fact they even received certification from the Responsible Jewellery Council for its commitment to human rights and for meeting the ethical, social and environmental standards. Committed to arts and culture they also support the World Heritage Marine Programme. They are a leading brand beyond their incredible inventions and haute horlogerie.

jaeger le coultre master geographic stainless steel watch side view

The Master Geographic stainless steel watch

A watch collection for the gentlemen who he himself is a master of geographic boundaries this watch collection features some seriously unique functionalities. More than just simple time zone functionality the Master Geographic collection from Jaeger Le Coultre takes it further, much further. The crown located at the ten o’clock mark controls the time zone function. Or rather the city disc located on the bottom of the dial.

A full display the second time zone indicator features 24 cities representing 24 time zones. Undoubtedly a prominent watch for the frequent traveler this piece also has a small indicator at 7.30 that tells you whether it is day or night in the second time zone of your choosing. It is an unusual display window that adds to the aesthetic balance of this watch. Further the watch dial also features a a seconds sub dial and power reserve display as well.

With a bit of vintage inspiration in this time piece it pairs the elegance of timeless style with modern design.  The design and complication colors are timeless. It is a watch collection to be enjoyed for years and years to come. A contemporary model to be admired it combines the classic elements of a round case and traditional type face for example with advanced complications. As well as modern brushed silver internal dial feature. Layered in its texture this watch is one to glance at and admire frequently. The balance of the watch moves your eyes seamlessly over the different unique functions and small details of color. Paired with classic alligator leather straps these are classic men’s watches. Seamlessly formal yet also a timeless daily watch the Jaeger Le Coultre Master Geographic is perfect for travel. Whether for work or pleasure it is light and features ideal complications for travellers.

Jaeger-LeCoultre 142.8.92 Master Geographic Stainless Steel Watch

Now the Jaeger Le Coultre Master Geographic watch is a fine example of the brand’s watch making abilities. With a keen sense for aesthetic design the Master Geographic leans on its clean and minimalistic approach. Free of accessories and multiple features it focuses on the core functionality and essential design. An elegant watch with a clean face the Jaeger Le Coultre Master Geographic watch has a rounded shape.

The case is an incredibly thin achievement of watch making. Packed inside of the case is a powerful functionality within. Finesse and purity  this watch has a unique look. On either side of the case you can see the unique beveled crowns. Part of the unique aesthetic these control individually different sub dial features that we will go into detail about below. This particular watch is a 38 milimeter watch with a silver dial face and blue hands on the sub dials.

It is a light weight watch that wears comfortably. Due to the round shape of the case it sits rather well on your wrist. Although at 38 milimeters it can depend on your wrist size. The alligator strap is a genuine leather bracelet with a stainless steel Jaeger Le Coultre marked tang buckle. It closes seamlessly and is comfortable against the inside of your wrist. The watch itself has a water resistance of up to 5 bar. Although with the leather strap and in general the aesthetics of the watch this is not a sport piece to take under water with you. The elegant piece has detailed satin brushed finish on the fixed bezel. The hour and minute hands have a unique shape and open centers like arrows while the hands for the sub dials are a unique blue tone. A classic it is a gorgeous addition to any collection.

jaeger le coultre master geographic stainless steel watch on wrist

The dial and technical features

As we said above the dial features a sunken brushed silver center where the sub dials sit. The outer ring is angled and features the silver hour markers. Further the dial has two sub dials, a power reserve reader and a second time zone city window. The unique shapes of these windows on the watch dial provide a lovely aesthetic. While balanced they drive your eyes across the entire time piece. The main complication on this watch is of course the dual time zone. More than a simple additional disc this watch features 24 different time zones organized by city at the large wide window that takes up the bottom edge of the watch. Directly above it you have the second time zone reader. To the top right is the circular seconds sub dial and to its left you have the power reserve reader in a speedometer viewer window shape.

These all have their complications and machinations packed tightly into a 11.77 millimeter thick case. Within the case the 310 part automatic movements and 43 hour power reserve sit tightly screwed together. A true feat of horlogerie each of the movement discs are triggered together in this automatic self winding watch. With 28800 vibrations per hour this time piece 34 jewels and one single barrel. It is a unique and delicate movement that keeps time in two places at once.

jaeger le coultre master geographic stainless steel watch buckle

The brown alligator strap and stainless steel tang buckle

Nothing is more classic on a fine watch than an alligator leather strap. It is one of the singular defining features on a timeless wrist watch. Elegant and refined it is a warm natural detail to generally strongly mechanical metal pieces. The soft leather is a comfortable fit and professional style. The quiet vintage inspired look of the brown alligator leather strap is a formal dressier bracelet. The visible stitching is a lighter brown than the leather and shows the hand crafted nature and careful attention to detail in these watches.

Holding the strap together and securely fastening the watch to your wrist is the stainless steel tang buckle. Inscribed with the Jaeger Le Coultre logo along the length of the buckle you once again see the careful attention to detail. A traditional watch buckle style in a matching metal the tang buckle is an original design style that adds to the vintage inspiration of this time piece. The secure catch sits comfortably along your wrist without protruding or causing any discomfort. Since the watch also has a thin case and is incredibly light weight this clasp does not take on too much of a burden in keeping the alligator leather strap and watch case in place.

Overall each and every detail on this watch are perfected and refined. It is a traditional and beautiful time piece with unique features and complications. Unlike some more modern luxury watches this is a timeless classic.  

Where to buy a Jaeger Le Coultre stainless steel watch? Boca Raton at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

When looking to purchase an exquisite watch or piece of haute horlogerie you want to go somewhere you trust. To a place where you know the utmost care and attention has been taken for every single detail. Diamonds by Raymond Lee is just that place. With connoisseurs and expert watch makers in house every time piece that enters our care is meticulously analyzed and tested. We use only the finest innovations in technology and engineering to ensure that the quality of each of the luxury time pieces that comes through our doors meets their manufacturer standards. It is why we deal with such fine pieces like the Jaeger Le Coultre watches.

Committed to excellence and superior service just like the Jaeger Le Coultre creed we curate a refined collection of time pieces. Having served the South Florida community for the past three decades we are enthralled by bringing unique inventions such as the Master Geographic to our clientele. We understand that our discerning clients look for the unique and luxurious. That they expect a varied collection that ranges widely from sportive time pieces to brilliantly unique pieces such as this. It is no wonder to us that over the years collectors have joined us in exploring the best that the world of haute horlogerie has to offer. There are few more unique activities in the world than the pursuit of excellence in watch making. We seek to gather together those unique few in the world.

So if you are looking to purchase a Jaeger Le Coultre or other fine time piece look no further. Our range includes some of their finest collections and editions. Let us know in the comments below which you would like to learn more about or if your collection includes a Jaeger Le Coultre time piece.

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