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Diamond pearl jewelry for a romantic wedding theme

Diamond pearl jewelry is ideal for a romantic wedding theme. The timeless jewelry pieces that feature what are called living jewels are classic. The instantly elegant jewel pearls, especially when combined with diamonds, are elegant and refined. Diamonds are the hardest jewel stone in the world. Meanwhile pearls are delicate and smooth. The combination of hard edges alongside the smooth rounded curves of pearls are representative of the human journey. A journey of love, friendship, and commitment. An ideal combination for symbolic and glamorous jewelry on your wedding day. If you go with a classic romantic theme for your wedding or even a more modern theme diamond and pearl jewelry is the perfect choice. A symbol of birth from a complex journey, pearls are also a Spring wedding favorite. And in South Florida where our Spring can feel a bit warmer than in other parts of the country pearls bring a touch of freshness. Pearls are extremely unique jewels. A symbol of the ocean and sea life it is a commonly found staple in South Florida wedding jewelry. However, it is also a timeless classic worn by women with exquisite fashion like Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. It is a glamorous decades old staple for any ladies jewelry collection. Now white pearls are among the most popular but you also have black and cream pearls as well as pink and many other tones. The tone of the pearls depends on variations in water conditions, the surrounding area as well as plankton in the water helping the oyster create this incredible jewel. We will get deeper into how natural and cultured pearls are formed, how to incorporate diamond pearl jewelry for your bridal set, and how to care for your pearls.

How are pearls formed?

Well unlike most of the gems of the world pearls are different. They are not formed by hard molten rock. They do not spend time being crushed under the Earth. Unlike a diamond you do not mine for pearls. They are incredible jewels that come in a variety of colors. Like your rubies, sapphires and other precious gems. However the way they are formed is completely different. Unlike other gems in almost every single way. Pearls also have a long journey to be formed. They take time and are delicate by nature. A naturally occurring and almost magical process pearls come from the sea. Perhaps that is why their shine and glossy finish remind us of the ocean waves sparkling in the sun. Also perhaps it is why pearls are so popular in South Florida jewelry. Unquestionably an island gem pearls come from oysters far out in the open sea. They are unique and stunning.  An oyster will generally only create one individual pearl at a time. Like a craftsman the oyster will labour away on the single pearl slowly growing it larger and larger, layer by layer. Pearls are transformative. First a single grain of sand, then a symbol of perfection. The oyster patiently covers a single grain of sand with nacre. This intruding sand grain is slowly smoothed and softened. Just like the soft and delicate inside of an oyster, a pearl is smooth. It becomes this way only after a long extended process within the oyster. Over time the pearl begins to grow as more and more layers of nacre are added on by the oyster. A majority of the pearls that oysters create will be that ‘pearly’ white tone or even a soft creamy color. These romantic hues can also be contradicted though with black pearls.    

Black pearls vs white pearls

In warm creamy hues or as they say ‘pearly’ white, not all pearls take on this tone. It may be a shock to find out but colorful pearls are also natural! Some pearls are truly unique and change the definition of pearl colors. They come in different tones including black. Now you have probably heard of black diamonds but black pearls are all natural gems that also come from oysters. There are quite a few conditions that affect the color, luster and even shape of a pearl. See because it is such a lengthy process that the oyster goes through to create a pearl the conditions are very important. Now the conditions include the water that the pearl is in, as well as the plankton living in the water surrounding the oyster. Combinations and changes in these conditions cause the oyster’s nacre to produce colorful pearls like the black pearls. Tahitian pearls are generally the natural occurring black pearls. However much like other gems jewellers can change the hues of the gem. They do this through irradiation or dying of a white pearl. This is because black pearls are extremely rare and as you can imagine extremely popular as well.

Diamond pearl jewelry for romantic weddings

On a day for celebration like no other pearl jewelry is perfect. It is glamorous yet refined, and absolutely timeless. It is the type of jewelry that sets the tone for a romantic themed wedding. Diamond pearl jewelry combines the best of both. Diamonds arguably the greatest of all the jewels in the world. With the delicate and unique natural pearl. Both have lengthy processes that they go through to become jewels. Yet they are both entirely unique and have completely different features. While the diamond is hard the pearl is soft. While the diamond has sharp cut edges, the pearl is smooth and silky. Together they form the perfect pair. Romantic wedding themes generally take on a soft, silky, lacy and light tone approach. While flowers and arrangements are generally pastel colored flowers. The leaning towards these softer tones and fabrics is another reason why pearls are perfect too. Seen generally in the Romantic period and definitely in many a romantic themed wedding pearls are a staple. They are the glossy timeless touch. Since jewelry was first worn as an adornment pearls have been at the centre.

Lucien Piccard 14k Yellow Gold Pearl Multi Strand Bracelet Mother Of Pearl Dial Ladies Watch

First is a pearl watch. A very unique jewelry piece this is a lovely example of the romantic twists you can add to your spring wedding with pearls. The natural tones and smooth texture are iconic and classic. Although pearls are a classic you do not have to go with the classic earrings or necklace style. We show case some below if you do prefer this type of jewelry piece for your wedding day. But you can add a twist to your bridal jewelry with a unique ocean touch watch. This Lucien Piccard watch is a 14 carat yellow gold watch featuring a multi strand pearl bracelet. It features a pearl bezel as well. Romantic, classic and bringing with it a splash of the sea this watch has a quaint and delicate 18.6 millimeter case. Which is just right for a wedding day watch that is subtle and refined. This gem of a time piece also has a lovely mother of pearl dial. The contrast and evocation of Romantic styles are layered in this one of a kind Lucien Piccard watch. Along with the glistening dial are these dangling and dashing pearls. From every angle and with every movement the watch and dial catch the light just right. The pearls that surround the mother of pearl dial that is at the centre of this piece add to the luster and shine. It is a romantic piece to bring the coastal and ocean feel to the romantic themes of your wedding. As well as the classic spring dewy shine delicacies touch too. Pearls are after all like Spring morning droplets on the fresh blooming flowers. An ideal addition for your special day. If you prefer other types of jewelry but do want diamond pearl jewelry there are necklaces and bracelets.

Single pearl drop necklaces

There is nothing more classic than a pearl necklace. Shining brightly against your neck we agree with what Jackie Kennedy said. “Pearls are always appropriate”. Beautiful and delicate the look of pearls is what makes them one of the most unique gems in the world. Paired with sparkling diamonds. It is an unstoppable combination. Even in a slight solitaire fashion pearls are perfect. A single drop of an ocean jewel.    

Large pearl strand bracelets

Another iconic pearl jewelry piece is of course the large pearl strand bracelet. An eye catching piece these bracelets are the inspiration for the watch bracelet above. Each of the pearls on these bracelets are large and feature diamonds. Diamond pearl jewelry is a romantic classic and a bracelet is no different. Mixing up the sizes of the pearls is a great way to layer these bracelets together. Particularly with golds and diamonds pearls really pop and bring that classic old school glamour. Another great feature of the bracelets is that they go with almost any design of bridal gown. Unless you have a long sleeved wedding dress these bracelets are sure to be a stunning addition to your bridal jewelry.

How to care for your pearls

Since pearls are delicate and natural jewels taking care of them is very important. The most important and possibly confusing tip for caring for your pearls for years is to actually wear them! Pearls are living jewels and thus keeping them shut in a box for extended periods of time may turn them dull. Another important thing to note is that when you do store them you should wipe them clean. As well as store them away from anything sharp or abrasive that may scratch their delicate surface. Pearls need moisture and should be stored away from chemicals. This includes even perfume, perspiration and chlorine. These can all affect the surface of a pearl so it is important to avoid contact. Overall cleaning and maintaining your pearls is not too different from most jewels but do require a bit of extra care. Particularly if you do wear the pearls frequently. To service or maintain your pearls (which we would recommend you do once a year for items that you wear weekly) just get in touch with your local jeweller. We offer a comprehensive jewelry maintenance and care service.

Where to buy diamond pearl jewelry near me? Diamonds by Raymond Lee your local diamond experts

When looking for diamond pearl jewelry it is always best to go to the experts. Our diamond experts have been working in the industry for decades and know how to help you find your ideal piece of jewelry. Whether it is for your own wedding or a dear bride we are here to welcome you in. Our family has been serving the South Florida community for over thirty years. Bringing superior service, excellence in quality and above all commitment  to all that we do. If you are looking for where to buy jewelry look no further. We have a wide curated collection of jewelry including diamond pearl jewelry. From the finest brands from around the world. That includes time pieces, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. Or if you are looking for brooches and cufflinks we also have hand selected jewelry pieces for you. All of our jewelry pieces are inspected my our master jewellers and diamond experts. Using only of course the latest techniques and most high end technology available. If you have questions regarding certain jewels like pearls, or just want to know more about a jewelry piece you are interested in do not hesitate to reach out. We would love to welcome you to our showrooms in Boca Raton. Otherwise you can always leave us a comment below or reach out to us on social media. Our team is ready to assist with any requests. Like all jewelry and fine items there is no better way to know what you like than trying it on. That is why we are here to help you experience jewelry in a different way. Seeing and feeling are tactile experiences and there is nothing better than trying it on for yourself.

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