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Wedding jewelry – 5 things to wear on your big day

Wedding jewelry – 5 things to wear on your big day

wedding jewelry bracelet Tacori Island Rains Sky Blue Topaz Cascading Gem

It’s here. It’s finally here; your big day. Your wedding day is one that for many people they dream about, plan for and prepare themselves to experience for, well, the majority of their adult lives. It is the milestone that many see as the moment when they begin to build their own little family. When two lives are brought together into one forever and ever more. It is beautiful, poignant, and above all else memorable. Now the magic is in the details. Always there is no discussion about that. It is the small touches, nudges and reminders that make every situation in life great, let alone significant events like your wedding day. Brides have a lot of room to play with when it comes to the details. Like for example their accessories. Wedding jewelry is actually a big part of your big day and we have got all of them.

We at Diamonds by Raymond Lee love weddings and engagements (if that was not made obvious yet). Watching the love of two people be solidified by a commitment to one another is unlike any other experience. And we are overjoyed to help so many couples walk on this journey. Our specialty? Diamonds of course. But when it comes to your wedding day more often than not you need a little something more than just a pair of rings. No matter if they are part of the main event. That is why we have a couple tricks up our sleeves, and gems and jewels of all sorts too. Think your something blue. A light touch of color and well yes diamonds who are we kidding. And what is a more iconic symbol of forever than a ring? Infinity of course. So let’s go, 5 things to wear on your wedding day.

Gabriel & Co. diamond infinity earrings and bracelet

Gabriel & Co. diamond jewelry set featuring a diamond cuff bracelet and diamond infinity drop earrings

5 things to wear on your wedding day

Now there five really very important things for you to wear on your wedding day. No matter whether you are getting married indoors, outdoors, North or South, East or West or anywhere in between that. Here we are referring specifically to the jewelry of course because well we assume you know you should wear the outfit of your dreams. Whether that is a ball gown, smart little suit, modern cut dress or jumpsuit. The one that speaks to your personality and speaks of you to the world too. Now back to the little details that you should add. When you are getting married there is intense focus of course of the rings. The ring you and your soon to be spouse will share as symbols of your love are the main pieces. However, we argue that the pieces not taking center stage, the ones that are off towards the back.

wedding jewelry diamond earrings

Gabriel & Co. modern diamond drop earrings with spherical orbs

Those are the ones that need some special attention too. After all the little things you do not notice many times are what make a look. To make sure you can make your look effortlessly fabulous we have put together the 5 things to wear on your wedding day. Now these include earrings, they do after all flank your face! Bracelets, as they will accent hand for the big moment. Although not ideal for certain dress types there is an alternative. Necklaces! Again depends on your gown. And a little something special we have kept for the end. So read on to find out. To get a couple of things out of the way when it comes to your jewelry your wedding day we have also focused on giving you some something blues. To stick to tradition and make it easy for you to wear blue on your wedding day.

Diamond Earrings

wedding jewelry earrings 18k White Gold 2.80ctw Diamond Knot

18k White Gold 2.80ctw Diamond Knot Earrings

First, in the options of earrings for your 5 things to wear on your wedding day two gorgeous 18 carat white gold and 2.8 carat diamond know earrings. These stunning jewelry pieces are sure to shine as you walk down that aisle. The white diamond studs are 10.24 grams, a bit on the heavier side we know. However it is due to the solid number of diamonds on these! The omega back earrings have a bit over 2 carats worth of round cut brilliant white diamonds that are G/H in color and VS in clarity. For the day when you tie the knot these diamond knot earrings will really be the shining detail. 

wedding jewelry earrings infinity loop diamond

Gabriel & Co. EG11207W45JJ 14k White Gold 0.63ctw Diamond Infinity Drop Earrings Earrings

If you would rather some more modern earrings that really bring home the theme of happily ever after to your wedding. How about some infinity diamond drop earrings? These Gabriel & Co. beauties have approximately 0.63ctw of round brilliant diamonds. The image shown here is set in 14 carat white gold. However these lovely earrings also come set in 14 carat yellow gold for a more classic look or 14 carat rose gold for a touch of color. Also from Gabriel & Co. these earrings are perfect for those brides looking to add some movement to their look. Ideal for form fitting dresses and half up hair styles the infinity drop earrings are some of our favorites.

You can find our full range of Gabriel & Co. jewelry offerings as well as other iconic designer wedding jewelers on our site or at one of our convenient locations. We cary a large range of their jewelry including these earrings and many others. For style that is imbued within each and every piece with their personal vision of the value, both material but more importantly emotional, Gabriel & Co. is one of the finest options. 

Something blue – bracelet and or necklace

An old English rhyme, “Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe”. Started what is now one of the most followed wedding traditions of them all. Wearing a touch of blue on your wedding day is not just common but thought of by many in Western cultures to be sine qua non (to be essential and indisputable). The tone and shade of the touch of blue is of course up to you though. There are many precious gems and stones in blue shades. The way each stone is in its raw form, how it is cut and how it is set will all affect the exact color of each stone.  Any of these can be incorporated into necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. We have two Tacori sky blue topaz wedding jewelry pieces below that we are sure will be part of your 5 things to wear.

wedding jewelry bracelet Tacori Island Rains Sky Blue Topaz Cascading Gem

Tacori Island Rains SB100Y02 Sky Blue Topaz Cascading Gem Bracelet

Now the first little something blue we are introducing is a Tacori cascading gem bracelet. It is the first of a sky blue topaz set we are featuring form their Island Rains collection. Tacori is a designer wedding jeweler known for their refined and intricate pieces. Their bridal focus and corresponding collections reflect their passion and commitment to these celebratory jewelry items. Elegant and glamorous each piece is designed with personality and individual style. 

It has calm and serene Sky Blue Topaz stones wrapping around your wrist with this sterling silver cascading if you will bracelet strands. Featuring the Tacori signature 18 carat yellow Gold Gem Seal the bracelet is safe on your arm. It also adds a slight touch of contrasting metal to the jewelry piece too. Featuring 44.55 carats of Sky Blue Topaz stones this bracelet is a stunning jewelry piece from one of the world’s foremost wedding jewelry designers. The shade of blue of these gemstones is a sky blue like a sunny day in the Caribbean. Bold and delicate this bracelet brings movement and modernity to your look.

wedding jewelry necklace Tacori Island Rains Sky Blue Topaz

Tacori Island Rains SN14502 Sky Blue Topaz Skipping Stone Necklace

Another gorgeous Tacori Island Rain sky blue topaz necklace this skipping stone style features three gemstones progressively larger in size. Each gemstone in this Tacori Necklace is meant to symbolize 3 important people, that you will always keep close to your heart. A particularly nice touch for the day when those people are most likely there celebrating love and life alongside you. The gem stones are the same as the ones in the bracelet above.

Tacori jewelers are also committed to working with gems that adhere to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. This is a United Nations resolution that prevents conflict from being used. Tacori’s commitment to this process reflects the company’s values and their concern not only for the jewelry’s wearer but everyone involved in the process of creating it. It gives you peace of mind when it comes to the jewelry you are wearing. And tells you a lot about the people making this jewelry too. 

The final (and most important) thing to wear on your wedding day

Finally, the fifth and last thing to wear on your wedding day. You will be shocked to know that it is not a piece of jewelry per se. But it is a smile on your face. As Audrey Hepburn has been quoted with saying, “The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.” It is your big day and we are sure that regardless of whether you wear all 5 of the things to wear on your wedding day or just this one you will be stunning. There are a lot of guides, how to’s and lists to help you prepare for your wedding day. The most important though is to enjoy.

Bask in your happiness and your love, we say. For surely that is the most important and what your friends, family and guests are most concerned with anyways. At the risk of sounding way to sentimental we will leave you with another quote from Hepburn herself. One that says more about marriage than we ever could. “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”

wedding jewelry necklace diamond

A double string diamond accent necklace ideal for low cut or open necklines

Diamonds by Raymond Lee your local go to jeweler for engagements, weddings, and beyond

When it comes to the special moments in life you want to have people you can trust around you. Everyone from the people that help you celebrate to the ones that take care of you after wards. Our focus has always and continues to be to offer superior service for all of our clients. Both before and after your happily ever after. We know the I do’s are your biggest moment. We also know though that with that moment comes life. Come those years when your rings may need a bit of maintenance, perhaps some adjustments or even a repair. It is why all of our diamond experts are highly trained specialists. You can trust their capable hands when it comes to your wedding jewelry. And any other jewelry you might collect throughout your life’s big moments too. With precise attention to detail, the latest industry technology and absolute care.

As a family operated business we pride ourselves in providing superior service and the highest quality products. For the past 3 decades we have served South Florida, helping couples bring their wedding dreams to life. We hope to continue providing our clients with fine jewelry and timepieces as much for their weddings as for their commemorations for the next 3 decades as well. We hope you will join us at one of our conveniently located and gorgeously designed showrooms to view our collection and see how we can help bring your dreams to life. Our wish is for your day is to be exactly how you have always wanted it to be. From taking that first step in purchasing an engagement ring to ask the big question. To caring for your bands long after the big day we are here for you each and every step of the way, always.

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