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Orlando Bloom Proposes – Katy Perry’s Blooming Engagement Ring

Orlando Bloom Proposes – Katy Perry’s Blooming Engagement Ring

Orlando Bloom gives Katy Perry ring like this

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are the latest celebrity couple to get engaged. The two are now set to be married soon and announced as much through a sweet and intimate instagram post. Orlando Bloom proposed to the singer, who has arrived at her Super Bowl half time show riding a lion, Katy Perry, on Valentine’s Day. A beautiful romantic gesture amongst all of their closest friends and family. Since her announcement Katy Perry’s mother has also shared videos and photos of the moment. Amidst a room full of decorations for the day we all celebrate love, with red roses and even matching hoodies for all of the guests Bloom proposed to Katy with an incredible vintage design style ring. The fabulous yellow gold engagement ring is a quite large cluster or blooming style engagement ring. Inspired in a natural organic shape with a gorgeous flower like design diamond halo.

It features eight round brilliant white diamonds surrounding a stunning colored stone that is rumored to either be a sapphire, ruby or pink diamond. What type of stone the celebrity engagement ring features will really dictate the price in the end. There are extremely rare pink sapphires that could be the one in her ring, as it could easily be a ruby or a truly unique pink diamond stone. It is hard to tell from the image alone. Regardless the ring is a gorgeous antique style engagement ring that we have seen time and time again on well known public figures. Some more well known than others like a certain inherited Royal engagement ring. We will take a look at this iconic style that has come back and some look alike rings! One thing is for sure this is a unique engagement ring you do not find easily at all.

Orlando Bloom gives Katy Perry ring like this

Orlando Bloom’s Engagement Ring Choice

When Orlando Bloom was selecting an engagement ring with which to propose to Katy Perry we can all be sure of one thing. He was looking for a unique and special ring for the wearer is a magnificently unique and special person. Undoubtedly he found a suitable stone and gorgeous design to match. Katy Perry after all is not one that is known for having a blase or simple style. She is always pushing the edges of possibility and bringing her strongly positive, colorful, and enthusiastic fashion sense to the forefront of her art. Whether she is performing at the Super Bowl or a show around the world she never fails to bring excitement and a blast of color. That is why an engagement ring with a colorful stone is such a great idea for her. Additionally, nothing says grand gesture like a large diamond halo engagement ring, does it?

The diamond halo is an increasingly popular feature for engagement rings. The additional accent diamonds are generally medium to small in size and wrap around the centre stone. These added diamonds not only increase the sparkle and emphasize the centre stone they also add intricate patterns to the ring. Even with a minimal smooth polished metal band a diamond halo makes a ring much more detailed. Further there are rings that feature diamond halos in different cuts. Such as emerald or baguette cut diamonds. All of these are unique features that enhance a rings size, brightness and value. They also allow for some flair that sets these engagement rings apart from the traditional styles  It is unique and is also a chance to add some color to your engagement ring. While Katy Perry’s ring features a colorful centre stone there is no reason why you cannot have a colorful halo.

ruby and diamond ring like Orlando Bloom proposed with


First of the engagement rings similar to the one Orlando Bloom proposed to Katy Perry with is this incredible light yellow marquise cut diamond ring. This spectacularly unique ring is made in platinum and features a truly colorful halo. With 0.83 carats of faceted rubies surrounding the unique Marquise cut diamond this is a halo unlike any other. The contrast between the light yellow fancy diamond and the red of the rubies is a gorgeous combination undoubtedly. Further, at each end of the diamond there is a special triple design very vintage inspired. From the Belle Epoque or even closer to us inspired by the Art Nouveau movement one thing is for sure this is not your standard halo. Additionally there are accent diamonds on the band leading away from the centre of the ring. These feature approximately 0.06 carats of brilliant white round cut diamonds for sparkle.

The platinum itself is not only an extremely durable material for an engagement ring it is also shaped beautifully. There is two gorgeous sets of french beading on the ring separating the inner and outer shanks of the top of the ring. First around the light yellow diamond stone. Then around the halo of rubies. For a little secret detail this ring also has a lovely romantic scrolling platinum design on the back of the ring where it comes in contact with your finger. This ring sits flush on your hand and is not highly raised giving a sleek look against your finger.

Orlando Bloom gives Katy Perry ring like this

Platinum 3.97ct Cushion Cut Ruby And 1.84ctw Diamond Ring

Another gorgeous platinum ring similar to Katy Perry’s engagement ring from Orlando Bloom is this 3.97 carat cushion cut ruby and 1.84 carat diamond ring. Now this ring is closer to the one that Orlando Bloom chose with the colored stone at the center with a white diamond halo. However it has a more intricate halo if we can even still call the six rows of baguette cut diamonds and six rows of round brilliant white cut diamonds a simple halo. This ring has a lot of natural movement in its design and an amazing amount of texture. It is a stunning ring and vintage inspired just like the actor’s choice.  The centre cushion cut ruby is a large stone in a four edge setting. It is significantly raised from your finger when worn, while the accent diamonds fan out away from the ruby. It’s a stunning ring.

The rows of baguette or emerald cut diamonds sit in a fan like design. They lead away from the centre stone at the top and bottom. Flanking the central ruby the round cut diamonds cluster between your fingers. It is an extremely comfortable wear. Although it is a bit heavy with this many stones. The offset ruby setting makes it shine among a bed of diamonds.

Halo ring like the one Orlando Bloom gave Katy Perry


Finally a ring that is quite similar to the one above. However it is also closer to what Orlando Bloom chose. It is a vintage inspired ring with a touch of color and many carats of diamonds. This one in turn has one large diamond. The centre stone is an oval cut diamond. It has approximately 2.01 carats. Further there is a colorful ruby halo surrounding the centre stone. These rubies are 0.74 carats and are all faceted. Further the ring has accent diamonds. These brilliant white round cut diamonds are smaller than the rubies. They run along the platinum band of the ring. Leading away from the center stone. Additionally the accent diamonds are around the edge of the ring. All along the ruby halo on the outer edge there are diamonds glistening. This fine detail not only adds sparkle but texture. It is a hidden treasure.

You can see from the outer edge there is also French beading. This spectacular detail surrounds the halo and the diamond centre stone. It is a delicate addition that brings attention to the stones. Further the back of this ring is also detailed. Behind the stones there is a wonderful scrolling design. It is another hidden treasure. This cushion cut ring sits snugly against your finger. However from a side view it is full in the center. Much like a cushion! You can see all of the layers in this ring. First of course the large central diamond. Then the rows of rubies. Next the accent diamonds tucked away at the edge of the ring. Finally just a glimpse of the platinum scrolling feature beneath it all. This is a stunning ring that Orlando Bloom might have chosen. He was absolutely inspired to get a vintage style engagement ring too.

Why choose a vintage inspired engagement ring?

An engagement ring is the one of two pieces of jewelry you are likely to be wearing for the rest of your life. It is unlikely that any other jewelry piece or accessory have as much importance to you. Thus it is of the utmost importance that you choose a ring that you love and that has a style that you will continue to love throughout your life. While some prefer to go the simple or more traditional minimalistic route that is not always for everyone. Many others prefer a more unique and fun ring. You are after all going to be wearing it until you reach many different age groups. Therefore we love a vintage inspired engagement ring. These take the time tested, truly loved styles that sparkled for ages and bring them to the modern day. Always with a gentle touch and small details that make the difference.

The vintage inspired engagement rings are the ones that no matter what the trend is at the moment they will continue to be in fashion one way or another for they are in their very own category. When it comes to a design that is truly timeless as in the vintage inspired rings we do often see organic shapes and natural forms. Like in the engagement ring Orlando Bloom bought the blooming or cluster design has been a long time favorite of celebrities and powerful women throughout the times. From Princess Diana to Lady Gaga and now Katy Perry their engagement rings feature this flower design with diamond halos that resemble flower petals. It is a delicate, romantic and feminine style that also catches light and attention. Choosing a vintage inspired ring can have you being absolutely stunned by the beauty of your ring over and over, decade after decade.

Orlando Bloom gives Katy Perry ring like this

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