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Wedding ring for women – rose, yellow and white gold

Wedding ring for women – rose, yellow and white gold

wedding ring stacks white gold with diamonds

A wedding ring is the one unique piece of jewelry that you will wear for the rest of your happily ever after. It is the symbol of your shared love. The greatest step in the journey of your relationship wedding rings symbolize your bond and commitment. There are now more options than ever when it comes to choosing a wedding band for your big day. The selection of wedding rings for women stretches far and wide. No longer is there only one simple polished metal band. Now each ring is a masterpiece of its own with intricate and modern styles featuring diamonds and mixed metals too. The rings are unique and offer a perfect opportunity for you and your partner to really get your personality in them. Beyond the traditional yellow gold there are also now options in rose gold or white gold too. Each with their own unique characteristics and combinations. 

Choosing a wedding ring is no easy feat. But when you have more than enough options and a jewelry expert to help answer your questions the journey is made a lot easier. That is why our team at Diamonds by Raymond Lee is here to assist! Let us take a look at some of the wedding rings for women that we have in stock. From diamond textured rings to super unique designs in different metals we have a lot of different types of wedding rings for you to find your favorite.

two stacks of yellow and rose gold wedding ring

Adding sparkling diamonds

The only way to make a wedding band stand out even more is to add diamonds. A relatively newer trend among brides adding sparkling diamonds has changed the wedding ring options intensely. From a single diamond addition to icing out wedding bands the options are really up to you. Depending on your personal preference and style. However we have a wide collection so you are not restricted. Whatever you know in your heart that you are after our team will help you find.

Gabriel & Co. LR50887Y45JJ 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Stackable Ring

Gabriel & Co. is an incredible wedding ring master craftsman brand. Their collections offer a wide range of rings in almost every tone of gold and with unique and modern designs. Their diamond additions give the rings fun movement. A lot more than just a simple traditional band. Nothing against them promise! We just love the fun in a wedding ring. These rings are stackable and made from the finest 14 carat yellow gold. The options are limitless.

close up engagement ring and rose gold wedding ring stack

Rose gold

Rose gold is one of the most up and coming fine metal choices for wedding rings. It is a modern and bright tone. So first things first to know about rose gold is that it is not a naturally occurring fine metal. It is actually an alloy of different metals mixed together with copper. The copper metal in the mix is what gives this gold its unique hue of rose and changes the coloration. Depending on the amount of copper and combination of the alloy the actual tone of rose in the rose gold will differ.

Since it is a mixed alloy with copper and other metals like palladium it can also actually be a much more resistant metal to scratching than a pure metal like say a soft yellow gold. Further rose gold offers much more room when it comes to formulating a unique shade or color. Like we mentioned the precise combination can change the tone of the metal. So there is a sliding scale if you will when it comes to getting the shade of rose gold. From a darker reddish rose gold to the a light almost sunset cloud pink rose gold too. It all depends on the fabrication of the ring’s metal.

Below we have linked to two of the options of rose gold rings you can see in the photo above.

Gabriel & Co. LR4871K4JJJ 14k Rose Gold Stackable Band

Now both of the rings are Gabriel & Co. pieces. Gabriel & Co. is one of the foremost brands when it comes to wedding rings. Particularly romantic modern ones like this stackable rose gold band. With its unique design and fabulous coloration it goes well with almost any engagement ring. If you are pairing a rose gold wedding ring. It also looks delicate and fantastic on its own but who is to stop a woman from having some fun? We love the idea of mixing and matching and adding some height by stacking them but we will get into this further at another time.

Gabriel & Co. LR4748K45JJ 14k Rose Gold 0.18ctw Diamond Band

Then we have the other 14 carat rose gold band. This one features gorgeous 18 carats of diamonds along the band. Modern and chic it is a delicate touch of sparkle that adds to its shine. A great way to get rose gold and a splash of precious diamonds as well in one. Of course you can also take this further and mix it up. Why not match the rose gold ring above with one that adds a bit of sparkle?

three stacks of yellow gold wedding ring

Yellow gold

Another metal option is the traditional yellow gold wedding ring. Now yellow gold is probably one of the if not the most popular wedding ring metal around. Used for many more generations than any other type of fine metal yellow gold is a traditional take. However if you want to use a yellow gold wedding ring but want to add some fun modern takes to it well then you can. There is the option to splatter some diamonds on to the wedding band or even get a modern textured design unlike the traditional brushed style.

Gabriel & Co. LR51174Y45JJ 14k Yellow Gold 0.43ctw Diamond Stackable Band

Here we have a 14 carat yellow gold band that features 0.43 carats of diamonds. This band is a modern and unique style while still being a more classic style. To change things up a bit it can be stacked with other rings by your engagement ring or even paired up with other metals too.

White gold

Finally white gold. One of the best gold for a diamond addition where the color of the diamond really shines. A white gold wedding ring is never a bad choice. Easy to pair with almost any other jewelry. A pretty important note for a piece you want to wear forever after. These are generally accompanied by diamonds. The precious stones are forever in the end aren’t they? Well a diamonds best friend is white gold and thus we have some gorgeous diamond and white gold wedding rings that range from classic to modern. Always featuring masterfully crafted design.

Gabriel & Co. 14k White Gold 1.67ctw Diamond Wedding Band

Here is one 14 carat white gold wedding ring from the amazing Gabriel & Co. brand. This particular one features 1.67 carats of diamonds all along the band. An impeccable piece it has a lot of detailed and considered design in it.

three stacks of diamond and white gold wedding ring for women

Mixing precious metals

What can be better than just one? Well two of course! If you want a truly unique wedding ring then look no further than mixing two precious metals together. The combination of the two colors creates a pattern style. As well as gives a visual texture to the wedding ring. Further it opens up the opportunity to get sculptural with the wedding ring design. You can have a multitude of different styles but one beautiful and romantic idea is the braided wedding ring. Below we have the Gabriel & Co. take on mixing not only precious metals for a wedding band. But also adding some precious stones in there too with 0.21 carats of diamonds added on.

Gabriel & Co. LR50886Y45JJ 14k Yellow Gold 0.21ctw Diamond Stackable Dual Band

Here you have a lovely 14 carat yellow gold stackable wedding ring band with an intricate braided diamond feature. This is just one of the many options available when it comes to a unique and modern wedding ring for women. The most unique feature though is of course the braided design. Not a usual style for wedding rings it brings a whole new aspect of flow, movement and symbolism to the jewelry piece. Like the two separate strands of your individual lives coming together into one strong and united band. This ring reminds us of the journey in love that you are embarking on, together. 

Choosing a wedding ring

The type of metal that you selected for your wedding band will first and foremost dictate the price that you will pay for the ring. There are more expensive metals like platinum that are rare and extremely durable. Also there are softer materials like yellow gold or white gold. The most important characteristic to consider when starting to choose is the color that you prefer. Then, you should consider that if you would like a silver or white color how much maintenance will be required for that type of metal ring. The white gold rings, for example, you may have to maintain them with rhodium baths on a more consistent basis.

As we discussed white gold does not naturally occur. It is an alloy of yellow gold and other metals that jewellers create to achieve the color. They then finish it off with rhodium for optimal shine. Lastly, you must consider that certain metals cannot be resized. If in case you may need or want the ring size it expanded or reduced, not all metals make this possible. For example platinum is a type of ring metal that once it is forged it cannot be resized.

However over all the real consideration is your personality. Throughout our lives our tastes and preferences may change or adjust. For a piece of jewelry that you will sport for your happily ever after it is important to choose one you will always love. And so what better ring style design than one that speaks to your personal style? There is the option to go classical and traditional with a simple metal wedding band. However there are so many unique rings now with specific styles that may be your favorite. It is definitely worth taking a look at some options in person to know.

Thinking where to get a wedding ring near me? Diamonds by Raymond Lee is conveniently close

All of our stores in South Florida are expertly designed show rooms featuring a strongly curated selection of fine engagement and wedding rings. So if you are ready to take the step and find you and your partner’s wedding rings come have a look! Our diamond and jewelry experts are here to welcome you in and help you find your way. We have been serving the South Florida community for the past three decades. And we look forward as always to continue offering superior service for the next three decades to come as well. A commitment to excellence drives us to bring together some of the world’s finest bridal and wedding jewelry designers. With impeccable productions and intricate craftsmanship each one speaks to the story of love. For you big day and the exchange of vows with your loved one what better than a truly unique symbol of your bond?

It is why we are so passionate about the business we are in. A family owned and run company we have a personal investment in each and every single one of our clients. We take pride in being invited into the most special journey of your lives. That is why we offer such a comprehensive collection of wedding and engagement rings. A celebration of love and life is what we want to be a part of. Hence we offer all that you need in order to make those moments in life truly memorable. At our incredible show rooms conveniently located, we will work with you so our master jewelers can help you find and care for your bands for decades to come. Our work is in helping your dream day come true even long after the big day happens. You can visit us or check out our full range online.

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